새치염색 10년째! 뿌염 자주할수 밖에 없죠? 탈모언니는 흰머리염색 이렇게해요 ! (feat.흰머리 나는이유) #셀프염색 #염색부작용

새치염색 10년째! 뿌염 자주할수 밖에 없죠? 탈모언니는 흰머리염색 이렇게해요 ! (feat.흰머리 나는이유)  #셀프염색 #염색부작용

Getting ready to dye my hair Bowl, water, tint brush, dye, plastic spoon, hair cap, vinyl glove Hello, TalmoSister here As requested, today’s video is about how to dye hair at home, and more importantly, how to take care of your scalp before / after dyeing People asked me to recommend dyes for them too, but I want to be cautious, so I’ll do that after I do my research So please give me some time for that Many people find dyeing their own hair difficult but it’s not that difficult once you do it a couple times Managing gray hairs and roots are quite costly because touch-ups need to happen rather frequently Also, I think it’s just better to get a quality dye and dye your hair yourself even though it can be quite a hassle However, make sure to follow the instructions written on the package; the ratio and how long you put it on and etc Leaving it on for a long time won’t make it any better Also, do not massage your scalp after you’ve dyed your hair I’ll show you how I dye my own hair and talk about how why people get gray hairs, what the scalp is like after dying hair and tips on how to minimise irritation, and take care of your hair before /after dying your hair Hairs go gray because melanin cells inside hair follicles don’t produce enough colour pigments causing the hair to return to its original colour; white I don’t know why I’m started getting gray hair at such a young age but considering that no one in my family had it earlier than me I guess it’s just a genetic thing However, I think stress is the main reason why I started getting lots of gray hairs I was super stressed in my mid-20s So I’ll just say that I got gray hairs because of my diet, life style, and stress causing my melanin cells to not function properly Difference between gray hair and canities
These two words are used interchangeably (in Korean) I searched up online and there’s no real difference between them It’s called canities if you get it before your 30s and gray hairs if you get it during or after your 40s I had it since I was in my mid-20s, so it was canities then and sadly, I’ll have to call it a gray hair starting this year But honestly, it’s not that important I’ll just use whatever I feel like TalmoSister’s Personal Experience
Dying my gray hairs for such a long time caused my eyesights to go bad rather early It used to be 2.0 and 1.5 (around 20/20) but now it’s 0.75 It’s gone really bad My scalp’s condition is also quite bad from continuous dying and I think that lead to balding at a younger age I tried to not dye my hair for as long as possible because I know that it worsens hair loss But that just made me look old and my hair more thin So I just had to dye my hair Realising that I have to do this for the rest of my life, I decided to use dyes that have milder ingredients regardless of its price and take better care of my hair before and after dyeing Now I’ll tell you how I take care of my hair before/after dyeing it Taking care of hair before/after dyeing Step 1:
Don’t wash your hair the day before dyeing I don’t wash my hair the day before of dyeing that way my scalp will create a layer of sebum on itself, reducing the irritation from the dye Taking care of hair before/after dyeing Step 2: Wash your hair 1 – 2 days after dyeing it It takes around 24 – 48 hours for the dye to settle down Even though it’s not good to keep dye residuals on the scalp having to dye more frequently with the dyes going away more quickly is also not good That’s why I wash my hair two days after dyeing it Taking care of hair before/after dyeing Step 3: Exfoliating the scalp after dyeing hair I always exfoliate my scalp three days after dyeing my hair You might say that I’m making such a hassle over it Not washing the hair before… and exfoliating the scalp and so on This is picture of my scalp on the day of dyeing I took this right after shampooing and drying my hair You can see all the dyes on the hair This is picture of my scalp 2 days after dyeing Of course, I took this after shampooing and drying my hair You can still see all the remaining dyes Even though I shampooed my hair thoroughly the dye is blocking the pores Let me show you how stubborn dyes can be Left is my scalp 3 days after dyeing Right is after I’ve exfoliated it The dye is still stuck inside the scalp even after exfoliation It’ll eventually fade out over time even if you don’t exfoliate your scalp, but It’ll be there for over a week Imagine how bad it’d be for the scalp Taking care of hair before/after dyeing Step 4: Keeping it moist These are pictures of my scalp after dyeing my hair
(before/after exfoliation) As I dye my hair more and more frequently, and having to dye my hair every 2 weeks because the gray hairs are so obvious on camera, my skin barrier is all broken It’s gone very dry after dyeing it And exfoliating has made it even drier Keeping it like this will break the water/oil balance causing it to go dry, itchy, sensitive, and oily and tacky So I change my scalp care routine from everyday anti-hair loss routine to moisturisation routine for about a week of dyeing my hair
(Scalp care=skin care on scalp) I go back to my usual anti-hair loss routine once it recovers That’s it for my routine before/after dyeing my hair I want to know how you guys take care of your scalp before/after dyeing your hair and what dyes you guys use Please share your experience with me in the comments section Like and subscribe if you found this video helpful

