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Hello friends, welcome in your info hub Then with a new video Friends, you will eat guava Guava has other benefits too. But do you know the benefits of guava leaves? How Much This Can Be for Your Health You have never even learned to know Friends, you can treat most of the diseases with leaves of guava Guava is beneficial for our health But its leaves also have significant significance Its leaves have proved to be effective for skin care. And together You can also use it for the beauty of hair Friends, its leaves are beneficial to our health You can say that the leaves of Guava have more advantages than guava So now I will tell you the benefits of Guava leaves What you probably do not know The first advantage is that It removes diabeties It prevents the body’s sucrose and lactose to absorbe Sucrose and lactose are the form of glucose, which keeps sugar level balance Therefore, it is very effective for diabeties patients It also works in weight loss This prevents starch from changing into sugar Which reduces our body weight Friends it is also beneficial for arthritis patients Guava leaf treats arthritis well By applying this decreases your arthritis swelling And it’s also very effective in leukoria. on taking of 10ml guava juice in morning & evening Can be leukorrhoea treatment And this is also beneficial in nightfall defects Grind guava leaves and extract juice And sugar in it And take it daily, your nightfall defect will cure It also reduces cholesterol levels And its juice is used to clean the liver. It also reduces diarrohea If you face diarrhea frequently, it also cures it too This is very effective in many stomach diseases. And this makes our digestive system even stronger If your food is not digested properly then You must use it, you will see its results soon. Food poisoning can also be cured with its juice Or your toothache, throat pain These are all problems, so it is very effective in them too. You can make a paste and put it in the teeth And along with If you have dengue fever So it has proved to be very effective in that too And you are allergic to any type So you can use guava leaves It will benefit you in diseases Friends, it is beneficial for mouth ulcers too If you chew its leaves everyday So this will end your mouth ache from the root If you have melasma and pimples, then it is very effective in them. Because it is antiseptic After a few days your mouths will cure it It also increases the growth of hair Since it contains antioxidants Which are very useful for hair And if you have itching, especially trouble You can also use guava leaves, this will show you the effect Friends, a lot of people have a problem of headache And many people are only half side. So sorrowful it is beneficial in sorrow If you have a headache in the head then you can use it Make a coating on it, you will see the effect in a few days. So friends, you must use it, if you have any problem with all these And if you have any problems related to this video, then you are welcome to comment. We will reply your So if you liked this video then please, you like it, Share and subscribe to the Info Hub Channel Thank you

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