6 Hair Care Tips For Humid Weather, Hair fall And Frizzy Hair – Hair Tutorial

6 Hair Care Tips For Humid Weather, Hair fall And Frizzy Hair – Hair Tutorial

Humidity and I are no friends especially when it comes to my hair. Hi guys I’m Noella, a professional hair stylist and I’m here to give you tips on how to take care of your hair during the humid weather. Most of the time we try to protect our hair from pollution, humidity but we can’t avoid it all the time. So first thing I need to do is when you get back home is use a mild shampoo for your hair make sure you rinse it really well. Apply conditioner from mid ends to ends. Leave it for 2-3 minutes. After leaving it for some time rinse it off with cold water Towel dry your hair and let it air dry. If your looking out for a good conditioner beer is the answer. Yes guys I’m not joking, the beer works really well for your hair. So let’s talk about frizzy and curly hair just like mine. So what you need to do is, make sure you use a shampoo which is cream based so that it keeps your curls intact, use a conditioner which has a lot of deep conditioning properties, so it enhances your curls . Always make sure you use an after product after your shampoo condition like a serum or like a leave-in conditioner. For example, a spiral Splender works wonders for curly and wavy hair. Now a wide tooth comb is very good to detangle your hair So during the day you don’t land up breaking your hair. The second thing is that a wide tooth comb is very necessary for conditioning, So when you apply your conditioner use a wide tooth comb and detangle it. So it spreads your condition evenly throughout the hair. People have this misconception that one should not use a comb while the hair is wet, but I would recommend using a wide tooth comb specially when you apply conditioner, so when you apply conditioner what it does, it detangles your hair it also helps to spread the conditioner evenly from mid ends to ends. Your next comb is your teasing comb Always make sure you have a teasing comb with you specially if you have hair like mine which is curly and wavy, so what it does it gives you volume on your roots and it also enhances your curl and your perm look. So there are different types of oil in the market, but I would recommend using a Moroccan oil which is very good for the hair. It strengthens your hair gives you good shine. Second thing you can use neem oil use a little bit of neem oil massage it on your scalp very gently leave it for few hours, and shampoo your hair. Make sure when your oiling your hair you don’t use too much of your oil because what happens is you land up over shampooing your hair which leads to over drying. I know we all want to look different try out new things, experiment with our hair, but it’s not a good idea going in for any chemical treatment during the monsoon season. For example, your straightening,your perming, your colouring, I would not recommend doing it at this time. The reason being that is because what happens is your hair is very limp it frizzes and it gets very unmanageable. Also, keep in mind that you’re in this weather don’t go for some very elaborate haircut keep it simple. Don’t go for fringes or bangs or short layers, because it gets very difficult to manage during this season. So what do you need to do is keep your hair simple, go for long layers, try getting haircuts which you don’t have to blow dry you don’t have to iron because natural look is the best look. You might not know this but your diet plays a very important role when it comes to hair texture. You should make sure that you include a lot of protein, vitamin E ,omega-3 in your diet. Food items like fish, curd,walnuts play a very important role when it comes to your hair texture. I personally make sure I have dry fruits every morning to make my hair look gorgeous. I hope these tips will help you fight stubborn hair and if you like them, please write to me in the comment section below. Stay tuned stay glamorous.

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100 Replies to “6 Hair Care Tips For Humid Weather, Hair fall And Frizzy Hair – Hair Tutorial”

  1. My hair getting too thin so plz plz suggest me what should I do… Pls suggest me some good hair care products which give me volumised hair you know I can't even try different types of hairstyles because of thin hair it's too embarrassing.. Plz plz suggest me..

  2. I have got extremely frizzy and curly hair. I live in India. Can you suggest some shampoos, conditioners or other products to make hair look frizz-free?

  3. As I'm from mumbai.. It becomes next to Impossible to try out any fancy hair cut cuz of this humid weather… So fed up!

