⭐️Short Wavy Hair Tutorial⭐️

⭐️Short Wavy Hair Tutorial⭐️

hey, it’s Annabelle This is my textured, short hair tutorial. It’s to imitate natural waves, and I do this everyday rather than curling, because it’s quicker, and more practical. and I never wear my hair straight, because I like volume. My hair is naturally pin straight, and it air-dries this way because I don’t own a blow dryer. and some days, I get bedhead because my bangs were wet when I put it in a headband so I could have a facemask on, and it dried like this overnight. so I’m gonna tame that and set it aside, to worry about later cus it was actually pretty extreme. it’s best to work in sections, from the shortest layer up so nothing gets in your way, and you also don’t accidentally miss out on anything. so I do this twice. I need to deal with the bluntness of the bottom layer, or else it’s gonna show a tiny bit underneath the rest of the wavy hair, and poke out really obviously. I get as close to the root as possible, and make it curve inwards, twisting it more so at the very end, so to pronounce that shape, and this will become the base of what I like to think of as- my mushroom cap silhouette, *laughs* it’ll be the widest part and push out hair on top of it as well I tried my best to get everything, and in the back where I can’t see, I just feel out for the straight pieces, and with practice, I can be more careful and get close to the scalp without getting burnt and I’ve never hurt myself with this, so just be careful when starting. now my bangs are dryer, but not quite ready still, so I’m heating them up more, and this is what they normally look like in the morning. this wavy hairstyle lasts me 3-4 days, and my bangs are the only thing for me to touch up every morning, so it’s really convenient. releasing the next section of hair now, I leave only a small portion on the very top that has the longest front pieces which frame my face. and it’s the same portion that you pick up if you’re trying to tie a small bun or ponytail at the top, for those half-up half-down hairstyles. the shape of the next layer is 2 curves. first going up for 2 inches, and back in for 1. I emphasize the waves that’s protruding out, since the in between is just to hold the structure together, and it looks more natural this way for the inward wave to be less prominent. and i leave the first couple inches straight from the roots, so that the waves fall right, and at the very bottom, the curve needs more hair because it’s curling in, and giving my bob that pointed edge, and a bottom-heavy shape. as i go further back, it’s hard to reach, so I twist the straightener around like that, it doesn’t really matter as long as the waves are going IN. one important thing to note, though, is to hold the straightener in a gradual diagonal, going lower towards the face. and it makes it easier to hold the straightener, but also it accentuates an a-line look, even if your hair isn’t cut that way, I think it looks nicer and also more natural. rather than neat rows all across. and currently, I’m feeling for anything that I might’ve missed, it’s harder to go back once you’ve let the top section down. so when it all looks good, it’s time to let the top section down, and before moving onto that, I’m gonna do the bangs. when straight, they hit about eyebrow level, that’s the length I cut them at, and they look like curly micro bangs when I style them. and I’ve learned that I should keep straight until 1/3rd of the length down, and really get the curl towards the end, so it sits the way i like. because in the past, I didn’t know that, and that’s how you get mustache bangs, or tarantula leg bangs *laughs* and also for the very side pieces, you pull them off at an angle, so it frames your face. and now for the last section, I start with the piece closest to my face, and work back. and the first wave begins around eyebrow level, and it’s the same process, except there is an extra curve for the extra length. but that does depend on your hair part, though because it’d be the same on both sides- if you have a middle part like me, but for a side part, it’d be 3 or 4 curves on one side, and then 2 on the other. and i care about these strands the most because it’s what’s the most visible, and I definitely go back and retouch it. and especially the curve at the bottom takes a couple tries sometimes, and the pieces closest to my chin, I make sure to curve around my fingers, and it cools in a point. i get it as wavy as possible whenI style it because it’ll fall flat the next couple of days when I sleep on it, but the texture will still remain, so I buy myself some time, and I don’t have to go back and retouch so soon. I normally just wash my hair, and start this process all over again. so this is it to my very simple textured hair look, I will do another one where I curl it, which is a different look. it is quite poofy on the first day, so I oftentimes pin up the crown area, like this have this hairstyle for the first day, or two and later on, it falls flat, and looks different. I like that it’s wearable, cus I don’t wash my hair every-other day. this is it to the tutorial, I hope that you found this helpful, and I will see you very soon. have a great rest of your day! bye!

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  1. You don't even look REAL! I thought this was a self portrait painting you did looking at the thumbnail. You're beautiful 💕

  2. omggg im so glad you made a video on this hairstyle since i have the exact same hair length !!! 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Hi Annabelle! I just wanted to say I appreciate the vulnerability you have shared with us in your recent videos, while still being honest about maintaining your personal life and your privacy– I know this doesn't quite relate to this video (which is a great video!) but I just hope you feel supported by your subscribers in your recent courage of sharing your opinion more than you have before. You inspire so many of us to live more bravely in the small things and to savor details in our lives.

  4. Oh my god this couldn't have been uploaded at a more perfect time..i was just trying to curl my short hair with a straightener few hours ago and failing miserably..thank you Annabelle!!
    If this ain't fate then idk what is😂love you ❤❤❤

  5. It's funny because you're doing a hair routine to get yours like mine is naturally but I want one that gets mine like yours is naturally

  6. you look fabulous 💃🏻 & for future videos, maybe a month/recent favorites? recently I’ve been obsessed with watching what’s sparking joy in people’s lives, even if it’s just in the small details. sending you love!

  7. I do this hair style too! 😍🥰💕I have super straight fine Asian hair as well and I rarely wear it natural! ( I know curly haired people would probably pay SO much to get their hair as straight as mine 😂) but I just want that volume and texture and I love the look of undone, soft waves 🥰 thank you for sharing!! 💕💖Have a lovely rest of the week!

  8. I can't believe it lasts you a few days oh my goodness whenever I curl my hair it falls out in an hour WITH hairspray oh hair

  9. I love your hairstyle. It gives me a very retro 50s style vibe. Like one of those classy ladies in old Shanghai. It suits you!

  10. Always admire this style on you. Looks so cute! I have short-ish hair too but my hair never holds any waves or curls for long enough to be worth it 😭

  11. hi there, ive one question: how u make ur fringe stay like that? mine will get flat within 1-2 hours, esp when it's windy or smthng like that x_x

  12. i love doing this hairstyle! i don’t have bangs like yours but rather a blunt bob cut with a middle part, and it’s fun waving the front of my hair because i get that wavy look that is popular amongst boys nowadays (i aspire to have the front of my hair look like timmy chalamet’s lol)

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