만성 성인 아토피피부염 치료 기간 !! – 아토피 회복 주기 파헤쳐 보기 (+여드름, 지루성피부염 등. 비교 사진 수천 장 대공개)

만성 성인 아토피피부염 치료 기간 !! – 아토피 회복 주기 파헤쳐 보기 (+여드름, 지루성피부염 등. 비교 사진 수천 장 대공개)

* caution *
There is a scene that shows the lesion in detail for explanation.
If you are weak, please click Back. In previous images I have been through atopy for 20 years I told you about the process. This year, Atopic recovery period according to my current situation I’m going to show you. Nice to meet you I am in full swing From when I started management I’ll show you again. The skin is getting better or worse Relative concept. Whether the condition improves or deteriorates In the last few days, the skin condition It’s hard to tell by feeling alone. At the same time as managing the atopy Take a picture of your skin like me. At least two weeks apart You have to compare your status as a whole Because I took the lotion and shot it I do not see a lot of keratin. In my daily life, There was a lot of keratin and dirt. The photo shows scratched scratches Rather than temporarily elevated inflammation The overall amount of keratin and wrinkles, How much red skin is spreading to the skin You have to focus on the scope and depth. At this time, the atopy spread to the lower half of the body The upper body feels a lot of heat I still think he’s getting better. This skin is getting better Dramatically healed I do not want to expect So for a cooler comparison You have to take a picture. Otherwise I am currently doing well or not I can not grasp it objectively. If there is no record What to do next
Because I’m always upset and nervous It is also difficult to manage properly Watching this video You may feel a sense of distance to reality. Although I’m showing you this recovery process, You’re tired right now. This is about me. What you’re having now … you’re recording everything !? If you do not want to finish with surrogate satisfaction from now on Like me, every two weeks
Take a picture of your skin. So that means seeing this video. What you are managing
If you record it steadily What makes his atopic worse and better You’ll be able to distinguish little by little. To fit your current state You can also set or modify how you manage Among all management The most important thing To record If you compare it later every few months You’ll know for sure you’re getting better. To reduce the time of video I’m showing it very fast, I’ve encoded it to 4k. Those who will compare very closely Please note. Before looking at the next pictures About skin regeneration cycle If you know roughly You’ll see more. In previous videos and comments I have a period of improvement in atopy Approximately 3 to 6 months Longer than 1 year I told you it could take up to two years. This treatment period Depending on our body cell regeneration cycle It is a very rough guess. When healthy skin cells grow and die
It falls off the skin. Then, in the basal layer of the skin,
Cells are born This is called turnover The normal skin regeneration cycle Cells are produced in the basal layer
14 days to reach the stratum corneum Stay on the stratum corneum and fall off 28 days in total The skin regeneration cycle Age, stress, Environment, life pattern, It can also vary depending on how much you manage The child’s skin regeneration cycle is 1 to 2 weeks 3-30 weeks The older the older The recovery period is getting longer. And the thickness of the skin Depending on race, sex, and skin area It may vary from about 2 to 3 times Usually the skin – lips, eyelids / / Face, neck / chest, back / arm, leg / Palms, soles / nails, then the claw becomes thicker The thicker the skin, the more Symptoms do not settle right away. I mean, even if I had a hard day’s work today Over time, the inflamed skin must become an explosion You can see the results of the management later. Of course, Thin skin area You can easily see changes that are noticeable Depending on the severity and location of the skin There are many differences in the recovery period Moreover, the regeneration cycle of our body’s cells Not all are the same.
[Gastrointestinal cells – 2.5 hours, intestinal cells – 2.5 hours to 7 days
Leukocyte – 48 hours, platelet – 3 to 10 days] [Skin – 2-4 weeks, scalp cell – 2 months
Red blood cells / blood vessels – 4 months
Bone / muscle / organ – 4 ~ 7 months] As long as the skin is the mirror of the five
[Nails / claws – 6 months
Nerve cells – 7 years, bone tissue – once every seven years] It’s not just about skin regeneration. Embryos, bones, muscles, organs and cells Consider red blood cell regeneration cycle together I think I can guess more clearly. So I think a lot If you look at the improvement cycle of your skin Until rash of skin and eczema sink Mild is 3-4 months, Chondroitinemia is 6 to 7 months And the severity can take more than a year This, of course,
There must be premises. If you are currently using additional drugs Long-term cell recovery period in skin regeneration cycle You can add more, or you can pull out If the medicine has been used for a long time Depending on the condition, organs responsible for the decryption function The recovery period should be at least 4 months It takes longer than a year So after you completely cut off steroids The period of skin recovery is 4 to 6 months Skin texture