  4. how to manage my front bangs,as they always flow on my eyes and forehead that is so irritating.. even I can't even keep my hair open. help.. silky too

  5. often my hair was straight n silky bt now my hair is frizzy ,not silky . turning into red n curl what to do

  6. Wow Love this video. Can you please recommend shampoo and conditioner for curly hair? My hair texture is same as yours.

  7. After using this argan life shampoo, every day for a week, the hair thinning stopped completely. I highly recommend this product to anyone.

  8. I have a hair like yours but shorter since it doesn't grow properly. I've started using pure argan oil. could you please recommend some shampoo and conditioner? The salon I go to recommended me to use masque instead of conditioner, is it a good idea, though I do see masque working better than a conditioner for me.

  9. hey glamrs i love ur videos bcoz they r short and informative.i prefer your videos bcoz i does not waste my topic talking rubbish like others. u directly come to the point .saving data packs

  10. doesnt using alcohol on your hair dry it out? i stay away from products that have alcohol in them because they dry out my hair so much

  11. dammit i should searxhed this vid i cut my hair as a pixie and i totally forgot about how to manage it with weather for my hair .. im toast .

  12. Hello Noella! Im Arushee. Thanks for those amazing tips. I recently felt the need of mixing conditioners like hairfall based one and shine based, so I wanted to ask that is that like okay?

  13. I like this video, as my hairs are dull, dry & unmanageable all the time. I think these tips will going to help me a lot.

  14. she gave lot of wrong advice's. please recheck the information before following any of these advice's on YouTube

  15. plz tell me mam ki Kon sa oil use karu mere hair bhut hi jyada dry h or hair fall bhi bhut h main ak house wife hu so plz mujhe koi aasan oil btye Jo market me aasani se mil Jaye plz plz plz Mam ๐Ÿ™‹

  16. hello…..I have moved from dhaka to sylhet 6 months ago… nd after moving my hair became so rough nd dry…my scalp now always remains oily and sticky…the oil doesn't get removed even after shampooing…nd I m facing hair fall prb too….my hair have became half in amount after moving๐Ÿ˜ญ…now I m really vry worried…can u please help me about these?

  17. Combing wet hairs results in more damaging and more and more hairfall… u idiot… ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’ that ia not a misconseption ok

  18. Along with these tips it is also important to share information on how toxic shampoos, conditioners and serums can be. Most of the commercial brands contain harmful chemicals that are carcinogenic and not good for our health. Nature has given us a lot of Ayurvedic options for cleansing, conditioning and nourishing. Make this world a better place to live by saying NO to chemicals.

  19. My hair is naturally long(little above my knees)silky and straight.I wanted to go for keratin treatment but I'm confused whether to do it or not.Can it damage my hair or have any side effects?

  20. Mine is curly hair but I like straight hair so can u recommend me a good hair treatment for my hair which had less chemical…

  21. hey. I like your videos glamrs. I liked this one too. Can you tell me which oil you said for applying other than Neem oil? also plis recommend me something for my baldness ๐Ÿ˜ฟ. My hair are becoming thin day by day, a lot of hairfall and they are getting too thin from the bottom to. what should I do to get rid of my baldness and to grow thicker hair . also I want to grow long hair so please tell me something for that too….pleaseeeeee. Reply soon๐Ÿ™

  22. Hello Noella I am new on your channel I really like your advice. I am living in a tropical weather here too much humid. You can please suggest me good shampoo and conditioner. I really have a bad hair fall and my hair is like you please suggest me

  23. Mam I straighten my hair using iron box abt a mth or more and when I washed it started to curl and it looks really ugly and I can't go out without straightening it. Can u pls give me some solutions on this problem so that I can have my super hair ( I have thick hai) (medium thick) and it's good till now but I also wanted to know that can I straighten my hair frequently pls do reply

  24. So we are teenagers, we can't afford daily washing as we get wet while having coaching,, yaa we try our best to get protect but all we end up is with wet hairs!!

  25. Amazing information about hair care! Thank you very much!

    I have tried most of hair products and it really helped me with my hair loss problem,

    also by using this hair building fiber it was very easy maintaining my hair thickness


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