बालों को स्वस्थ/Healthy और सुन्दर रखने के तरीके || Simple Hair Care Tips

बालों को स्वस्थ/Healthy और सुन्दर रखने के तरीके || Simple Hair Care Tips

Friends, today I will be telling you all about hair care. Hair are a big part of our appearance and beauty You may be very beautiful, but if your hair are thin, dry or frizzy then you will not be able to look well groomed Hair fall at a young age, sudden baldness dry and lifeless hair, thin hair, all these problems have become a big issue for both the young, as well as old generations In this video I will be telling you about the reasons for these problems and how they can be dealt with Caring for your hair The first and foremost criteria for healthy hair is a healthy diet which nourishes and energizes our hair roots which in turn ensures that our hair are strong, shiny and lush and also prevents them falling prematurely The healthy diet for hair has already been explained by me in my previous videos about Premature Graying and Falling of hair Today I will be telling you about taking care of your hair First of all, keep your hair clean During summer days, there is an excess of sweat, dust and dirt That is why, you should wash your hair atleast twice a week During winters, use shampoo only once a week and on another day, you can rinse your hair using only Lukewarm water By doing this, your scalp skin will remain clean and the natural oil which is formed by your scalp, will be able to reach down the entire length of your hair, helping to condition them and will also prevent your hair from drying out Those people who have dry hair should shampoo them once a week and should then wash their hair with only warm water, twice a week This will prevent your hair from drying out Those who have a mild case of dandruff can mix half a teaspoon of lemon juice in 1 litre of water and wash their hair with it and then wash their hair with plain warm water only. This will not only keep your head clean, but will also keep dandruff away As a rule, it is better to use soap to wash your hair Soap is made from oils and causes less damage to the hair But there is one problem in using soap which is that soap does not foam with hard water and also gets coagulated on the hair So if your home gets soft water then using soap to wash your hair is advisable this will ensure that your hair do not get as dry if your home gets hard water supply then using shampoo is advisable Among shampoos, it is best to use Baby Shampoo, or a very mild shampoo In baby shampoos, chemicals such as Sodium Laurel Sulphate parabens, formaldehyde, sodium chloride and fragrances or scents are present in a much lesser amount Otherwise, most shampoos have a similar composition to the laundry detergent used by us. If your hair start falling all of a sudden then first of all, you must change your shampoo Shampoos contain so many chemicals Shampoos contain so many chemicals, that it is possible for your scalp skin to suddenly get sensitised to these chemicals resulting in hair fall Earlier, in our country, everyone used natural substances like Reetha (Soap Nut) and Shikakai to wash their hair In my opinion, even today, for washing your hair, as well as for healthy hair these natural products are the best. As far as hair conditioner goes Besides containing oil, hair conditioners also contain chemicals to make the hair feel soft If you want to condition your hair naturally Then right after washing your hair, take 1-2 drops of Coconut Oil or Olive Oil and massage them into your wet hair thoroughly and then rinse your hair off with lukewarm water once again Your hair will not only untangle and straighten out but will also get properly conditioned Those people who put hair dye in their hair should make sure that their hair dye does not contain ammonia because ammonia first causes the hair to get bleached and then the dye colours the hair this causes severe damage to hair Then, in order to fix those damaged hair we spend thousands on hair conditioners spa treatments, conditioners and serums During the summer, you should use cool water and lukewarm water in winters to wash your hair Very hot water causes the protein in the hair which is known as keratin to get damaged Similarly, hair dryers and hair irons should not be used frequently or daily These cause the hair to get slowly burnt over time Always use a big toothed comb to untangle your hair this causes lesser hair to break and always purchase the best quality comb and brush that you can afford Using combs and brushes made out of cheap nylon damages the skin of the scalp first of all and then it causes hair breakage due to friction and it furthermore causes the development of static electricity in the hair which causes the hair to get damaged and spoiled Many people use metal brushes and combs which can cause itching in the scalp, due to metal sensitivity That is why I recommend that you do not use a metal comb or brush Do not let others use your brushes and combs because using each others brushes and combs can transmit head lice, fungal infections dandruff and bacterial infections from one person to another This is also the reason why we should not be using each others’ towels Towels can also transmit lice, bacterial and fungal infections between persons Those who have long hair, should get the last 1 or 2 cm of their hair trimmed every two months One thing which is often ignored by people and that is protecting your hair from sunlight The Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays in sunlight penetrate into the skin and cause the colour forming cells of hair, called Melanocytes, to get damaged You must have seen people who work out in the sun for long periods get white hair very fast which in hindi is refferred to as the hair getting “cooked” That is why, whenever you step out in the sunlight, always cover your head with a cloth or wear a hat or cap or you can even use an umbrella Friends, I hope you have liked my video please keep watching my videos and please put your queries in the comments below thank you!

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  1. if we r daily wash kare to hair kharab hoge kya…?jab mai daily wash karti hu to hair fall kam hota hai.once week me jyada fall hote hai …wt to do…???🤔

  2. Mam please reply zarur krna Mam jb b mn amla reetha aur shikakai lgata hun to mera baal, sakht or chipak s jaate hn mn phr chor deta use krna kia sb k sath aise hota ya mere sath hora agr aisa hota to kitne din bad aisa hna band hojata

  3. Shampoo Karne k 2din baad se mere Baal se ek bad smell aati hai mein pohot pareshaan hu plz suggest kero kaise yehhh bad smell jayga and good smell nikle ga baalo se plz suggest kero,!!!!!!!!

  4. Mam app kitni achhi achhi bat btate h mam mere bal bhot halke ho gay h abi meri a.j 20 h kya karu tao na bhot halke ho gay h mere plz plz btao

  5. Mam ek question hai.. humid climate se oily dandruff issue ho gaya hai har dusre din oily dandruff aa jata hai pr pehle maine dandruff k liye dettol ko pani mai daal ke use kiya tha aur dandruff chala gaya tha..kya yeh sahi rehega?

  6. Hello mam … .. Mai skin tretment kra rhi hu… To mai medicated cream lgati hu.. To kya mai home remeady use kr sakti hu… Y ni.. Olz reply..

  7. Ma'am Kya Mai amla reetha aur shikakai ke water k sath lemon aur keshohills shampoo Mila k dho skti hu …..mere sar me dandurff bht h

  8. কলের জলে চান করা ভালো না নদির জলে চান করা ভালো ।

  9. paraben, SLS, sodium chloride, Aur kon kon se chemicals samphoo Mai ho to hair damage hota hai??…. Kya below compositions bala samphoo harmful hai??… Please reply as Ap 👇

    Purified water,coco amide, Sodium laurel ether sulphate, propyl betaine,propylene glycol, Disodium cocoyl glutamate, zinc pyrithione, climbazole, Amodimethicone,Acrylates/vinyl Neodecanoate crosspolymer, Menthol, Methyl lactate, polyquaternium,C12-C14 sec pareth-7,lmidurea,C12-C14 sec pareth-5, Sodium benzoate,Butylated Hydroxytoluene,Disodium Edetate,Sunset yellow FCF

  10. Hello mam… Mam Mere bal bahut hi jayada jhad rahe hai khashkar pichale ek derh hafto se bahut jada jhad rahe hai jo hair line hota hai bal usse upar chale gaye hhai aur dandraf bhi rahata hai please koi solution batayen

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