If you add 4 to 6 months to completely clean Atopic dermatitis is completely broken. It may take about 2 years to be cured. But there are too many factors that affect atopy Depending on how you manage Because the recovery period can vary I think you can look it up for reference only. This is just a guess. Even though I was in much worse condition than I was I have often seen people who have been cured much faster In the end, I think it’s selfish. You are ready to take this time It can be a cornerstone of managing atopy steadily. Well … and this is my personal idea. At first I did not know The more you manage Somehow it seems that the skin is getting worse Sometimes there was a feeling. Even if the symptoms get worse Allergies, drug side effects, Diet, stomach, exercise, stress, etc. Depending on the cause There seems to be a very subtle difference in symptoms. Allergic reactions and fever. I told you poison was a different concept. Experience has shown that
As an allergic reaction If symptoms suddenly worsen Most of the time, it was submerged in hours. I have scratched my wounds Rash on face, acne Inflammation of the skin with shallow dermal layer 2-3 days as soon as possible In most cases, it usually took less than a week. At this time last year Not too much inconvenience in everyday life
It was in good condition. I have enjoyed a deep sense of liberation in 20 years. I was ready to travel to Europe. Last June to July Czech Republic, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria etc. I visited various countries. Planning to see many things We had a lot of gatherings for months before we left. From this time on, upper body seborrheic dermatitis Atopy began to get worse in the back of the thigh Although I’m showing a video about atopy In fact, I have been treating atopy Often there were seborrheic dermatitis and acne. Looking back at you objectively as you record The cause was the eating of high calorie and oily food I was late to experience that I had a great deal of care. By the way, when I go to Europe again There was not much to eat except for flour and meat. The people who traveled together I know that I manage my diet Though I’ve been careful with me In restaurants, compared to flour and meat Because the amount of vegetables is low. I could not fill my stomach with a vegetarian meal. Because I already had a schedule, If you want to separate your diet There was a limit to the vegetarian diet alone. So about a half-dozen I had never been able to manage my diet. It’s true that the skin is getting better. Although the overall recovery has been a little bit I had not been cured yet. For reference, lower body atopy
The circulation of the lower abdomen did not work well I care more about diet management.
I have to move a lot. At that time, I did not work especially hard I spent a lot of time sitting there during the day. In the end, because I was vigilant and suddenly did not manage Relatively weak areas
It can be seen that atopy has come up intensively It’s been a while since I did not manage it. It took a long time to get better. Heat and toxins accumulate in the body If the skin is gradually reddened from under the skin The recovery period was longer depending on the skin regeneration cycle. As long as you do not constrain symptoms I never got better in a day or two. If you look at a specific area, Nevertheless, compared to about half a year ago Skin results skin tone, As the depth of the wrinkles and the skin’s warmth have fallen I can see that atopy is still improving. So I have to compare the whole
I’m giving you the word. Apart from pigmentation and wrinkles, It was almost uninfected. So, you have been preparing for a cafe business for many years To help my parents I started to learn coffee in earnest. Currently at the Korea Culinary Academy SCA Europe Barista lv 1 lv2 certification We have completed the process of developing coffee menu. In the previous video, I showed you how to manage 99% of your meals. So while I was learning coffee I often go on a cafe tour. I usually manage very hard When you have a special day or dinner I have not eaten food. So usually on a weekly basis I did not manage about 20 ~ 30%. Wow … but recently After a long time, I have eaten too much, I did not get it from my body. Coffee and milk, Creamy drink As I drink more often I had diarrhea five times a day. On average a week Three or four times I think I got stomped. But the skin does not get worse right away Oh, I was doing better than now. … Uh .. Yeah.. That’s it … Apart from cafes I studied English and psychology. I do this on YouTube Do you eat rice, exercise, clean up, Others, work, work out I’ve been living without any real lately. I thought that I was getting a little fatigue. To raise enough physical strength I did a little bit of exercise I think it’s the cause. For exercise intensity
I’ll tell you more in the next video. As you all know, I’ve often had perms. In the end, while time is passing by
I think it’s starting to show up. I have not fully recovered my function yet. Now that my body can decode
Beyond the appropriate threshold Excessive external stress keeps coming in. I did not survive. This re-energized neck It’s an important part of connecting the face and the trunk. He’s in charge of the whole cycle of our body. Especially along the side line Lymph nodes with detoxification function, lymph nodes
They are distributed a lot. So if you have atopy next to your neck The overall health of the human body (especially the small intestine)
I think you have a problem Oh, now that I’m feeling I’m doing an aerobic exercise instead of an excessive exercise. Not even Perm, Diet management is about 90%
I am living hard again. Looking at the current state Maybe I could get another month. Usually atrophy from the dermis At first, the red eczema came up At the same time,
Slowly shallower and disappear In the past two years, Last year, acne, seborrheic dermatitis, The process of healing the back of the thigh
If you see wisdom, you’ll know. Now once from an objective point of view Let me organize my situation now. I’ve been suffering from atopy for 20 years. I do not use it now,
