👉 How to Treat Damaged Hair 👈 with Apple Cider Vinegar 🍎

hello everyone thanks so much for coming
by the Beauty Room today I have some great information about Apple Cider
Vinegar (ACV) today now Apple Cider Vinegar is the most
versatile thing that you would have in your cupboard that will help you for
your body you can use it on so many with so many applications you can use it for
a foot soak you can use it for skin care like as a toner you can use it in your
hair you can use it for so many things it’s a
wonderful versatile thing now today we’re going to be talking about Apple Cider Vinegar for your hair so Apple Cider
Vinegar has a pH level of 4.5 now
that’s really good because when you use things on your skin you want to have the
pH level around four point five five because you don’t want to disrupt the
acid mantle of your skin once you start disrupting that acid mantle again what
happens is that you can have broken capillaries you can have rashes you can
have hot flushes all sorts of things can happen to your skin when you do that so
you have to be really careful when you’re using things on your face what
the more especially home stuff what the acid mantle is most products commercial
products they’re all pH balanced because everyone knows you need a pH balance on
your face you cannot be as I said you can’t be using soap for instance so has
an alkaline is more an alkaline level and again that’s why you get the dry
flakiness and you might get a bit of a rash and all that sort of thing because
it’s not formulated for your face so you do need to be aware of that so the first
thing I want to talk to you about is apple cider vinegar just as a rinse on
your hair so you can get some Apple Cider Vinegar get a jug that you might
mix you food with or something a new jug or something like that put a cup of
Apple Cider
Vinegar in it and then put two cups of water now you can use spring
water normal water tap water whatever water you want to use but generally you
would use spring water because it’s softer on the skin mix it together and
once you’ve finished washing your hair and cleaning your hair all you need to
do is run that through your scalp and your
here and let it sit there for a while let it all just run through so when you
do it you’d be just bit slowly tipping it over your hair you’d be bunching up
your hair cupping up the Apple Cider
Vinegar and water into it and mixing it through now you’ll find that you have your hair will
be amazingly soft okay it will be incredibly soft and can incredibly
conditioned when you do that so that’s the first thing that you can do to help
your hair help the other thing I do want to say is that don’t ever try to mix
baking soda into your hair not with anything baking soda is a really harsh
thing that you can use on your face or your hair so or your teeth so I’m really
a bit anti baking soda because whilst it can be used in cooking applications if
you’re using it in an application for your body it can be quite harsh on your
body and it can upset again the pH balance because it’s more on the
alkaline side so it can upset the pH balance it does have a pH balance of
about 9 so it’s on the very high alkaline side and again we want to keep
things you know in the middle so it doesn’t upset it so I personally would
not use any baking soda on my hair my face or my teeth because it can be quite
corrosive so that was just a little a side thing because some people want to
use baking soda and I’m just letting you know now personally I wouldn’t use it so
another recipe that you can use with Apple Cider Vinegar and to cleanse your
scalp is Peppermint and Rosemary Oil mixed with Apple Cider
Vinegar now Peppermint and Rosemary are fantastic for cleansing your scalp and cleansing
your hair sometimes what happens we have this buildup on our hair well you know
whatever you put into it you might put hair spray it into it it’s thick you
know the outside elements at all O’Hara she takes it all in and this will really
help just take back all of those things that are stuck in your hair and your
scalp you would use half a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar 1/2 a cup of spring water
get a sprig of rosemary leaves and throw them in and I mean a sprig just about
that big not like massive a amounts you can then bring all that to boil and
let that steep a bit let that simmer a bit so it releases the rosemary leaves
aroma when it starts to cool down a bit then drop a couple of drops two drops of
Rosemary Oil and two drops of Peppermint Oil now what that’s going to do you mix
it all up take away strain the you know the the
leaves off and all of that mix it all in together and what this is going to do
when you put this through your scalp on your hair it absolutely going to help
clean the scalp number one and number two what it’s going to do is help cool
the scalp the peppermint oil will help cool the scalp down because a lot of
heat radiates through our scalp and Peppermint Oil will just serve to bring
that heat down a bit and cool it off a bit it’s a wonderful feeling I use
Peppermint Oil and most my scalp and it does cool it right down and it just
takes away that that heat away from you and the pressure that sometimes you
feel on your scalp the other thing it will do is start running through your
hair again mix it through your hair just gently mix it through your hair
let’s sit there for maybe 10 minutes and then rinse it off and you will find it
will be amazing you know all these things for the hair especially essential
oils and Apple Cider Vinegar it’s just there to help make her hair look
absolutely amazing so the last thing I have for you is an Oil Infusion using
Apple Cider Vinegar as well for your hair now sometimes your hair if it’s
really dry and you can do this even if your hair’s not dry it’s just a
beautiful thing to do is you need to infuse it with oil just like your face
your skin it sort of reminds me of you know like it that when you have a
leather chair and you’re you rub linseed oil into it that’s what you’re basically
doing for your face is keeping oil and your hair and keeping it nice and supple
just like you would a leather chair but anyway that’s just an aside but a recipe
that you can use for your hair for to keep it beautifully soft and to keep it
hydrated and and feeling fantastic is apple cider avocado oil and coconut
oil so what you would do is you’d use four tablespoons of Apple Cider
Vinegar you can use the pulp of an avocado if you wish and puree it up if you would
like to do that then use a quarter of cup of avocado oil and 1/4 of cup of
coconut oil mix it all together and my idea to do is to warm it up because once
you warm this up and put it on your hair it will feel amazing so once it’s warmed
up not too it’s too hot where you can’t use it but to a lukewarm just above
lukewarm take it out and first massage it into your scalp all over your scalp
okay once you do that what that’s going to do is going to clear off all the this
scum and grime and all the dandruff and all the outside elements all the
pollution it’s going to help clear all that away then start massaging it into
your hair and by that I mean grab your hair and massage it gently or scrunch it
up into your hair and then get a afro comb and you can tell how old I am
because we call them afro combs the back then but one of those big square
combs with big teeth gently comb it through get some cling wrap
wrap your head with it and sit down and watch telly or relax or sit outside or
do something for at ten or fifteen minutes now what that’s going to do is
the heat of your body is going to start infusing into the scalp and then into
the hair then once you have finished in 10 or 15 minutes don’t shampoo it off
gently do your normal conditioning you won’t even know your hair you won’t even
know it okay go try it for me and come back and tell me because your hair will
be incredible what it does is it it just tames it down it
what this does is actually it lets the follicles on the head it lays them down
the follicle rather than when they’re all sitting up and all out of shape and
crazy which makes it look fuzzy it lays the follicles down and when the
follicles on the hair laid and brings health that brings shininess
you’re able to control it better so this would be something very very useful for
people with fine hair with crazy hair with curly hair with dry hair it’s
something for you that you would be able to do on it’s that day afternoon just as
a self pampering thing so guys I really hope these are something that you can
use something really practical that you can use for your hair and something that
will really make your hair feel amazing because if we’ve got crazy hair or we
don’t like out here it really does affect the way we feel about ourselves
so guys go and give that a go for me and I hope it makes you feel better
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