Toy For Online Gamblers

Blackberry Torch The New Mobile Toy For Online Gamblers

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First it was the Internet on a home computer, and now smart phones have become a popular connection between online gambler and the Internet gambling sites they wager on. The latest advancement in smart phones was unveiled on Tuesday.

The Blackberry Torch 9800 continues on the path of excellence that has been seen in previous versions of the Blackberry. The phone is light, and although it has a smaller screen than the iPhone and the Droid, the Blackberry will serve former users just fine.

The main concern for online gamblers will be how quickly they will be able to access their favorite sites. That does not seem to be much of a problem with the Torch. RIM has ensured that the Torch is on par with other smart phones in this area.

For those gamblers who enjoy heckling their opponents at online poker sites, the Torch has a slide down keyboard where gamblers can text their messages. The keys are smaller than one would suspect, but the availability is still a major plus.

“Many online gamblers have taken to their phones in recent years and the mobile device company’s understand the importance of access to the Internet when they develop these devices,” said Gaming Analyst Steve Schwartz. “While it is true that these company’s are developing phones for people in all industry’s, the online gamblers are becoming big beneficiaries of the technological advancements.”

In the US, mobile gaming may become even larger in the next couple of years. Lawmakers in Washington are considering a proposal to regulate Internet gambling in the country. If the proposal is passed, online gaming site applications are expected to instantly become some of the most popular apps in the mobile industry.