We have been using drugs for a long time. Not too many years old. Resilience is not as good as the public. And in recent months, Drinking lots of cafe drinks
I often stomped. I think there are a lot of intestinal cells I do not manage the food, so no matter how I do not think the toxin emissions in the body were doing well. Having a tight schedule Stress and fatigue are piled up. Force exercise
Increased body heat generation In this situation, if I manage hard Depending on the skin regeneration cycle mentioned earlier Your skin feels less than two months away. There’s no atopy right now beside your neck. I think I can cure it within 6 months. Then from severe condition to complete cure It’s about two years. I’m not the only one whose neck is getting worse. I’ll compare this to a picture half a year ago. Seborrhoeic dermatitis on the chest and back has also disappeared. Including the back of the thigh Because the overall skin texture has improved It’s not a discouraging situation. And thanks to his recent hard work Fortunately, after the peak Looks like it’s sinking again. This can only be done by touching my skin. Compared to a month ago The thickness of the rash is getting thinner. As you can see, Depending on the time of day and condition and moisturizer use It may look different from time to time. So every few days
Not to compare at a certain point Over a period of time
I have to see it as a whole. In the last 1 year, If you look at your current skin condition I think I’m still getting better. But if I explain this If you look at me now and are disappointed Apparently there will be. I am This is getting worse. To show I did not know it would get worse So it’s like keratin and dirt, itching Our body is trying to solve the problem. Not yet fully cured Because I had never managed it temporarily What you have to go through now is It is a natural reaction by stimulation As long as I do not use medicine That it does not get any better soon Because I know
(I did not know this would get worse) It is not uneasy.
(I did not know this would get worse) Rather than being cured Despite my hardships Thank you so much for coming up this far. My body reacts like this I am glad you are. My body is sick now. I can not even shout it out. Repress I think it could be a bigger problem. If you put it in one word. If you only manage it properly Being able to do better This is the heart of this video. Atopy is the form and aspect of every person Because it is different by I’m not a doctor. You can diagnose your condition I can not be a criterion for the recovery period. So if I have your atopy
When will I be better I can not give you a definite answer. Looking at the skin regeneration cycle and various treatments I can guess at some extent In this way, If you’re looking at old photos … It is .. I was so upset. Sometimes I’m surprised. Until I wrote it, Whether this is really good or not I was not sure. Despite being healed Whether it’s better or not. When atopy is severe and right now
If I compare this feeling In the meantime, Something like this There was no such feeling. Just a little less itchy Less tired There seems to be only this difference Now this moment As if all the moments of the past were a continuum Atopic cure Not one that can be accomplished overnight It is the crystallization of the process of constantly restoring everyday The criterion for atopic cures is Please refer to the previous video. Often my skin is compared to the general public There are some people who ask if this is not good. I have never said that I am still cured. If you look at the neck just now It’s correct again. Of course, the area without atopy So-called water-light skin and compare It’s not that good either. But the parts that were severe in the last year and last year It is also true that much better Although our goal is to be cured The skin of the general public is clean and unobtrusive. Do this right now Comparing the keratin and the blood-stained my skin There is no such a big deal. My skin is getting worse and improving
The comparison target is It is only the past and present of oneself. The purpose of taking a diet note and taking pictures Looking at yourself objectively I’m looking for a factor that makes my atopic worse This is to modify the management direction. So again, Take pictures every two weeks. You have to make a comparison as a whole. Even though my skin is not clean That’s why I’m making this video. Still alone
For those who are fighting against you To be a companion of the mind. Although we live in the information age If you search for atopy, Actually, I could not find anything but advertisements. So rather for information
It seems to be an environment where only disbelief is likely to grow. As a result of many maternity efforts For those who have been hurt so far I hope my appearance will be a little comfort. Even though I have this situation I am not worried about whether atopy can be better Maybe it will be clean by the summer. Expectations are a bit larger. If you really manage to keep it steady, No matter how deep It does not go back to its former state. After half a year to be able to upload a complete image. Now that you do not see atopy I’ll manage it until I am cured without any worries. Of course, as before I’m not going to manage it perfectly in the future. I’ve managed only 70-80% so far The secret behind this improvement I have been able to practice for a long time. There’s nothing special about it. Just looking at my record Identify the cause and effect I’ve only been modifying the direction of management in the future. Do not you wonder what will happen next? Actually, I’m curious. So I hope you will keep watching. Thank you for watching. So then How you managed to get away from atopy – In the movement I’ll see you again!

