एक्जिमा का इलाज – Homeopathic Medicine & Treatment For Eczema in Hindi, How to cure eczema fast?

एक्जिमा का इलाज – Homeopathic Medicine & Treatment For Eczema in Hindi, How to cure eczema fast?

Hello friends,welcome to my channel,I am doctor Ritu Jain. I am a homepathic consultant. and today I will tell you about ECZEMA. and the homeopathic treatment for ECZEMA. So I will talk about homeopathic treatment for ECZEMA What is ECZEMA What are the causes and along with that homeopathic treatments.So eczema is a skin disease which is also called as dermatitis and they are generally of two types.One is dry eczema and wet eczema.Dry eczema leads to dry patches on your skin and you have itching and rashes when you itch there are scratches and so for such kind of eczema we call it dry eczema. If your patches are wet and if you see there is serum coming out of those patches or sometimes pus formation then it is called as wet eczema.So eczema happens due to itching you have itching and if it is wet and is eroted then there is pain and bleeding might also happen but that in rare cases. so about eczema , eczema can happen in during any age.There is no particular age group where eczema can occur . It is not compulsory that it is found more often in women or men . it depends on your causes such as eczema can happen due to detergents generally it is seen in women.so today I will about the causes of eczema. so the first cause is due to dust present in house or dust, insects, rats infections can happen and may lead to eczema. then there are some food items due to which eczema can happen There are few pollen grains due to which eczema happens or there are fabrics, for example for some people synthetic fabric does not suite due to continuous use of that or in summer season or jewelleries also, then eczema also happens. so all those things or if there are some soaps , that are hard or do not suite you or few use few cosmetics due to which you suffer from eczema. You have seen sometimes, during summers there is sweating in your folds then eczema and itching happens. Sometimes water also causes eczema. water generally you have seen people who work a lot in water and mainly ladies who work a lot in water then there is eczema in between there fingers. It can also be seen between the toes also in hands also.Generally, due to water eczema happens in your hands and legs. So this wet eczema can be seen more compared to dry eczema . sometimes your skin becomes extremely thin and there is itching sensation and there are scratches and sometimes there is bleeding. and is painful too.Then apart from that there are causes like stress also causes eczema. Emotional disturbance or stress may lead to eczema. Now I will talk about it is of two types,acute and chronic. I told you the causes. Now I will tell you the homepathic treatment Homeopathic treatment is a very good treatment and it is the best treatment because in allopathic tubes or anti-biotic is given .tubes and antibiotics suppress it which will later form in some other body part and comes out more infectiously. And for that apart fro ointments there is no other treatment in homeopathy for eczema.And steroids are also given for which you get the results soon but there are many side-effects and it becomes harmful for your health. For eczema and other skin disease, homeopathy is the best treatment.There is no time schedule. you can take the treatment anytime. If you increase your severity and then take the treatment then it will take time.So now I will tell you homeopathic treatments. A very good medicine for dry eczema for dry eczema what are the medicines.so for dry eczema if it is happening on your scalp then VINCA MINORA medicine is specially for scalp. Then there are petroleum medicines. petroleum medicine is best for dry eczema, if your skin is drying too much then during winter your skin dries very fast then during winter if ypu suffer from dry eczema your hands,in this portion it is mostly observed that your skin layer comes out due to dryness and there are cuts in your hand . you cannot do any work.You cannot hold a knife this happens generally in females and becomes painful due to normal routine work then for dry eczema ,the best medicine is petroleum is best medicine. Then apart from that there are other materials like SULPHUR, PSORAINUM,so all these medicines are for dry eczema. Now I will talk about wet eczema. if there is moisture and pus discharge then there is watery or thich discharge then it is called as wet eczema. for wet eczema mainly the medicines are GRAFFITIS. IF you are taking GRAFFITIS medicine then it is important that your body folds near your neck if there is eczema then for that medicine is GRAFFITIS. Generally GRAFFITIS patient is fat or obese then if such people have eczema Then for that medicine is GRAFFITIS. Then next medicine is MEZEREUM. It is the top most medicine for eczema which is an all time working medicine specially works on wet eczema works for dry eczema also if there is dandruff on your scalp and eczema happens and there are scales coming out or behind the ears also it can be seen there is pus discharge it is generally seen in children behind your ears and neck so for all this MEZEREUM medicine is best. so for wet eczema especially MERC SOL there are other medicines such as NUXVOMICA, NATRUM MUR and there are other medicines. and it varies from symptom to symptom and depends on the constitution of the person and apart from if you are taking any treatment and if you like the information and if you want to know more about it then then please comment and tell me i will definetly tell you the solution And if you like today’s video then hit like and along with that you can share this information with your friends and with your relatives and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. THANK YOU.

