#6 The ophthalmologist’s opinion – What should I do if I have Blepharitis ?

What should I do if I think I have blepharitis?
If you think you have blepharitis the first thing to do is you really do need to see an
ophthalmologist. But there are other things you can do alongside what the ophthalmologist
will treat you with. The first thing is what we call lid hygiene and the idea is that you
should use a specially medicated wipe to remove the bacteria and built-up oil and the dead
skin from the edge of the eyelid. The best wipes are ones that are non-toxic and do not
sting or irritate the eyes such as Blephaclean® wipes. It is also available in a solution
called Blephasol® solution which you can have the solution in a bottle and you can
use eye makeup remover pads or cotton pads to cleanse the edge of the eyelid. The second
thing you should do even before you’ve seen the ophthalmologist is to purchase a heat
device that applies heat to the eyelids for ten minutes a day and there’s numerous of
these devices available. Lastly the last thing you should do even before you see the ophthalmologist
is consider some modifications to your diet such as taking omega fatty acids, particularly
omega-3, and also avoiding air-conditioned environments, avoiding exposure to pollutants
or very polluted air or very dry air.

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