$50,000 1943 Copper Penny Found?! SUPER RARE

$50,000 1943 Copper Penny Found?! SUPER RARE

holy crap if one of our subscribers just sent us up $50,000 penny [Music] good morning beautiful people it is Monday morning and we are about to go on an adventure but before we do that me and Gina head out of here let’s go check on the crew and see what they’re up to we’re getting right after this video eight o’clock tonight we have an auction closing with all these fantastic items of mine and lunker’s and packy Magoo so don’t forget you’ve seen this stuff a hundred times I’m not gonna show it to you again except right here so make sure to go to the link down below and bid on stuff it all starts at a buck and we do offer shipping or you can come here and get local pickup all right let’s go find the crew now and that way means you can get out of here and go do what we need to do what what’s the plan that they needed to know which ones we’re missing oh that’s all right that’s all I need to know all right guys so we are they are back here doing shipping these are all the comics so they’re pulling those Katie’s pretend like she’s working Jacobs pretend like he’s watching her pretend like he’s watching her work and I don’t even know what this what are you doing on this don’t Doc’s people don’t Doc’s people y’all date move y’all look at that oh dude if you would have fell I would totally we got this I remember that time we were out of town somewhere and I was sitting in the u-haul and you’re walking and you just tripped on your own two feet it was so funny anyway so hey check it out guys look pay your bills I’m not trying to be mean listen so the whole shipping thing is kind of automated right and I know it can be difficult for new people and a lot of stuff goes to spam so but hey check it out so once you pay your normal invoice if you’re out of state the last sale was 65% out of state guys that is ridiculous we used to do about 20 to 30% and since YouTube it’s got ridiculous make sure to check that spam and if you have a second invoice not your auction invoice but your shipping invoice go there check that coz check it out y’all whoo we’re just waiting on payment to get these guys out of here which kind of slows down the rest of the process but again you guys are new to this we’re definitely new to so much out of state we’ve done out of state business for five years but this is getting ridiculous 70% so anyway is that what you are doing today yes all right and then you know we’re doing tomorrow pick it out well yaar didn’t pick up I’m going to auction alright guys so I picked these up it’s thrift giant right here in Garland Texas and so what I love about that thrift store is that their records are only forty five cents apiece which is great so I found a Rio Grande mutt with ZZ Top London records so definitely a killer 45 cents absolutely all day long so I know this isn’t worth a ton but this is more nostalgic and because we are huge Steve Martin fans around here oh by the way we’re at the house stay out of my penguin I actually found him in a thrift store and he’s been sitting there that’s how much time I don’t have to do stuff people tag still on it and I did find a Willie Nelson shotgun and there’s my low so anyway in there is shotgun Willie so together about a buck fifty spit and I’ll say auction twenty to thirty bucks oh no I don’t like that one no not that one not that one Redskins that mate yeah let’s go with it uh thirty to ninety hey am I am Foot Locker a thrift store forty two ninety-five you’ve lost your flippin mine oh I spent five bucks on this this is a old-school Mean Joe green number 75 Jersey and here’s the tag for you so I saw that tag and and knew was gonna grab if it was anything near what it was so five bucks super good deal I’m thinking 25 to 45 bucks at auction murica okay so here’s the two hats that I found and they’re not worth the ton and they are a little bit newer but hey we support our troops here at Grimes mines so anyway I found out Operation Iraqi Freedom and our two different hats one that says veteran on it and one does say it over here on the cap so anyway we filmed those I thought those were super cool so for two bucks I definitely think we’ll probably turn those into probably I’d say 20 bucks total okay so but what was really cool is I normally don’t do shoes and turf stores guys but it just seemed hey patriotic the theme kept continuing as a walk down the aisle I got these these are actually really nice shoe these are Nike Air Force Ones these are the Independence Day edition so these are really sweet y’all and these are clean door size 13 still got the the cloth tag in it they’re a little dirty but check it out I only spent 1491 guys I spent 15 bucks on these shoes and I really do I think these are gonna dress up beautifully the overall condition of the the shoe is great so I’m thinking that auction probably at least 50 to 75 bucks and what else is more American than puppy dogs right comer’s cow baby you say hi say hi to youtube say hi guys okay this is my load to the new people he’s our evil dog I still love him to death and this is my baby scale we’ve adopted both of these little wieners and anyway what else is more American than puppy dogs and got rooks so Gina found a couple of t-shirts she got this for 99 cents I’ve told you guys anytime you can find concert t-shirts even if they’re newer they’re still gonna bring a premium so I think Garth Brooks stadium tour that’s a great find and she also found this one keep Austin weird support your local businesses Austin is weird man is full of weird it was like that one guy what’s his name life after Jason Bohn I think I figured somebody around here if we weren’t in the Dallas Market I definitely would say probably no that’s not gonna be a great eBay item but because we’re local when we have a huge local following that’s gonna do good so I saved 3 bucks total on the t-shirt and I’m guessing 15 bucks on that one ok so the first one I’m gonna try to do this one-handed I actually picked this out this was the lovely art glass just a little you know I don’t know what would you call that y’all let me know not the chitchat down in the comments down below so I can go back and check what would you say what would you what would be a good description for this bad boy all I knew is it was beautiful and it really did it felt quality so anyway I paid 2 bucks for that bad boy so guys so far we got a people are honest but not in the chit chat down in the comments below let me know thumbs up thumbs down for a 40 dollar investment