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  1. Madam mere finger me axima
    Hai khujlane pr Pani nikalta hai
    Jisse Mai bahut pareshan hu.
    Please maim mujhe treatment bataye in homeopathic in German
    Medicine or Indian medicine me

  2. Madam how can i contact with you? my sister (20 years) have eczema…i have not get any positive effect by alopathic treatment. Madam we need your help. We want to consult about this with you face to face.

  3. Hello mam …mam mere hands par wet eczema h dishydrosis vala ..takreban 3 sal se treatment krw rha hu but permanent cure nhi ho rha h… blisters ke bad skin dry and crack and bleeding hone lgti h … please koi permanent treatment btaiye

  4. Meri beti ko kafi saalo se ye problem hai… abhi wo 8 saal ki hai… uske pairo mein talwo mein cuts hain, bohot khujali chalti hai aksar blood bhi nikalta hai… skin doctor se thoda faayda hai… aap kuch batayein… please…

  5. Dr. I am katyayani my brother is suffering from wet eczema uske feet pr hai pehle to Alopathic medicine di tb thoda sa shi hua lekin phir aa gya uske dane nikal rhe hai aur ab homeopathic mein dikha rhe hai tbhi aa rha hai plz dr. Help kriye voh 5months se suffer kr rha hai voh bhut chota hai abhi voh sirf 5class mein hai… Dr. Plz reply dijiye

  6. Mam, my age is 25. mujhe right leg per wet eczema h 6 month se. itching hoti h bahut. kal Alopathic Dr. ko dikhaya to Dr. ne kaha h eczema kabhi thik ni hoga. Alopathic Dr. ne ek cream btayi h but maine abi uss cream ko ni lgaya because main bahut daraa hua hu. so mam Please please help me, jisse hamesha k liye eczema thik ho ske.🙏🙏🙏

  7. Hi ,
    Your video is very useful,

    I'm suffering from subacute spongiotic dermatitis,(as per Skin Biopsy report)
    Symptoms are
    High itching (unbearable during night /sleep)
    Leaking fluid(colorless water)/sometimes blood (after high itching)

    Affected parts
    Nose, neck, hands, wrist, elbow, fore arms, behind elbow, foots, ancle

    Kindly advise treatment and precautions for me.

    Kindly send liNk to upload my reports/prescription and images

  8. Dr.ji mere body ki back pe itching start hui hai dil karta hai ki koi comb loo aur jor jor se itching karo I tried out sulphur 30 after 200 And R23 but no use it do some works on homoeopathic and I read some book now my uncle suggested me arsanicum bromatum Q (10)drops three times a day i started but result not coming properly.

  9. Hey doctor I Gaurav yadav suffering from atopic dermatitis want to know that some people says that homeopathic medicine exaggerate eczema in starting period,is that true?

