🎀 Laço Gravatinha duplo c/ pontas / DIY Ribbon bows Hair

🎀 Laço Gravatinha duplo c/ pontas / DIY Ribbon bows Hair

Hi people!!
all good with you good for those who don’t know my name is Suelen. So, be very
welcome to the channel and step by step today this cutie here
thinking so cute in the easy bar to do okay it’s very easy as well
simple neighbor so any beginner can do alone which is a
double tie is with spikes this maximum the corner and will receive a
mommy’s order okay she asked me some pee and it’s a model that
I still hadn’t done it as I remember that julie asked july for help to
who does not know is the administrator of las eiras group in action is there in
facebook she asked for help with a model look very good so i decided
bring to you despite being a simple bow, right?
many girls who have difficulty in time to make the lace
so I came here to show you be a tutorial very quickly and well
simple ok so here we go let the our maximum here we stay
dating him and come on to do that so we’re going to need the tape
number 5 ok i’m working with blood mark which is 22 millimeters
there are some brands that work with 25mm won’t make a difference
okay two pieces with 13 centimeters is in two pieces with 13 centimeters
these two little pieces with 13 centimeters will be for the top bow and one for
the tip the other piece with 15 centimeters is this one is just one
piece with 15 centimeters this one will be for the bow
low we will also need a pout of
duck with the one I’m using is the four centimeters is good it has
exactly four centimeters is a great size up to four and a half you can
be using ok and prisons to help
so here we go the first thing i I will make
the little bow we will assemble there so the and after assembling we go
aligned everything together so the bottom of above the ends
found the center i will make a traverse half a centimeter for each
right side I’ll put a clip ensure this fold and it does not
undo it looks like this let’s find the center because with a lighter same process the let’s do a halfway through here
centimeter here when fitting a so about the other
we are not going to put one on top of the other we’re going to put the little one like that
low is half a centimeter down one tape from the other mare my loop
learning everything is fine on the other side the same thing here
take care ok the tapes need to stay all mice everything stuck now we’re going to do our
tip the girls touch with a little piece of 13 we feel I’m going
do i’m going to flip this tip like that no making a movement to see seeing O did
ov right here look
we’re going to make an opening left left media here to see how it goes
stay he has to stay more or less on
here half of the tape and so that if you make a very closed shaft
op it will be higher on the tape you see with more on top so how is it
that you will know the openness to see yourself here where is right he will stay more
or less in the middle of the tape the tip of the v
will be down here opening the v and the top will be approximately
half tape ok this is the correct opening here
to our bow and surprise that get my needle for us to do
align I must only accept because my view it was touquinho I went to read
it decreases one end learn here i will get my wife
my line I forgot I came back lined up you have to pay
enough attention from this to a few dots here what I’m doing
look how cute I am going to do in several colors or girls we want him
stay with this little hill here seeing
so you have to pay close attention attention it basting okay let’s go the needle will go from the bottom up and
bottom-up cannot start from top to bottom ok otherwise it won’t do
that little hill he wants is I’m just taking a little party here
the nozzle and I don’t want to catch catch out of bikin Look, I’m already here from hellish I’ll just get it here in
also on the tip that look and little dot we’ll get outside look it was like tannins on that side
it was like this side here just a two dots here holding the
first point I didn’t take the bowl tape in Africa clumsy at the time of many
girls don’t understand the tip gets raised is crooked because we get
she on the line when she pulls she pulls together and it loses the format, so it’s not
this is what we want now that I’m going frown my stitches are
is in what I pulled the frown he did that little hill here in the middle which is what
we are fine so let’s go give my droplets here and let’s
finalize ours so here i will show you a little trick too
for those who don’t have tape number with a good which is my case I’m without the number tape
one so i’m going to show you how I made my submission here in the middle
because tape number 2 it got thick too much is too thick are you ready for the girls our bow
look at the cutie that looks very cute right and if it’s like this is the
next you can also put it on cleaning that makes people beautiful to live
now I’m going to round mine dots I look at an attack in the middle and
round here or decrease in the corner making it bigger here in the center ok kinda with the same eyepiece and agents her well not to run the
ribbon risk is parading look that cuteness people I will face my beak
duck I forgot for a change now girls i will apply here my
little duck and I will show you how do I finish my work there
the middle to be very thin is here a bow the duckbill will fit
here look where there is this union here ok the tip with a bow then
practically that ugly finish here look it disappears at the back of the no
slap duck beak appears so that’s where sometimes the mother even thinks
pointing is not separate from the loop because you can’t see the finish okay
cute whoever has tape number 1
Okay, I don’t have, there’s only tape number two and I thought she was
too coarse for this tie then what do I do I bring the tape here look
safe with my little finger here less in the middle I turn she can see
giruá iwata and if that finish but thin here in the middle of selling a
little detail and it gets thinner it gets very thick
ok this is how i’m doing it for dad to make up for the lack of my number tape
1 ok I’ll hold right here I will I’ll finish
it like that so that’s it girls look at the cuteness that
it was ours like that I found it very cute very easy to make a great option
for those who are starting it is spent very little tape and we can have a
very nice profit ok I’m charging $ 8 in the unit and $ 16 90 holly ok
I will leave you all information here in the video description
a big kiss to you all and even the next video bye

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