5 Minute French Girl Makeup Tutorial | Parisian Chic

5 Minute French Girl Makeup Tutorial | Parisian Chic

hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my
channel for today’s video I’m so excited to be
working with L’Oreal Paris again today to celebrate the launch of the new Karl
Lagerfeld in L’Oreal Paris collection this has been out for quite a while in
Europe and I was lucky enough to go to Paris Fashion Week with L’Oreal Paris
and go to the launch party so I’ve been patiently waiting for this collection to
finally come to North America and it’s here so for today’s video I’m gonna show
you how to get this effortless French girl look using the collection as well
as some of my other favourite L’Oreal Paris products and to finish off the
look of course I went all out with stripes a beret in faux bangs but this
look on its own is really gorgeous in person because it is with a light hand I
hope you guys enjoy this video if you do make sure you give it a thumbs up and
subscribe for more videos like this and let’s get into it I’ve already moisturized I’m gonna add
one of my all-time favorite foundations the L’Oreal Paris True Match Lumi
healthy luminous foundation I love this one because you can thin it out with a
brush and as long as you’ve found your match you can use it in areas that you
might want some coverage or treat it like a tinted moisturizer
I feel like quick and easy looks you might think to use BB creams or tinted
moisturizers but I usually just have one medium coverage foundation that I love
and then just vary the application of it my skin steps are the longest part of my
routine I feel like a true French woman often would go completely natural on the
skin but this is my inspired look and I’m gonna dial it back but still I am
opting for a higher coverage concealer this is the L’Oreal Paris infallible
full wear concealer I love to add a brightening effect to my chin cheekbones
under the eyes to brighten up and I really like blending in the concealer
with my fingers it takes away some of the excess product and blends easier in
those more delicate areas I never skip out on contour but I’m making the
process for this look more like 20 seconds so with the L’Oreal Paris
infallible long wear foundation shaping stick in tan we’re gonna bring some
warmth dimension to the face and this will be my substitute for blush
all-in-one we’re buffing onto the cheekbones with this cream product and
instead of using it straight from the tube I like to put it on a brush just a
bit more foolproof than directly applying it and then I’m fading the
shade onto my cheeks to kind of mature is my face in this section touch of the L’Oreal Paris infallible
Pro matte powder in the t-zone I still want the skin looking like skin but I
did want a matte finish today I’m still doing a lot of the makeup steps that I
normally would but just doing it quicker and more if I barely their way so for
brows I’m adding a couple strokes of the L’Oreal Paris brow stylist definer in
brunette in the front of the brow a couple of strokes on the tail and then
brushing through with the spoolie of course you can totally skip the brows if
you have bangs but brows early do what frame the face if you don’t have bangs
so I thought it would include it and you can add some faux freckles with this
product to add more of a natural vibe my skin looks quite good on camera but I do
have some very small bumps so I like to add a little freckle in any of those
areas for a bit of camouflage and now let’s add a touch of Carl Carl had such
an impact on the world as a prolific designer in the Karl Lagerfeld and
L’Oreal Paris collection it’s a celebration of two iconic brands
connected by their Parisian heritage this is a modern take on French beauties
so we’re going to start out with the eye contour palette I’m only using three of
these shades to quickly define the eye a sweep of light peach over the lid a matte medium brown through the crease
I like to blend this all the way up to the brow bone as a very subtle contour
and then I picked up the middle shade and I faded this under the bottom
lashline and even this minimal shadow does really make the eyes pop and these
shadows are sheer so if you’re on the go you’re not gonna have to spend a ton of
time blending especially if you choose colors that are similar to your skin
tone and similar in shade but there is an option to go for more of a rocker
look with the deeper shades now for graphic liner I decided to go for a bit
of a Jane Birkin with the liner style and tilts downwards keeping it super
close to the lash line this is the Karl Lagerfeld and L’Oreal Paris graphic
liner also added three tiny lines under for
extended lashes and iconic Carl quote is tomorrow I could be the opposite of what
I am today so a fun approach to makeup is to switch it up subtly and try
something new when I see French Beauty icons I’m inspired to take what I
naturally have and rock the most unique feature so I love playing with this
liner for fun don’t like effect to accentuate my round eyes back to the
look I’m adding a coat of the Karl Lagerfeld and L’Oreal Paris at mascara
for bold black lashes let’s bring in the highlighter compact this gives a
gorgeous goddess glow I love the packaging of these they’re a tribute to
Carl’s uniquely Parisian aesthetic monochrome shades of black and white
with the late designer’s signature on there and the lips the lipsticks are my
favorite part of this collab I’m not big on Pink’s I usually go for brown tones
but I was pleasantly surprised by this gorgeous color riche lipstick in the
shade cultured with a cave these are super comfortable to wear and instead of
using a lip liner and a harsh lip line I’m blotting the shade onto my lips for
light wash of color so here’s the fresh modern Parisian look and since we
skipped the bold 60s crease that Jane Birkin wears I feel like the eye is
still quite natural and a red lip won’t be overkill but a perfect mix of French
inspo moderate and classic at the same time so let’s try a read from the
collection this lipstick is called provocative and when you apply straight
from the tube you get a bold true red but again I went with the lipstick
blotted and smudged building up the color slightly to look more worn in all
six lipsticks in this collection have vitamin E and argan oil to hydrate and
condition while making the statement comment below if you prefer the pink lip
or the red lip and I love how this whole look turned out I paired it with my
favorite long sleeve fit a turtleneck beret and this matching striped and lip
printed scarf and clef set which totally reminds me of the launch party I hope you’ve enjoyed this Prejean chic
makeup look and if you did make sure you give it a thumbs up as always and hit
that subscribe button so that you don’t miss any of these at quick and wearable
tutorials when I was planning this look originally I was gonna do this high
ponytail with it which I did end up doing another tutorial on so you can
definitely end this look with the nude lip and a ponytail or you can go full up
with faux bangs and a brave however you style it I’m sure to look great and I
would love to see you wearing this look so be sure to tag me on Instagram and
Twitter if you try it out I love featuring you in my videos and thanks
again to L’Oreal Paris for sponsoring today’s video and taking me on the trip
of a lifetime I got to go to Paris Fashion Week with
the brand and the Karl Lagerfeld at launch party so if you want to check out
that whole experience I do have a second vlog channel or you can check it out and
I’ll see you guys in my next one you

🦋Escucha a tu corazón, no te rindas, ese dolor que hoy sientes en tu interior, se irá

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