  10. Mam plss much batiye mere papa 60 Saal k he unhe kabhi eczema hota or kabhi thik ho jata he or ab fhir se ho gaya h Paani bhi Nikalta he or Sujan bhi bhaut h Mam abhi Dr. K pass gye the to unhone bakloven n di he…. Plss Mam kuch suggest kro jisse mere papa thik ho Jye plss jaldi se reply kerdo mam

  11. Hello mam मेरी बहन की उम्र २३ वर्ष है और उसके घुटने पर dry eczema हो गया है जो पिछले एक साल से है मैं ने allopathic ईलाज करवाया जिससे कुछ सुधार हुआ पर इस बार सर्दी के मौसम आया है तो फिर से समस्या आ गई है

  12. Hi mem meri bhchi ke bodi me sujan aayi he kiya kre Dr ko bi dikha diya he aabi muh pe he bhot dikhate hoti he riplai mem

  13. Mam… Maine 6 saal Tak steroids cream use kia jise bahot baar chhorna chahi par chhor nahi Pai pr 1 month pahele Maine cream use krna stop kr dia to mere face me races, swelling ,redness aa gyi Maine doctor dikhaya to unhone mujhe zempred 16 mg tablets khane ko dia jisse 10 din me Sab thik ho gya PR ab jab Mai tablet Lena band kr de rhi hu to Mera face wapas full ja RHA h redness aa ja RHA hai Mai Kya karu mam plz bataiye Mera exam v aane Wala h ye face le k Mai Ghar se bahar nhi nikal paa rhi Mai Kya karu plz bataiye?

  14. apki davai kitne dino me thik kar degi sir muje 3 sal se hai ek dr ko dikhaya hai vo khra hai threpy krni padegi 6000 rs lagenge mere hath per me hai dry eczima usne bataya ki iska naam plantacatoderma hai 7503746336 ye no hai mera plzz call me sir ya apna no dedijiiye

  15. I am Prakash ,I suffering dry eczema ,I have already use graphaits last 2 month .now result nil.please suggest next what I use.

  16. mam I want to talk with you… my mom suffaring for eczma form last 9 years …. And I really need to talk with you… plz mam help me …..

  17. Mem muze 6th year se he mene abhi 2 month se homeopathic suru ki he lekin koi asar nai ho raha he kya karu me?? Pls mem ans me me bohot taklif me hu

  18. Mujhe krib 15 saal.pehle eczema wk daane jitna tha usme khujli hoti thi les les bhi nikalti thi woh sukh gaya tha ab phir left kanpati ke paas baalo ke niche skin mei 2 dane ho gai hai usme khuli n pus nikalti hai phir sukh jati hai kafi din sukha rehta hai kya daawsi lu

  19. Madam mere maa ko 8 month se wet eczema ki taraha hai. Sab folds me fode funsi aa rahi hai, usme pani aur pus rahata hai Kam nai ho raha bilkul. Gardan aur kan k piche, aur pure body me bhi ho rahe hai dhire dhire. Please reply im worried alot.

  20. Madam mere maa ko 8 month se wet eczema ki taraha hai. Sab folds me fode funsi aa rahi hai, usme pani aur pus rahata hai Kam nai ho raha bilkul. Gardan aur kan k piche, aur pure body me bhi ho rahe hai dhire dhire. Please reply im worried alot.

  21. Mam potency nhi batayi apne graphite's ki nd mezerium ki…..wet eczema k liye pura video banaye mam …how to take nd ho many times….potency…drops etc …..

  22. Very very very good mam ,
    Mam mom k pairo k niche ( legs pallum ) eczema hai … before 7 se …
    Mam Best treatment kya hoga

  23. Apse achhi video dr. Kirti banate h kyo ki wo pura detail ke sath medicine ke photos bhi dikhate h…

  24. Hello ma'am..
    I'm Poonam Patiyal..36 year's old..
    I'm facing with dry ecgima last 2 year.. on my fingers..
    Kabhi kabhi jyada dry hone or fingers pe kt lgta h or thoda khun b niklta h… kabhi..
    Pls mujhe medicine btayen…..
    Waiting for your reply….🙏🙏

  25. Couple of red patches can be found in my elbows and thighs. It’s already been with me for almost all of my life. If my first few days of applying it, I can notice my very own skin area flakes. The irritation are gone right after trying this eczema guide “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Google it). On the Fourth day, I recognize that my very own cheek does not have any flakiness as well as the section has totally healed..After the Fourth time of using the guide, I discovered the flakiness to be eliminated as well as the afflicted part are actually treated. .

