7 Day Rice Water Challenge Results | Rice Water Does Make Your Hair Grow !!! THICK & Long

7 Day Rice Water Challenge Results | Rice Water Does Make Your Hair Grow !!! THICK & Long

My hair was actually damaged Then I started
doing the rice water bro rice water is really like… so I definitely knew better
than to use Jasmine rice so I used my little Basic regular white rice I used one cup of that right you pour it in the pot then you rinse and wash it real good. Now that you have that
dirty water make sure to pour it out and add new water into it you wanna let that water sit in the pot overnight
and then the next day drain that water into a water bottle Be sure to dilute the rice water with some water orrr YOUR HAIRS GONNA FALL OUT so far I did 1/2 of my head with this rice water and I’m likin it I’m really likin it Put my hair cap on so it’s day 2 and I just gotta say that rice water really did it’s magic like I really liked it it made my hair so soft like when it was in the braids and like my hair actually shrunk like before I would not experience any shrinkage my hair started to shrink it got curly like it was soft and it was like dayummm so day 2 I’m bout to put it in again so my rice water journey is pretty much done and let me show you the results I don’t think
there’s much of a difference but so that little hair growth might not seem like a lot but you gotta remember that this was over like a 7 day period and usually it takes your hair
to grow that much in like 4 weeks

🦋Escucha a tu corazón, no te rindas, ese dolor que hoy sientes en tu interior, se irá

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7 Replies to “7 Day Rice Water Challenge Results | Rice Water Does Make Your Hair Grow !!! THICK & Long”

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  2. Wait I thought you shouldn't wash your natural hair to much I wash mine twice a week, did you do 7 day straight? Or like by week? And did you wash it out with shampoo? Or just rinsed?

  3. Hey guys thanks for the love ❤️! I just wanted to say that I updated the description box to give more thorough and clear instructions on how I applied the rice water, styled my hair and what precautions I took to prevent any damage. Soon I will be making a wash day routine so be on the lookout for that! Tap the bell 🔔

    I've already done this for the third time and I am in love with my hair growth! Check out my IG to see my hair growth journey! ❤

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