이것만 고쳐도 탈모예방&지루성두피염 예방은 기본! #지성두피타입 두피관리방법! 지루성두피 & 지루성두피염 두피관리 지침서!

이것만 고쳐도 탈모예방&지루성두피염 예방은 기본! #지성두피타입 두피관리방법!  지루성두피 & 지루성두피염 두피관리 지침서!

From an oily scalp to seborrheic dermatitis From seborrheic dermatitis to hair loss Oily scalps which can lead to hair loss if not treated properly I’d manage it like this: Been digging hair loss/scalps for past 12 years TalmoSisterTV Hello, TalmoSister here My scalp types are: oily, mixed, and sensitive Even now, seasonal and environmental factors cause greasiness, itchiness, or inflammations from time to time However, I manage it consistently so it doesn’t make my hair fall out faster or develop into seborrheic dermatitis, etc I know quite a bit about managing oily scalps because I’ve experienced all kinds of symptoms in the past Let me tell you how to keep scalps healthy TalmoSister would manage it like this: One: Oily scalps with oiliness only There are no outstanding symptoms with this type If your hair feels oily around the night when you washed it in the morning I’d use shampoo for dry scalp in the morning,
and shampoo for oily scalp in the night Also, I’d shampoo and rinse a bit more thoroughly, in the right way Once that’s done, I’d dry my hair thoroughly with a cold wind If you want to know more about how to dry hair properly Search for TalmoSister’s daily homecare for hair loss video At the end of that video, I share tips on drying hair If this is the case for you;
greasy scalp but without any specific symptom, try changing the shampoo or how you shampoo bit by bit And if you feel like you are in control of the greasiness Go back to shampooing once every night Also, due to seasonal factors, Shampoo twice a day during the summer as it’s hot and the scalp produces more oil and shampoo once a day during the winter because of the dryness Like this, adjust accordingly depending on the type of scalp and the season Keep that in mind TalmoSister would manage it like this: Two: Seborrheic Scalp If I had a seborrheic scalp, I’d do everything I mentioned just then but add two more steps to it The key points for managing seborrheic scalp are exfoliation and daily home treatment I’d exfoliate once a week for 3 months And once the symptoms like itchiness or dandruff ease up after 3 months I’d do it once every 2 weeks, 3 weeks, a month… decrease the frequency like this over time And make sure to nourish and moisturise the scalp after you’ve exfoliated your scalp to keep it from drying If you don’t have any scalp tonic or moisturiser Applying a bit of aloe gel that do not have any hazardous ingredients will help Also, some of you might know this already, but many people don’t know that excessive production of oil/sebum means that the scalp is lacking in something Many people get this wrong Getting rid of sebum because there’s too much of it causes your body to produce even more of it Some people with oily scalps avoid applying anything on their scalps because they worry that it might make their scalps even more oily If that’s the case, get products that don’t make your scalp so oily And if your scalp still gets oily even with such products You just have to endure that for a period of time Because it’s your scalp itself that’s oily you just have to endure it until your scalp’s water/oil balance settles down Not applying anything because it feels oily won’t get any problem solved Furthermore, because I have sensitive and mixed scalp type, I perform some additional steps to nourish my scalp a bit more Firstly, I use natural moisturiser once or twice a week to nourish my scalp Secondly, I try to apply jojoba oil every night before shampooing my hair Thirdly, my scalp is a bit sensitive after the hair transplant and is a bit hot as well So I use aloe to treat it once a week TalmoSister would manage it like this: Three: Seborrheic dermatitis To be honest, for seborrheic dermatitis, especially if it’s severe and your scalp has a breakout, I don’t recommend you to treat it by yourself at home If there are no hospital or hair centres near you and cannot seek medical advice, you’ll have to try your best to treat it by yourself with the method’s I’ve told you But if that’s not the case, visit a nearby hair center or trichologist nearby and get it diagnosed first then treat it accordingly Especially if your itchiness is severe, get it treated by the experts whilst treating it at home at the same time The reason being that if you keep scratching and picking it because it’s itchy you’ll damage it more and it’ll heal very slowly So try the methods I’ve mentioned before one by one after your symptoms have eased up a bit By the way, the methods I share won’t apply to every single one of you Scalps are affected by numerous factors like lifestyle, diet, habit, symptoms, and etc So there’s no perfect answer to it So don’t blindly follow expert’s words Also, don’t leave it to the last minute When it comes to scalps, you’ll know your symptoms the best So try different methods and find the one that suits you the best You can’t be bothered? Then give up

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14 Replies to “이것만 고쳐도 탈모예방&지루성두피염 예방은 기본! #지성두피타입 두피관리방법! 지루성두피 & 지루성두피염 두피관리 지침서!”