  26. Mam mai pichhle 4 mahino se homeopathy ilaze kara raha hu eczema ka koi fayda nhi ho raha hai .Mujhe kya krna chahiye I m suffering from dry eczeema

  27. Hello mam Mere Hathon Mein 8 saal se Eczema ka problem hai Hathon Mein Aur Pao mein Hath aur Pao fatke blood nikalta hai Abhi tak theek nahi hua bahut doctor dikhaya please kuch medicine ke baare mein Bataye Taki jaldi thik Ho Jaye please please please mam help me

  28. In barely 2 days of using this eczema manual “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Google it), I have personally viewed fulfilling outcomes already. It is already been a couple of months ever since I acquired this problems, and that I can say that this manual is significantly better compared to the medicated anabolic steroid balms which I have got applied.. .

  29. I had been having an aggravating rash underneath my eye. I afterwards learned that I had been struggling with eyelid eczema. But thanks a lot to eczema guide “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it), I could alleviate my problems within one day of using the guide. I`m very happy to state, it carried on to improve and immediately after 14 days of application, I feel very comfortable that it really is very treated.. .

  30. Hello Dr. I have a skin condition on my face, which I am not sure whether it is eczema or something else. Can you please suggest how I can connect with you to discuss my symptoms? Thank you.

  31. Mam plz tell how to calling for you i am not afford your online appointment fees pay if you tell me on whatts app so plz send me your whatts app number i am talking on whatts app plz and on my body is ezcema and plz tell me solutions

  32. Dr. sahaba mujjay 4saal say under eczema ha.skin white ha.english medice ma bhut ilaj kia lakin koi faida nahi huwa wakti aram ajata ha garmi ka musam ma bhut taklif huti ha pleas koi medicine tajwiz karan thanks

  33. Since I was a teenager, I have this eczema, even after I reached my 2 decades of living I have this breakouts. The problem still persisted immediately after talking to quite a few health professionals as well as utilizing various proposed ointments which have a short-term effect. I immediately tested eczema manual “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it) for around 30 days, interestingly, the disease never ever came back for years.. .

  34. Dr sahab Mera bachche ke pure pair me azima ho Gaya hai jisme se Pani nikalta hai aur bahut ilaja karaya par tik nahi hua pure 8sal ho Gaya par tik nahi ho raha hai kripya Meri madd kijiye.

  35. In only Two days of making use of this eczema manual “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it), I’ve viewed gratifying effects already. It is been a couple of months since I acquired this particular problems, and I could say that this guidebook is a lot better compared to prescripted anabolic steroid remedies that I have got utilized.. .

  36. mam i think mujhe dry Eczema hai, hands& chest and peet per bahut red color ke small small daane nikal aaye hai aur mai kuch bi kha raha hu khane ke 10 minuits ke baad wo daane aur bad jaate hai pls mujhe bataye ki kya medicine le sakta hu

  37. Which medicine should I take mam I'm suffering from Dyshidrotic eczema which is affecting my palm and the gap between fingers, there are blisters in my palm and these blisters contain a type of pus.

  38. Several red patches can be found in my elbows as well as thighs. It’s already been with me for almost all of my life. If my very first couple of days of utilizing it, I could observe my very own skin area flakes. The swelling are all eliminated just after trying this eczema guide “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it). On the 4th time, I realize that my very own cheek don`t have any flakiness and also the part has fully relieved..Right after the Fourth day of following the manual, I discovered the flakiness to be disappeared and the afflicted spot are actually cured. .

  39. I wasn`t capable to answer my skin problem in the right hand for the last 6 month with bad skin breakouts. Right after making use of several extravagant anabolic steroid treatments and the like, a very good buddy advised I test eczema manual “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it). There was no more skin rashes right after several weeks of making use of it.. .

