3Ds Max Tutorial: Modelling a Tennis Ball

3Ds Max Tutorial: Modelling a Tennis Ball

Hey Guys!!! In this tutorial, we are gonna make a Tennis Ball in 3ds max I am going to use the 2010 version of 3Ds Max. You can use any version, and it’s going to be same Let’s start by going into Perspective view with ALT-W And in the Create Menu, we are going to select Box Let’s create a Box in the viewport. Let’s change the Length, Width and Height. But before that make sure you have Centimeter as your unit To Change you will have to come to Customize in the Top. Now let’s go to Units Setup…. Over here, we must select Metric and then…Centimeters Now Click on OK Now let’s change the Length, Width and Height. We are going to change the Box into a Cube. Let’s give Length of 100. Width of 100. And Heigth to 100. And we are going to change Length Segments to 2. Width segments to 2. And Height segments to 2. Now lets’s click F4(on your keyboard) So you can see these Edges(wireframe) Now go to Modifier Panel, and click on Modifier List. In the Modifier List, we are going to search for SPHERIFY. So click S(on your keyboard) There it is…. Click on Spherify. Now you may see the Box turn into a kind of Sphere Now let’s right click the box, and Convert to, Convert to Editable Poly. Now Click on the Plus(+) sign. And Vertex. Let’s go to front view now. Click F(on your keyboard) We are goint to select these two vertex. Select both these. Now we are going to bring these vertex towards the center. So Select the Scale tool( Select and Uniform tool) And then we are going to scale it of X=60 Now you may see that X is going 62 or 64…. So we have to select Percent Snap Toggle. And when you scale now, it is going to be in 10s… Like 60, 70 and 80…. So let’s go to X of 60. And we must leave it like that. Now we’ll have to go to back view…. So click over here(Front) and…Back So you would be in the back view now. Now we are going to select both these vertex The vertical ones… And then we are going to reduce the height It’s gonna be Y axis of 60. Click Percent Snap Toggle to exit it. Now we are going to click ALT-W So we could see all these Viewports…. In the Top Left viewport, we are going to go to Back view. So click over here, and….Back. Click F3 and F4(on your keyboard) In here, we are going to go to Front view…. Let’s click F3 and F4(on your keyboard) We are going to leave this in Left view. Click on F3(on your keyboard) You would see these lines(wireframes) Now we have to go to Perspective Viewport. in this viewport…. Now in the Back view view, click on Edge tool. And then we should select all the Horizontal edges. Select these edges… Same in the Bottom…. Now in the Front view, we are going to select these Vertical edges…. So we must select this and continue downwards…. Do same to the left side…. Make sure you dont select the middle edges, or else its not gonna come perfectly. Select only the sides… In the Left view, you must see something like this If you could see other edges selected, you must redo selection. We must go to Perpective view now…. We should enter Perspective view with ALT-W And…we are going to CHAMFER it. So over here, we are going to click on the box right next to Chamfer. And we are going to give 2.5 as Chamfer amount and segments to 1. And click on OK. Now you could see that, we have selected edges which is going to rotate around the box. But we would leave a little part over here…. And thats gonna be it. We are going to Chamfer again. Select the Box near Chamfer. This time we are going to give 0.5 of Chamfer Amount. Click on OK now. That’s fine… Now click on Editable Poly In the modifier List, search for TURBOSMOOTH. So click T(on your keyboard) and you may see Turbosmooth. It’s gonna be a little smoother. We are going to change iterations to 2. So Iterations is the Effect of Turbosmooth… We are going to give 2. And it must look like that. Now we are going to exit it. Exit the sphere(box). click on the background. Let’s reclick it(box), and then we are going to go to modifier list and click S to search for Spherify. Its here…. click on it. (SPHERIFY, not Sphere) So now it is going to be in a smooth shape. Now let’s go back to modifier list. Let’s click E on our keyboard. And search for Edit Poly. Let’s select it. Click on Edge tool. Now we are going to this particular view in our viewport… We are going to select an edge right in the middle of these bunch of edges. Make sure you are in the right view….. Bring the view over here. Now we are going to select the 4th edge. We are going to have to count it. select the 4th or the 5th edge. Now click on the Loop tool in Selection menu. Now due to loop, all the connected edges are selected. We dont actually need the edges, but instead we need the Polygons which are next to the selected edges. So we must click on this Polygon symbol with CTRL. So now all these polygons are selected instead of edges. Now click on Grow in selection menu. TWICE. So we would select these polygons around the box. Now you may get idea of what we are actually doing.. These Polygons are gonna make the lines of Tennis ball. Now we are gonna Bevel these Polygons. You must click on the Box next to Bevel. We have to change it to LOCALNORMAL instead of GROUP. We need height in Negative. So we could make height of Negative 1. We need a inner bulge, so we can Outline amount of negative 0.5. Let’s click on OK when you finish it. Now it is not detailled at all. We could see the edges. So let’s go to Modifier List and….Turbosmooth. Let’s exit to see the Result. And thats perfect. This is gonna be the basic model of a tennis ball. You can change the color. But the important part is actually the Texturing, because only texturing adds the imprtant details. I am going to make another video for Texturing this tennis ball so it could be easier for you. So visit my channel and search the video Tennis Ball texturing…. And as always…Thanks for watching, Subscribe and click on the NOTIFICATION BELL for weekly content.

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