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    한가지 질문이 있는데요. 환부에 (얼굴과 몸 등) 네다섯개 정도 뾰루지가 올라와있는데 탈스를 하는데도 여드름같은 뾰루지가 올라오니 꽤나 신경쓰이네요..
    마음님 외에 구독자 분들께서도 이런 증상이 있다면 댓글 부탁드릴게요 감사합니다 😊

  18. 먼저 이렇게 아토피에 대한 상세한 사진과 정보를 나눠주셔서 감사드립니다! 저도 어린시절부터 달고 있는 아토피 때문에 집에서 요양하며 지내고 있는데 반마님의 영상을 최근에 알게 되고 정말로 많은 마음의 위안을 얻고 있습니다. 하지만 저의 개인 사정상 반마님의 관리법의 약 30%라도 따라갈까말까 하는 정도라서 마음이 무겁기도 하네요… 3월 말부터 4월 첫째주까지만해도 지루성두피염과 급성두드러기로 진물+가려움 때문에 고통스러웠지만 지금은 염증이 가라앉고 서서히 나아지고 있어요. 기록해둔 사진을 보면 작년에도 딱 이시기에 피부가 똑같이 뒤집어지고 진물이 났더라구요. 반마님의 영상을 보면서 저도 반마님처럼 전신 사진을 찍어서 제대로 기록해야겠다는 필요성을 느끼고 있는데 사진 설정을 어떻게 하고 찍으시는지 혹은 쓰시는 어플같은게 있으신지 궁금합니다! 혼자지내고 있어서 찍어줄 사람이 없어요. 댓글이 너무 길어져서 죄송해요 ㅠㅠ

  19. 전 진짜…
    4년 고생했고 지금도 고생중이지만.
    역시 아토피 고칠수 있는방법은. 약 안쓰고 보습제도 되도록이면 안쓰는게 제일 좋은것 같아요.