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13 Replies to “새치염색 10년째! 뿌염 자주할수 밖에 없죠? 탈모언니는 흰머리염색 이렇게해요 ! (feat.흰머리 나는이유) #셀프염색 #염색부작용”

  1. 오늘도 정보공유 넘나 감사합니다♡
    1.염색 전 하루 머리 안감기!! (오..급공감.끄덕끄덕)
    2.염색 후 하루 샴푸 쉬기
    3.3일차에는 스켈링하기
    여기서 질문요~~
    4번은 스켈링 직후 바로 인가요?
    4일차에 하나용?

  2. 지루성피부염인데 뿌리염색 해야 되거든요.. 미친듯이 고통스러운데 두피 쫌 띄어서 하면 괜찮나요

  3. 저도 염색전에는 머리 안 감구요~ 염색주기는 한달이고 집에서 혼자 뿌염해요.
    염색약은 로레알 써요. 여기꺼가 덜 따갑고 색빠짐도 없더라구요. 그리고 염색약에 올라플렉스 no.1 섞어서 머리카락 큐티클 손상방지해줘요. 올라플렉스는 미용실에서 머리카락 클리닉 라인으로 따로 많이 써서 워낙 유명하더라구요. 전 직구해서 전문가용으로 no.1,2 사용중입니다~
    그리고 염색후에는 라우쉬 헤어토닉으로 마사지 해줘요. 염색한날 하기도 하고 탈모언니처럼 염색 후 일주일간은 두피관리에 신경쓰는 보습느낌으로 해줘요. 확실히 두피가 진정되는 느낌이 있네요^^
    항상 좋은 영상 감사해요^^

  4. 영상 잘 봤어용 👍저도 흰머리가 많아서 염색 약 이것저것 다 ㅆ봤는데 아직도 저한테 맞는거 못찾았어요! 염색 하면 가렺고 어지럽고 두통오고 메스꺼움 이 동반해서 요즘에 10 분 새치염색 쓰고있는데 이것도 가렵기는 마찬가지여요 , 어떤 염색약 써야 될까요 ?

  5. 언니 저는 정수리쪽에 새치가 너무 많아서 자주 뿌염을 하는데, 염색약 중에 1제,2제로 나눠져있는것은 2제에 과산화수소가 들어있어서 흰머리를 더 나게한다고 해요…ㅠㅠ 저도 언니처럼 물에 섞어서 쓰는 염색약 씨드비꺼를 사용중인데, 언니는 어떤 염색약을 쓰시나요???

  6. 진짜 ㅠㅠ흰머리를 검은 머리로 다시 돌릴 수 있는 약이 있다면..ㅠㅠ 머리 절반이 새치여서(유전..ㅠㅠ) 4~5주마다 미용실가서 염색하는데…ㅠㅠ 진짜 염색이 두피에도 안좋은걸 알면서도 허헣.. 안하면 20대 중반인데 새치가 너무 보이니..안 할 수도없고.. ㅠ

  7. 탈모누나님 근데 지금까지 탈모약은 거의 쓰지않고 관리로만 탈모 막고 계신건가요? 그게 몇년이나 이어오셨는지 ㄷㄷ

  8. 나도 흰머리 였. . .ㅠ
    겨우내 머릴 안감았더니 머리가 우수수빠지더니 눈에띄게 듬성해졌네요. 무서워서 검색하던 중 또래분 채널 발견~~^^

  9. 염색 후 탄산수로 샴푸하는것은 어떤가요? 업소에선 탄산의 세척능력때문에 탄산수로 샴푸하는곳이 있더라고요! 가정에서는 무첨가 탄산수 페트로 구매해서 헹군다던가, 탄산가루 푼 물을 사용한다던가..궁금해요!

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