  40. I was battling eczema since I had been an adolescent and right after above Twenty years, I was not able to take care of this specific illness. The issue still persisted soon after consulting several doctors and also making use of several proposed creams which have a temporary impact. I instantaneously tested out eczema guideline “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it) for about 30 days, amazingly, the condition never appear for several years.. .

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  42. Just below my own eyes I discovered an irritation has started out. Later on to learn that it is already an eyelid eczema. I discovered the illness has somewhat reduced the next day immediately after using this eczema guide “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it). Within Fourteen days of continually applying the manual, I am comfortable that it’s totally gone with no probability of coming back again. .

  43. Few reddish colored patches can be spotted in my elbows and also legs. It is been with me for nearly all of my life. If my very first few days of utilizing it, I could observe my very own skin flakes. The redness are faded soon after trying this eczema guide “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it). Soon after the Fourth day of sticking with the guidebook, I notice the flakiness to be removed and the afflicted spot now are recovered. .

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  45. The eczema guide “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it) is indeed , fantastic and honestly a life-saver. Just after using it, the irritation and burning of my own eczema ceased almost right away. I apply it nearly everyday to be on the safe side to help keep the eczema from ever even coming back again.. .

  46. I got tiny patches of eczema as well as dealt with it employing this eczema guide “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it). The effects had been wonderful and so i decided to further utilize the remedy in the face. I have not been thrilled with just how my skin area looks. It feels so amazing and also healthier. .

  47. I wasn`t capable to clear up the skin rash in the right hand for the last Six month with terrible skin rashes. However right after trying to use this eczema guide “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it) which was suggested by a colleague of mine, final results were incredible. There was no longer breakouts immediately after a couple weeks of trying it.. .

  48. I treated my small patches of eczema applying this eczema guide “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it). I seen great outcomes while using the guidebook and later used it to treat the eczema affected areas of my face and it seemed to be useful. It reduced the breakouts and just tends to make my skin feel much more healthy.. .

  49. Thanks for sharing. I want to give you one suggestion, please don't mind. Informagin in this video is incomplete. It was hard to get name of medicine, could you please write it down or show the bottle. Potency is not mentioned.

  50. Madam mai eczema se 10 saal se paresaan hu. Bahut treatment liya but no response. Present me 3 saal se homeopathy ka treatment le raha hu but no response. Aap apna address aur WhatsApp no do. Mai apse consult karu.pls 9450606491

  51. I stumbled on this particular eczema guide “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it) two winters ago when I had been going through a really terrible eczema outbreak on my wrists. My hands had been red-colored, itchy, very dry. This is certainly a powerful manual. I wasn`t out of the trouble of covering my hands and fingers, thanks for this guide. I recommend it.. .

  52. My right hand had been affected with a terrible skin break outs for six months and I been to several cosmetic dermatologists to remedy the skin problem but with no success. Soon after utilizing a number of pricey steroid lotions and such, a great friend recommended I try eczema guideline “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it). There was no more rashes subsequently after a month of making use of it.. .

  53. Hello main aap se puchna chahti Hun Ki Mujhe Eczema hai meri skin red hai aur Kundli bhi hai aur sakht bhi hai aur usmein bahut jyada kharish Aati Hai Jab Harish aati hai to usmein pani nikalta hai to please aap mujhe bataen Main Kya use Karun please main aapke reply ka vate karungi Aur meri skin Kafi Ham aur jo AK Sama Hai vah Mere Hathon per hai matlab Hathon Ki hatheli par hai kindly please mujhe bataen main aapke message Ka Intezar karungi

  54. I remedied the small spots of eczema with this eczema guide “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it). I discovered results while using the guidebook and after employed it to heal the eczema affected parts of the face and it also had been reliable. I have not been thrilled with just how my body looks. It feels so astounding and healthy. .

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