    근데 마음아님은 운동은 어떻게 하세요?
    헬스장가시나요? 아니면 집에서~?

  20. 아이가 아토피입니다.
    얼굴에 있어요.
    열감이 얼굴로 쏠리는지 붉고
    진물이 납니다.
    작년에 한의원가서 간 신장 대장해독하고 한달간 한약 먹고 아토피는 사라졌어요.
    완치는 아니란건 알았어요.

    운동 노로션 족욕 햇빛보기 건포마찰…
    발효음식으로 관리하라고 하셨어요.
    얼굴이 좋아지고 나서 아이는 음식을 엉망으로 먹어서 치료한지 1년만에 또 나빠졌어요.
    작년보다는 지금 상태가 심한게 덜해요.
    작년 이맘때 한의원 갔었는데요.
    중학생이라 말도 안듣고 힘드네요.

    얼굴에 열감이 많은 아토피는 어떻게 관리해야할까요?

    마음님 유튜브 아들에게 보여줬는데도 실천을 못해요.
    스스로 공부도 해야하는데 저만 애가 타네요.

    좋은 영상 감사합니다!
    아토피 꼭 완치하세요! ^^

  21. 사우나에서 30분정도
    뜨거운 물에서 몸을 뿔리고
    때밀지 않고
    씻는데 괜찮나여? 이렇게하면 자연스럽게 각질이 없어지고 상처도 없어지더라구요

  22. 프로틴만 먹으면 그날새벽에 너무심하게 긁는데 프로틴이 아토피에 많이 안좋나여??

  23. 항상 보면서 위로와 힘 얻고 있어요. 스테로이드 주사를 끝으로 스테를 끊은지 3달이 됐는데요. 연고를 썼던 왼쪽 뺨은 거의 딱지가 떨어졌고, 연고를 쓰지 않은 오른쪽 뺨은 뒤늦게 독소가 올라와서 현재 노란 딱지들이 뒤덮여 있어요. 계속 피지오겔 로션 바르다가, 어쩌면 로션 때문에 빨리 안 낫나 싶고 이 상태에서 뭘 바르는 게 도움이 되나 싶어(얼마전 안 바르는 게 제일 빨리 낫는 길이라는 우츠키 박사님 책을 읽었어요) 아무것도 안 바르고 물세안만 가끔씩 한지 일주일이 다 되어 갑니다. 근데 오른쪽 뺨을 볼때마다 딱지가 언제 떨어질지 가늠이 안가서 속상하고 보습이라도 해야되나, 마음이 흔들릴 때가 있어요. 사진이라도 보내드리고 싶지만… 딱지가 말라서 굳어있는 상태인데 이대로 떨어질 때까지 기다려야 할까요? 아니면 하루 한번 물세안만 하고 로션이라도 얇게 바르는게 좋을까요? 반마님의 조언 듣고싶습니다

  24. 혁신적이라고 부르는 아토피치료제인 듀픽젠트에 대해서는 어떻게 생각하시나요? 과연 이약물은 완치가 될까요?

  25. 너무 귀한 정보 감사합니다. 정말 궁금한게 있는데요. 아토피라능게 괜찮아지다가도 갑자기 가려울때가 있자나요. 참으려고 해도 결국은 긁게 되는데 한참 그러고 나선 너무 후회되요ㅠㅠ 참을수 없이 가려울땐 어떡하시나요?

  26. 저두 목뒤에 아토피가있는데 머리카락이 그 아토피를 덮고 운동을 하는데 좀 짧게 짤라야할까요,,!?ㅜ

  27. 안스테 아토뮤 추천드립니다. 저는 얼굴아토피가 심했는데 아토뮤에센스 쓰니까 3주만에나았어요. 반마님이나 다른분들 한번씩 써보시는거 추천드려요!

