6 Dicas Para Evitar a Caspa na Barba

6 Dicas Para Evitar a Caspa na Barba

Hello, my friend. All right? Samuel here.
Dude, did you ever get the feeling that you were with dandruff in your beard? But was it really dandruff? Why does it show up? And what are the top six things you need to do to prevent it from appearing? This is all about today’s video. At
most of the time what we think which is beard dandruff are a few different things. One is a peeling what happens in the face when we’re
with very dry skin. And the skin can get very dry because you can
to be using a hair shampoo for example to wash the beard. Or even anti-dandruff shampoo. Because that kind of product is intended for use in
your scalp and not your face. And they usually have some principles
assets, some raw materials, which may dry and remove moisture a lot
natural to your skin. Another thing too very common are dead cells that
go coming off your skin. This is because we are constantly changing skin. So the most superficial layer
it is coming off and this dead cell that accumulates there in this renewal of
your skin will come loose and it may look like also a dandruff. There is even a video that I made here on the channel talking about fur stuck in the beard. I will leave the link
up here and also in the description. eA Dandruff can also appear when you have something called seborrheic dermatitis. Or seborrhea. This is a
inflammation that happens in the skin or your scalp. But the seborrhea,
other than those reasons that I just to speak, you notice a redness
an itch and also some scales that are more yellowish more whitish and
also much more oily. If you think who has dermatitis, my friend, goes to
dermatologist that only a professional can know exactly the cause of this dermatitis and then you will treat the program straight to the root. And here are six things
that you can do to avoid having this beard dandruff. The first one is
Always use specific products for your beard – GOOD products for your beard.
Because hair product is very different. Already a good shaving shampoo, for
example he doesn’t have all the chemistry anti-dandruff shampoo or hair shampoo you need remove a much higher oiliness from your scalp. It is made thought to be used on the face, with physiological pH of your skin. So he cleans the hair of his beard without drying the skin of the face that
It’s under her. And more hydrated skin is lower chance of peeling. A second thing you can do is always dry well your beard especially if you
washes right before bed. Dry with a towel or with the hair dryer
same but at a colder temperature avoids hot temperature that can
damage the wires. Is that a damp beard it’s a full plate to accumulate fungi
there and generate an infection. And a third thing you can do is use a
exfoliating at least twice in the week to take
the accumulation of dead cells and let the free path of hair grow without
jam and without igniting. A fourth tip for you to avoid dandruff in your beard:
beard. After you have washed, dried, hydrates.And hydrates well with oil. And there’s something in the oil that a lot of people don’t know: is that it is not made just for you to use
about the hair but it’s also for you use too close to the root. Hydrate
also the skin under it. But for that You need to use a good vegetable oil:
100% vegetable, without silicone. Why when It is 100% vegetable free from
silicone, it is absorbed much more easily, it does not clog the pores and lets the skin breathe. This one from the Beard same, it is made only with oils
vegetables like jojoba oil and grape seed which are much more oils
light and that they even help to regulate excess oiliness of the skin.
And that is why it is not so dense. He also does not leave that aspect of
greasy, you know? By the way another thing: avoids rubbing your beard.
Besides you carry more dirt and fat for your fur, this friction does not
not good for your beard. I even talked in the video here earlier if you’re with
this strong addiction of running your hand He uses a comb in his beard instead of his hand.
It is way better. You are aligns the beard and yet keeps you from being around all the time .. I don’t know
spoiling the wires. And a sixth tip for you to avoid having dandruff in your beard is
whenever you shave the hair face, here the neck, always try to wear
a shaving foam or a gel, some something that lubricates your skin. Do not do
that’s dry! And just shaved it uses a balm like aftershave. Because the balm besides
help in healing it also helps in cell renewal and avoids
inflammation. And that’s it, man, taking the right care your skin will live
Dandruff-free and much healthier. If you have any questions or suggestions
for new video comments down here. Let’s do it together. If you have not yet
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  1. O lance do pente, que substitui a passada de mão, eu já tinha aprendido com vc, há um tempão,, Samuel.
    Confia: onde vou, levo o meu duplo S_B.
    Saúde, Equipe S_B!

  2. Maravilha de vídeo Samuel!Ainda bem que renovei meu estoque ontem,e também comprei um pente.Que será muito útil.Me tire uma dúvida eu só uso bigode no momento,posso usar o óleo nele?

  3. Ótimo vídeo. Aproveitando, Samuel, uma questão digamos "off topic" por que no rótulo do condicionador Noel (para barbas brancas) indica "edição limitada"? Outra questão, há viabilidade do lançamentos dos itens pra barba branca na versão "pra viagem"? É isso, no mais, legais os vídeos por aqui. Acaba sendo mais um meio muito interessante de esclarecer as várias dúvidas sobre como "dar a manutenção adequada pra barba". Sucesso!

  4. Valeu, mano. Eu já tava desconfiando que era isso mesmo, minha esposa também tinha falado aí agora vou cortar de vez.

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