ok so I picked up these there’s actually a pair of them I’m only gonna unwrap one I did also find these you think that Gina found this stuff but just look at this face it’s definitely hand painted it’s got like a frosted green glass on the bottom I paid about 99 and I’m really digging this looks like it’s got some gold leaf embellishments on it but that’s just it to me that’s a beautiful vase anyway I got two of them for 4 bucks but Gina actually found this item inspired by her wonderful smart husband that’s what she would tell you but anyway so she found this vintage orange juice freaking pitcher and I just think it’s awesome it’s nostalgic to me because I remember these being around just when I was younger at friends houses at home wherever grandma’s house but so we paid two bucks for that and I know we’ve sold these at auction before and I guarantee you we’re probably gonna get anywhere from probably 12 to 25 bucks for that okay and here’s another great item so look I paid five bucks for this but white tags were 50% off and so I actually got this for two dollars and 50 cents so I don’t ask me why I know this is just from years of researching collectible toys and all that kind of stuff but it’s any time I see this figure on a watch if you want let me go let me know down in the comments not to chitchat but who do you manage to give away no maybe that won’t that’ll be your hint let me know down in the chit chat or you can do it right now who is that so anyway I know that this figure stuff can go for hundreds sometimes thousands and I know that because I personally sold it so anyway Sailor Moon so Sailor Moon stuff I saw this in the display it was like five bucks 50% off two dollars and fifty cents for a led Sailor Moon watch and sailor mate and this thing is like it looks brand-new didn’t even look like it was ever worn or anything so Sailor Moon and I could I’ve looked up some watches and seriously they go from usually 40 bucks to anywhere to like five to six seven hundred bucks but anyway so that was a great find I thought for five bucks alright guys so you let me know $40 total investment good deal bad deal not the chitchat down in the comments below let me know now stay tuned because we’re about to open fan mail which still sounds weird to me fan mail anyway somebody sent us the most coolest item ever and possibly the most expensive bring you fan mail alright so hey we’ve been sitting all these for a while darling pries from Massey – sheesh right and mr. Dean work from I don’t know marked it out why because this is the third time we’ve recorded this because I Doc’s did y’all so hey let’s just you can do all right so let’s open up this one first for mr. Dean alright maybe we’ll give it the old grime shake wrap other coins yeah but look that’s silver like Indian Head pennies look how fun please whoa hey these actually have silver on them y’all that’s cool 67 right so 65 to 69 it’s 40% woody percent silver how kind hold on let’s read this before he says that he wants them back okay holy crap if one of our subscribers just sent us a 50 thousand dollar penny okay I can’t read you this letter cuz there’s private information but this is from a subscriber who just sentences and yo look at this can you read that dear 19:43 can you read that on there what color is it copper right now none that we’re not in the chit chat over the comments Google 1943 copper penny right now yeah so look it came in this nice little case that we found wouldn’t my voice keep going up I don’t know hey look yo Saudis say 1947 to 1951 Penny’s okay which is really cool very nice right and then look we have silver half dollars these are 40 percent y’all oh look at these Indian Head pennies 1990 no 7 that’s a nice red color too but look at these Mercury dimes so this is probably one of my favorite dimes yeah this is a 1938 this is what you call a Mercury dime with that head on there this is what you probably mostly know is the Roosevelt dime alright and this one is how nice what the crap right now alone so this is a 1952 this is 1930 both 90% silver but just you’ll see the Roosevelt and the Mercury dime I don’t know man I just love the mercury yes one of my favorite coins out there alright so thank you Dean so anyway I am blown away guys right now so hey stay tuned I got to do some more research I got no I might dive anthrax maybe somebody sprinkled it in there like I know a 1943 copper will make it on the video let’s send that and then we’ll kill right I don’t know this is from darling priest some of you may have seen the video a little while back where we actually got a letter from Darlene she found out unfortunately that her mom had cancer and I think she actually might be sick as well is that right I’m sorry we deal with literally tens of thousands of people writing an email sin and but Darlene is one that has been stuck once and actually we read her her first letters that we got and I just the Holy Spirit led me to pray for right down there and so we did it and so that she is the one that wrote that okay so we have two notes hey you get a card and a note and that’s cool alright so Justin Gina first off I want to congratulate you all for 30,000 thank you getting done it without you guys good it’s not us it’s you guys thank y’all so much for tuning in hard work pays off I absolutely love you guys and wish I could go to your thrift store maybe someday I will do a road trip and have inclosed these pins because you’re always talking about unicorns and frogs to weigh separate things right yeah corn is a code word for things that we find in about probably 60 70 percent of you and the prompting actually has to do with God right yeah deb-deb and summers and yeah we like that power so you’re always talking about unicorns and frogs I’ve seen these and had to get them for you thanks so much for all your prayers and Darlene we thank you alright so let’s open up this little thing here they are oh look how cute that is Oh unihorn you know you got a unicorn actually can I have the unicorn sure all right yeah so I’m gonna put on my little froggy what you do is open my 9 foot oh look I’m a kooky sweater Kuji yeah Kuji y’all know about that coogee biggie smalls last night we sit on the couch nah I just started yelling I was like I don’t know YouTube’s Matt Smith alright guys that’s the end of this video make sure to join us back here tomorrow at 7 p.m. central time for another video cuz baby were going to the auctions make sure to LIKE subscribe hit that Bell select all and we will see you at the next [Music] you [Music]