  1. 안녕하세요 언니 영상 매번 도움받아 잘보고있어요 ㅎㅎ 저는 정수리탈모가있는데 만질때마다 통증보다는 너무 예민한느낌이듭니다 언니 영상보고 두피가 얇아졌다는걸 알았어요 ㅠㅠ 혹시 얇아진두피는 건강한두피로 돌아갈수없는건가요?

  2. 언니,,건성두피인데 mts 전에 스케일링 꼭 해야하나요ㅜㅠㅠ 머리가 더 자극되는 느낌이에요 호호바오일스케일링 대체해도 되려나요,,,

  3. 탈모언니 안녕하세요! 유익한 정보 감사합니당 ㅎㅎ! 꼭 실천해보도록 할게요! 그런데 겨울이라 그럴수도 있지만 현재 두피가 건조하게 갈라지는걸 보면 건성인거 같은데 여드름처럼 짜면 피지? 같은게 나와요ㅠㅠ 이게 지루성두피염인가요? 저는 지성두피일까요?

  4. 안녕하세요! 제가 클리닉에서 주 1회, 최근에는 월 1회 받고 있는데요 이제 집에서 관리해보려고 알려주신 방법대로 집에서 한번 해보았답니다 유분도 많이 없어지고 개운하고 깨끗해져서 잘 된줄 알았는데 헤어라인쪽에 안나던 통증있는 화농성여드름 같은게 하나 났어요 ㅠㅠ 뭐가 문제일까요 ㅠㅠ

  5. 언니 영상 감사해요 ㅠㅠ 지루성 두피라서 스켈링 집에서 해보려구 하는데 현재 로게인폼도 사용중이거든요. 스켈링하고나서 로게인폼 발라도 상관없는거죠? 너무 건조해지지 않을까요..? 두피토닉도 함께 사용하는 건 어떨까요..?

  6. 저번에 일회용 엠티에스가 그닥이라고 했던 기억이나서 그런데 탈모언니가 쓰는mts롤러는 어떤건가요?

  7. 밤에 자다가도 간지러워서 깼을 정도로 심한 지루성두피염이였습니다! 너무 간지러워서 머리 긁는게 습관이어서 맨날 진물나오고 뾰류지 나고 빨갛게 두피가 일어났었는데
    1. 머리 안 긁기 간지러워도 최대한 참기
    2. 수부지 두피여서 건성용 탈모샴푸로 바꾸기
    3. 두피 스케일링, 두피 팩 하기
    이렇게 한지 일주일밖에 안됐는데 간지럼증, 두피 빨간거, 진물, 각질 너무 좋아졌어용
    진짜 몇년간 고생한게 바보같을 정도였습니다.. 꼭 이렇게 해보세요 ㅠㅠ

  8. 안녕하세요! 전날 저녁 머리감고 다음날 오후쯤 두피가 약간 오일리해지면 지성일까요? ㅠㅠ 좀 애매해서요~~ 언니 영상보고 호호바오일 매일 해줬더니 정수리 냄새?가 사라지는 신기한 경험을 했어요.. ㅎㅎ 원래 오후쯤되면 두피냄새 제가 느낄정도로 났었는데.. ㅎㅎ

  9. 언니 심한 정수리냄새 때문에 너무 스트레쓰 받아요ㅠㅠ 완전 지성+지루성있는데 샴푸 뭘로 써야할까요ㅠㅠㅠ 새벽내내 영상다 보고 호호바랑 같이 시키려구요ㅠㅠㅠ

  10. 저혹시 지루성두피염이 있는데 펌가능할까요??
    두피에 파마약 안닿고 지루성피부염이 심하지도 않구ㅠㅠ 고민중이예요

  11. 안녕하세요 탈모언니! 영상 잘 보고 있습니다 ~ 제가 탈모언니 영상을 보고서 탈모인 것 같다고 느껴지면 바로 병원을 가서 진단을 받아보라는 말씀에 가까운 병원 갓거든요. 그런데 가르마 탄 사진 헤어라인 사진여러군데 사진 촬영도 하고 그 두피 확대해서 보는 걸로 여러군데 봐서 밀도 검사도 하고 하시더니 여성탈모는 아닌 것 같다고 하시더라구요. 제가 정수리 앞쪽 머리 숱이 조금 없어지는 것 같고 측두부 쪽도 숱이 없다고 하니깐 측두부는 원래 밀도가 적다고 숱이 많지가 않대요. 그래서 결국 아무 약처방도 안받고 그냥 영양제? 그런것도 구입 안하고 나왔거든요. 그런데 제가 느끼기엔 전보다 머리카락이 좀 얇아진 것같고 숱도 좀 줄었다고 생각하는데 …. 다른 병원을 몇군데 더 다녀봐야할까요? 보통 탈모 검사를 이런 식으로 진행하는지 ,,, 아니면 다른 병원들은 다른 기기나 그런 것들로 더 자세히 검사하는 지 궁금하네요.

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