5 Easy Barbie Doll Hairstyles Tutorial

5 Easy Barbie Doll Hairstyles Tutorial

Kelsey: Hey guys, it’s Kelsey! Today, i’m going to be showing you how to do five easy Barbie doll hairstyles. All you’re going to need is water, a comb, clear hair elastics, and the doll of your choice! In case you’re wondering – throughout the video what this random thing is, this is called a “doll head styling stand” These are great for rerooting and styling doll hair. Plus it makes it a lot easier for me to show you guys what I’m doing without the doll flip-flopping all around. Our first hairstyle is the Ariana. Yes, very much inspired by Ariana Grande. Starting off, I always make sure the doll’s hair is combed out nicely with no tangles Make sure to comb the ends of the hair first and work your way up Separate a small piece of hair in the front Next take all of the hair from the front – – minus the piece that we separated, plus another row of hair plugs behind that, and pull it all back into a ponytail To create the half-up-half-down look Spray the hair with water to keep down some of the flyaways Doll hair and water are pure magic. I always have this little spray bottle next to me at all times This next part is optional and a little tricky If you don’t want the elastic to show on the ponytail what I do is I take a piece of hair right by the elastic Go around the elastic, and tie it into a knot Then I take the strand and loop it through the elastic so it stays in place and Make sure to tighten the ponytail again, it’s optional and I actually don’t mind the rubber band to show but it does give it a more seamless look and This is the Ariana! Next up is the “Potato” Otherwise known as a simple bun but potato sounds better around here It has been requested a few times for me to do a tutorial on this hairstyle I’ve done on quite a few of my dolls in my videos my sister actually taught me how to do this hairstyle when we’re a little and I remember the first time she did it. I thought she was a wizard! Start by slicking back the hair pulling it up kind of like troll hair into a high ponytail Sometimes you can also get this to work without putting this extra ponytail in all you’re going to do is twist the hair around into a bun and Secure it with another elastic If you have any stray hair sticking out just tuck them underneath the bun Yes, they can be very pesky at times If you’re struggling you can use a small amount of hair gel to keep them down Or spritz them with some water it really depends on the doll and how many layers she has in her hair. The real magic of the potato though is – – definitely not to be perfect! Even though this is kind of a perfect bun. This is the “Potato”! Next up is the Jojo so I’m going to show you two different versions to this since the first one is pretty super baby easy Also, I just got this doll. She’s very pretty. She’s one of the new Dreamtopia mermaids (princess, oops) for the classic Jojo hair style Start by combing the hair back into the side Then ponytail it with an elastic very super baby easy If you want you can add a bow by tying some ribbon around the elastic More so than Barbie, I would do this hairstyle on Stacie But I think it looks really cute and it could even be a cheerleader look. This is the “Jojo”! For my version the “Jojo version two”, I’m going to make the side ponytail much lower and – – leave out some hair. On oth sides separate the last hair plugs by her ear And a piece of hair in the front Wrap the piece in the front behind her ear and secure the hair into a ponytail Still keeping those two other pieces out Just like the Ariana this is optional. You can wrap a small section of hair from the back tie it in a knot and loop it back into the elastic to create a wraparound ponytail and This is the Jojo version two – pretty easy to do! I like the look of tucking the hair behind the ear and leaving some out to give it more of a messy-ish, – but stylish ponytail look. The fourth hairstyle is the Erika Inspired by Erika from the Barbie movie Princess and the Pauper I learned how to do this hairstyle from the actual Erika Barbie doll. I will be showing you at two different versions of this one as well First take the section of hair right above your doll’s ear and braid it Set the braid aside and section off two pieces of the hair from the front Just like the Ariana take a section of hair and ponytail it’s to create a half up half down look Next, remove the elastic from your braids and pull it over to create a braided headband Take the two pieces of hair in the front along with the braid and tie them together in the back with an elastic The other version is to just skip the ponytail and you have a simple braided headband hairstyle. and this is the Erika! My last hairstyle is the “Fish” which is a fishtail braid This is one of my favorites to do even on my own hair start by pulling your doll’s hair back into a ponytail Whether you want it to the side or the back It’s up to you! If you want to give it a more messier look you can leave some of the hair out in the front as well next, section the ponytail into two pieces Take a piece from each side and cross them over in the middle Keep going all the way down until you’ve reached the end And secure it with an elastic Then I like to take out the upper elastic. This doll has a good amount of layers in her hair So you might see some flyaways sticking out. I do like the messy look of this hairstyle though and This is the “Fish” Comment down below which hairstyle from this video was your favorite! Don’t forget to subscribe with notifications on and give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it I’ve been doing the Erika and Ariana hairstyles a lot recently and You can see a few of them in my new Life with Barbie episode You can follow me on Instagram @EverythingDolls to see my doll photography also Be sure to log on to my website everything-dolls.com to check out the latest giveaway! I love you guys, and as always, I’ll see you in my next video. Bye!

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100 Replies to “5 Easy Barbie Doll Hairstyles Tutorial”

  1. ✂️ Hairstyle Guide:

    The "Ariana" – 0:39

    The "Potato" – 2:26
    The "Jojo" – 3:55

    The "Erika" – 6:08

    The "Fish" – 8:22

    Thanks for watching! 😊💕 If you try out any of these hairstyles, I'd love to see it! Post a picture on Instagram and tag me! @EverythingDolls

  2. Honestly I don't have a fav hairstyles I love my hair and I love Ariana Grande+that hairstyle but I love the fish braid but lazy me I do not have the time,Jojo Siwa my sis loves but I simply cannot choose between one & the potato well that's obviously magic🔮 I just love all these & I want to do all these all hairstyles on all my dolls
    Like if u agree❤👍

  3. Oh shoot I forgot Erika so when she said Erika I was like Erika from Rock'nRoyals but then she said Princess and the Pauper I was like Oh oh yeah I knew that😅 + I love it too, I love how u can change up the hairstyles + I like that braid on her head & all of these because these are like tutorials at least one of them I was willing to know how to do these hairstyles so thx
    + her skits are so cool ❤

  4. Hi i was just wondering what made to move body the doll you used to demonstrate the potato was on (cause i have that fashionista doll and i would love to put here on a made to move body)

  5. If I attempt to do the “potato” myself, I’ll end up having to rage quit 🙂 I’m super annoyed when it comes to quit and when it doesn’t look good 😂

  6. I don’t know if you did this but can you try to cut bangs for one of your dolls!
    If you do can I have a shout out in the video

  7. Wooooow but ummm all off My barbies have short hair and realy rangled becuse i didnt care about My barbie's before but NOW I DO!

  8. I'm a grandmother to an 8 year old girl. I was a doll hair styler when I was young. I am thrilled to have videos like yours to go back on for me to use with my granddaughter. We are just beginning to explore doll together. Thanks!

  9. Wait I’m confused, guys go to the YouTube search bar, type everything dolls. Then click her channel and go into videos start scrolling down some, why does some videos have “CC” instead of the time they were made? I’m confused and a bit scared???

  10. My favorite is the Ariana because this hairstyle looks nice and simple, but I think that all the dolls look amazing with their own hairstyles and you are very talented in doing those doll transformations.

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