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  1. If that's a REAL copper 1943, yowzer!!!!! Check it with a magnet to make sure it's not a steel 1943 that's been coated with copper. Can't wait to find out. You and your team are awesome ❤️

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  7. While the 1943 steel pennies are worth a few bucks, the rare copper version is worth more. One report suggested that, depending on the condition of it, the 1943 copper penny can be worth anywhere from $60,000 to $85,000.

  8. Milo and Scout are awesome, and so is your channel. Love your channel funny and entertaining. Keep up the good work and thank you for letting us get to know you!

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  10. Mr. Grimes fines What an amazing video? $40, that's a good deal. I think you make all your money back. Justin if that's a 1943 penny you can take a vacation over here to Spain. Love watching your videos man you and your wife are amazing. And the whole crew that you got there, God bless you all. I can't wait to see the next video. Let us know about that Copper Penny if it's real or not. Thanks, Justin. For this great video lots of laughs and lots of fun. You make my morning everyday.

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  17. I just Googled 1943 wheat back pennies. I have a steel 1943 wheat back pain according to Google it's worth $50,000 you help me out find somebody sell it to and I give you 3% lol

  18. If you had PayPal you would never have to worry about me paying for a order and you would have so many more people to buy from you ; I told you I'm old and don't know how that square thing works but you probably didn't read it when I told you that ; Anyway great video as always because you never have a bad one love ya'll

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  20. It's most likely a 1968 penny modified. Pretty common for counterfeiters to do that. If not then who in their right kind would give that away?

  21. This was such a cool video! I so hope that any one who is fighting an illness is healed in the name of the Lord if it be his will

  22. Its believed that there are 40 1943 copper pennies in existence and 10 have been accounted for….its a rare possibility. Also they made the half dollars in 40% Silver from 1965-1970 (not through 69) just FYI. Good luck on that copper!

  23. #12:03 Before you get your hopes up, check that Cent with a magnet, if it sticks , it's copper plated and worth only about 5 Cents. If it truly is a '43 copper, put it in a cardboard 2" x 2" holder, the "flip" he sent it in has PVC in it and will eventually ruin the cent with chemicals leaking from the "flip."

  24. it coul dbe a proof penny look for double stamped D OR DOUBLE STAMPED S the double stamped S is about $85 and the double D is about $9000 also pending on grade

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    While the 1943 steel pennies are worth a few bucks, the rare copper version is worth more. One report suggested that, depending on the condition of it, the 1943 copper penny can be worth anywhere from $60,000 to $85,000.Feb 11, 2019

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