게으른 30살이 관리받는 것들 (홈케어, 탈모관리, 윤곽관리)

게으른 30살이 관리받는 것들 (홈케어, 탈모관리, 윤곽관리)

Hello everyone! This is Yeondukong. I’m finally 30 years old. Is this 35? Usually many people say ‘You must do a lot of things to look younger’ ‘You must have had aesthetic treatment and that is why you look so young’. And thank you for thinking that since I am not that diligent. As old Yeontofus will know I like to spend free time watching Netflix drinking beer. But I do have some self-management routines. It’s embarrassing to call it a proper home care, but anyways I will show you my routine skin care and the treatments. My usual skincare has two rules. The first in the daytime, use weak acidic skin care products. At night, use anti-aging skincare. The most important thing is to use a device like this. Let’s have some chat while doing skin care. My favorite Botanic Hill Boh Ampoule. Everyone, I do have wrinkles in real and I don’t look that young. The most important thing. Do you hear the vibration? So I been introducing galvanic devices for a few years. This is not an ad. Since I’ve seen this, it’s the most comfortable and I use this a lot since these facial curves? Do you see this? It absorbs the cosmetics along the facial curves so it’s comfortable and good. So I told you that I applied a lot of anti-aging products at night. I use affordable eye creams that comes in large volume. My skin is so thin that I easily get wrinkles. Absorb it with the galvanic centering around the eyes like this. I really wanted to get a nose job. My nose is one of the reason I look young. It’s really short. So I used to push it like this. I used to do that. So even though it’s sometimes bothersome I always absorb it with galvanic at night. That’s it for my home care actually. Second, I have scalp treatments. Because? I have experienced hair loss due to stress when I worked for a company. I had hwa-byung and stress induced hair loss So I go for scalp scaling every two weeks or once a week. And it’s my source of rejuvenation. Because it’s really refreshing and scalp massage feels really relieving and alleviates stress a lot. Well it’s not that I come regularly for scalp treatment to be honest, but I come when I think of it. Whenever I get the itches. Secondly, there’s a treatment that I get once every week. It’s not a facial meridian massage. I get a treatment that’s a massage with something like a stone that gets rid of swelling. It’s always on my face and my face looks really different day and night. The swelling was so bad that I thought meridian massage would relieve that. So I went to these famous meridian massage chain shops. But massage there only hurt. They would put my face in like this and even my head hurt And I thought why should I go through this for my face? And I was so stressed, not relaxed. But if you do this with something like a warm stone on the face the swelling calms down and it’s relaxing. There’s no pressure on my face and I can easily fall asleep. A fan meet up event where I met Yeontofus. Touch up event. I want to look good on those events. To whom? To my fans. I go this place then. Third, dermatology clinic. I don’t go see the dermatologist often. Last year, dermatology procedures were in fashion and there were a lot of people who went for treatment at dermatology. So I tried some myself. But I felt that my skin was getting thinner and the dermatology treatment wasn’t for me. So for dermatology treatment, I get ulthera once a year. And they’re mostly too painful for me. It’s painful. I think I’ll visit clinics when I get older. Anyways that’s how I get treatment and it has been a while since I had one but I once had a botox because my chin hurt and ached. But then I got bothered to go there again. Actually my favorite is not facial massage but a body massage. My neck and shoulders are always like this, so I get massage for the turtle neck syndrome. That’s it! But one thing I want to talk about is that you don’t have to get treatments. This is for your own satisfaction. Whether you are young or old, if you want it, you get it. If you don’t, you don’t. it shouldn’t be encouraged. I’m just telling you this since there were a lot of people who wanted to know. Yeontofus, you are beautiful enough to my eyes. Then I’ll see you again with another video. Bye~

🦋Escucha a tu corazón, no te rindas, ese dolor que hoy sientes en tu interior, se irá

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  1. 꾸안꾸 메이크업 필요해요!!!! 아임미미 펩밤 (리차저도 예뻐요♥♥) 제품이 꾸안꾸메이크업에 찰떡이라서 두콩언니의 솔직하고 깜띡한 리뷰하 필요합니다유ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  2. 언니..썸네일 이쁜 애긴줄………대박 언니…난 스물다섯살인데 왜 언니보다 5살은 더많아보이는걸까…….😭 결론 기냥 우리언니 이뻐유우우 말해뭐혀유우💋

  3. 엥??와와~~진짜 30살 맞으세요? 믿기지가 않은데요
    초,중학생이라도 해도 믿을 완전 초동안이네요 😍😍❤❤ 완전 애기애기한 귀여운 외모
    네요 초동안 너무 러블리 사랑스럽고
    너무 귀엽고 너무 예쁘십니다 굿굿 최고!!!

  4. 썸넬보고 들어왔는데 예쁘장한 초등학생인줄 알았어요ㅋㅋㅋ30살인게 안믿겨지네요ㅠㅜ부러워요ㅠㅠ

  5. 언니 나 언니 파란배경때 부터 지금까지 조용히 봤는데 혹시 나혼자 지금 타임머신 타고 나이먹었나?? 나 왜 언니 20대인지 알았을까요….

  6. 와… 뭔 초딩이 영어로 서른살 어쩌고 저쩌고하면서 올라와있어서 뭔 삽소리야 하다가 아니지…? 하면서 들어왔다가 진짜 30살인거 알고 ㄴㅇ•ㅇㄱ 이러고 놀랐네요.

  7. ヨンジュさんの動画は日本語字幕あって見やすいしわかりやすいです

  8. 아니 난 진짜 썸네일이랑 제목 보고 초등학생이 관리받을 데가 어디 있다고 이런 영상을 찍어 올리나 하고 들어왔는데 30대셨어…

  9. 진짜 과장아니고 이제 고1올라가는 04인데 많게는 02에서 적게는 06까지 봤는데(사실 05, 06으로 봤음) 30…대 셨어요? 진짜 레알 당황 했어요 ㅠㅠ 중딩 졸업한지 이제 8일된 나보다 어려보이세요! ! 왜지?아 진짜 왜지? 근데 넘 예쁘시고 부러워요♡♡

  10. พี่หน้าเด็กหน้าใสหน้ารักมากเลยหนูชอบพี่มากๆเลยคะ

  11. 이건 어떻고 저건 어떻고 소개하시다가 결국 끝은 다 솔직히 말하면 자주는 못가요가 되는ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 신비한 자기관리의 세계! 솔직히 관리마저도 다… 부지런한 사람들이 열심히 받는 것… 이것저것 다 꾸준히 하기엔 너무 귀찮죠ㅠ

  12. I know it's your decision if you want to change it one day, but I really think your nose is so cute! It does make you look younger.

  13. หน้าเด็กมากกก บอกว่า18ก็เชื่อ น่ารักมากเลยนะคะ ติดตามมานานแล้วน้าา🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭

  14. I am so shock that you already 30 years old!! 😳😳 I thought you just 18 years old or below, you're so cute and beautiful!! >///<

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