✅ Testing Weird Clip in Man Buns – Man Bun Monthly Ep7

✅ Testing Weird Clip in Man Buns – Man Bun Monthly Ep7

– [Man With Clapperboard] Man Bun Monthly, Episode Seven, take one. (board clapping) (digital effect) (brass instruments playing) (digital effect) – Hey guys, and welcome to Episode Seven of the Man Bun Monthly series. If you couldn’t already
tell what’s going on, you’re about to find out. And yeah, welcome. If you’re brand new
here, my name’s Thomas, and I make style and hair-related videos every single week, so if that’s your kind of thing, make sure you
hit the subscribe button. And you are in fact watching
my Man Bun Monthly series at this point, and essentially
what the series is about is just getting a heap of man bun inspo, and facts and tips and all things man bun, and putting it into one
series, so you guys can keep your man buns looking their best. Now, in today’s video you can see that I’ve got on this
bench some fake man buns. I don’t know if you guys have
seen these viral trends going around at the moment, but,
look, in the Facebook group we always post really cool, quirky things, and I saw in my moderator
section, like, somebody had shared a video featuring these
weird looking things in the group. And I thought, okay
cool, we’ll approve it, and not even kidding you, about 15 minutes after that, another one,
someone else shared it, and I think it got
shared about three times in the group in total, and I went, “Okay, “we gotta look at this and just see “what the hell is going on here.” These man buns, if we take look at them, I wasn’t really sure what I was gonna be expecting with these. I mean they’re just like a netted, a piece of net that has all
the hair stitched to it, and the hair on them is
probably about, I think about three to four inches long. There’s nothing too crazy about them, so they’re actually not
even a bun, essentially, it’s just kind of like a hairpiece. And somebody has gone, “That
would be a great viral trend.” And sure enough, it was,
and that’s how they’re in front of me right now. So what we’re gonna do in this video is we’re actually just gonna try them on, and see what they’re like. I don’t honestly know if
I would recommend these to anyone because they do look very fake unless your hair colour
is exactly the same and straw-like, like what they are. Then maybe it’s your
thing, but we’re sussin it out today. Which one should we go with first? The blond one or the brown one? I think the blond one is the
most interesting to me first, because (laughs) I just have brown hair, so it’s gonna look very funny on my head. Put my messy man bun in, so I’ve got all these pins everywhere. I didn’t think about this before I jumped on the camera today. Let it out. All this curtained hair. My mirror’s dirty again. (laughs) All right, so what I’m
planning to do with this, if we have a look at the anatomy again, we’ve got this little drawstring. So once you actually cover and
pin in the actual hairpiece, you tighten it with the
drawstring and it’s supposed to tighten it around whatever hair you have sitting there. So, I’m just gonna have
a play around with it. We’ll put it in like a normal bun first. I have a feeling my
normal hair is gonna be too big to even encompass this thing. (laughing) It feels so funny. I’m just clipping these in like that. I actually haven’t worn
this thing properly yet, so I have no idea how
it’s supposed to work. And then we’ll tighten that drawstring, to go all around it. (laughing) What does it look like? I can’t eve see it. Oh my God, it’s so, and then what are you meant
to do with this thing? Maybe like twirl it around,
and pin it in, I guess. (laughing) Bah! Side profile. It’s my, aw wait. I don’t even know what
to make of this thing. You can kind of see that top pin in there. How does it flip around? This thing is not on my wearable list. Ha, ha, ta-da! Well I don’t know about it. Maybe we’ll try a high bun as well. Like, I’ve gotta try all of these now. Oh, my God. (laughing) It doesn’t even look right. Okay, so that’s the
blond one out of the way. Already at this stage, not impressed. Who else is actually
finding humour out of this, because I just can’t believe. No, get away. All right, let’s have a
look at this brown one. Very similar in shape,
the brown one seems to be, like, a lot chunkier and a lot puffier. Again, kind of matches my hair colour. I think my hair’s little bit
darker than this is, though. Let’s see what it looks like on. We’ll go for the normal again. (laughing) Ah, this one actually
doesn’t look too bad. Why does the back look like that? Hey. Can yah actually see any of my real bun? That actually doesn’t look too bad. Maybe not always, ah, the
colour is so much different, though, isn’t it? It’s so much lighter. I guess this one, like, if
you could find a man bun fake that matches your hair colour decently, I guess you could really
use it to help bulk it up a little bit more, cause
like, if you look at it, my normal bun isn’t actually that big. Right on. And from what I can tell in the mirror, like it doesn’t look too false. Like it still looks like it could pass as my normal hair, so… hmmmm. On third thought, we
just had another idea. Why don’t we try and do,
seeing as we’re here playing around with these man buns. Why don’t we try and like
to a three man bun hairstyle or something like that. Because I hate this
blond one, I’m gonna put it at the back, so I
don’t have to look at it. I’m just thinking Facebook
videos that have got music and being done really quick, so it’s like, here, look at this.
(electronic music) Oh my God, wow, woov. – [Offscreen Voice] That’s okay, I got it. I got it now. (electronic music)
– So we’ll put the first one here, the
brown one, the biggest one. Make it the most obnoxious. (laughs) Fuck it, we’re here. May as well get my $40 worth out of it. I got ripped off. (laughs) One was called the bun-hawk
and it looked very similar to this, like a mohawk made of buns. This is just like the
bun-hawk remastered, you know. You’ve just gotta really get
like a nice tight grip on it, like, cause otherwise
it’ll look really bad. And there you have it, so
the bunhawk remastered. See. (laughing) How’s that back one look. – [Offscreen Voice] It’s falling apart. – I actually hate these
things to the moon and back. Stupid little bun. The more I’m playing around with this, the more I wanna tell you do not get them. And there you have it, guys. The bunhawk remastered. (laughs) This is hilarious. Let’s be real. It looks shit as fuck. I know that. But, look, I just thought
it would be a little bit of a fun gimmick to try these
on and have a go of them. I think I paid, like,
I think, $11 per bun, and then, like, $20 for the shipping, so all-up it cost my like 40 bucks, which, I’m not extremely happy about, particularly because of the shipping, but I’m not even gonna go
into that, because, whatever. But I thought it was cool, and I’d really like to know your thoughts, in the description box below, as well, as if any of you
have actually tried these, because I honestly, even through
that growing-out process, if these were an option, I don’t think I would have ever reached
for a thing like this. Hopefully you got some
laughter out of this and we can all just sit back and, no. Have a great week, and thank you so much for coming back this month to watch my Man Bun Monthly series, and I will see you next month for the next episode. Oh, make sure you leave
comments telling me what you’d like to see in the man bun series, because I do have a lot of ideas but I wanna prioritise them better. I’m thinking like how to make a man bun more masculine looking,
could be a good way to go, if any of you guys are interested in that, you just have to let me know, and I will make the magic happen. Okay. Thanks a lot guys, I’ll catch yah later. Bye. (kissing) (explosion effect) Far better finish. (dance music)

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    I used to make fun of beauty channels, then I started growing out my hair 1.5 years ago…

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