  28. 전 현재 고3 수험생인데요 최근들어 스트레스로 인해 아토피가 얼굴과 목쪽을 덮고 있어요 제가 아토피에 대한 정보가 별로 없을 땐 스테바르고 좋아지길래 다 낫겠다 싶더니 리바운드 현상때문에 현재스테는 안바르고 얼굴과 목에 비누로 세안 후 피지오겔 바르고 있습니다 괜찮을까요?

  29. 날씨가바뀌면서 좋아졌네여저도 스테로이드안쓰고 물많이먹고 운동하고 꾸준히하고 했더니 좋아졌네요!

  30. ㄹㅇ 정답만 쏙쏙 골라셔 말씀하십니다!!! 진짜 돌팔이 의사보다 훨씬 나으십니다!! 의사들은 교과서 적인 말만 하죠 격어보지도 않았으면서…

  31. 18년째아토피를앓아오다최근약을쓰지않겟다고굳게마음먹은뒤로 얼굴에올라오기시작햇습니다 이제갓대학새내기라정말스트레스를많이받지만마음님영상보면서또희망을얻고갑니다 너무감사드려요

  32. 여름 되니까 팔이 신경쓰여요
    저도 관리 열심히 할게요
    식단도 궁금하네요 올려주신 거같은데
    정말 감사합니다 영상

  33. 최근 몇달사이 피부염이 심해져서 대인기피증까지 생기려고 해요 전 알러지피부염이라는데 아토피랑 증상이 비슷하다고 하더라구요 전 얼굴중에 눈과 입술주변이라 볼때마다 스트레스 받아요 ㅠㅠ 요즘 한의원 다니면서 스테로이드는 안먹고 있는데 반마님 말씀처럼 식단조절과 운동하려고 합니다 조금이나마 호전이 될길 바래요. 좋은 내용 감사해요

  34. 아토피때문에 생긴 목에 주름때문에 너무 스트레스받아요.. 빨개진것도 그렇고… 이것도 없어지나요..? 하..

  35. 몸이너무좋으신데 근력운동 따로하시나요 ? 근력운동만 하면 더심해져서 ㅜㅠ

  36. 안녕하세요!!어렸을때부터 아토피를 겪고 지금까지도 겪고있는 대학생입니다. 저도 어렸을때에 비해 많이 호전된 상태지만 아직 얼굴(볼 , 이마 염증 및 빨간 증상) , 접히는 부분은 여전히 심하더라고요 ..

    저도 너~~~무 심하지않는 이상 베타덤지(스테로이드) 약은 안쓰고있는 상황이기도 합니다. 그래서 보통 메디큐브 아토팜과 같은 기본 로션을 쓰고 합니다.

    혹시 추천하는 로션 사이트 / 보습제 / 아토피 이불 등이 있다면 추천 부탁드립니다. 간절히 답변 기다리고 있겠습니다 감사합니다 !!

  37. 안녕하세요 반마님!
    혹시 한의원 다니실때 몸이 열체질이신가요 차가운체질이신가요???

  38. 심할땐 스테로이드도 필요하다고 생각하시나요? 일주일정도 먹으면 5-6개월 정도 괜찮습니다 먹어도문제가 없을까요?

  39. 안녕하세요! 저도 아토피로 고생좀 하다가 치료받고 지금은 어느정도 회복이 된 상태입니다. 근데 피부 착색 때문에 계속 신경이 쓰이는데요, 보습을 꾸준히 하고 있지만 크게 효과가 없는 것 같습니다ㅠㅠ
    혹시 착색 치료를 위해 따로 관리하신 부분이 있는지, 아니면 시간이 지나면 자연스레 나아질 수 있는지 궁금합니다!!

  40. 붉은피부가 흰색으로많이돌아왔는데 이피부가
    유난히 다른 피부색보다 많이 하얘요
    화상입고나면나중에 흰색새살이나온것처럼요 아토피로인해서 주변보다 흰색새살이나오면 그피부는 다시원래피부색으로맞춰가나요
    아니면 그냥살아야되나요?

  41. 저도 2년전에 이런비슷한방법으로 식단이랑 생활습관고치고 완치했어요 간단한 일기도 도움돼요

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