8 Oils That Make Your Hair Healthy And Help Prevent Balding

8 Oils That Make Your Hair Healthy And Help Prevent Balding

Hey there, viewers! Are you sick of seeing your hair in such poor
condition? I’ve been walking around feeling like there’s
a mop on top of my head. If you’re looking for a simple solution,
we’ve got some great news! Let’s talk about 8 Oils That Can Treat Bad
Hair. Oils will keep your hair healthy, while giving
it that shiny, fresh look we all want. From coconut, to avocado, there’s plenty
of beneficial products your hair can enjoy. There are also great essential oils like tea
tree and rosemary. Guess what, we’re talking about a whole
bunch of them! Let’s begin, shall we? Avocado Oil When most of us hear the word “avocado”,
the first thing we think about is a nutritious snack with amazing health benefits. Well if you extract this snack’s contents
and transfer them to an oily substance, your hair will enjoy some of those benefits as
well. Avocado oil is rich in antioxidants, fats
and minerals. All of which will increase the health of your
hair follicles. Have you ever heard of biotin? This is a vitamin that avocado produces naturally. It works to increase nutrients into energy,
keeping your skin, nails and scalp in a healthy state. A study conducted in 2012 focused on healthy
women ages 21 to 75. All of whom seemed to have weak, thinning
hair. By the end, research had shown that biotin
supplements gave their hair newly found strength. If you plan on using avocado oil on your hair,
apply it and let it sit for around 3 hours. If you have never eaten avocado, experts recommend
you either eat a small amount or apply some of the oil onto your skin to make sure that
you aren’t allergic to this fruit. The last thing you need is for your head to
break out in hives. Then thinning hair will be the least of your
issues. Rosemary Oil A lot of you may not be familiar with rosemary
as a whole. Rosemary is a herb originating from the Meditteranean. It is very popular in the culinary world. When it comes to hair, rosemary oil is packed
full of amazing benefits. For one, if your hair is thinning or falling
out, rosemary oil uses its anti-inflammatory properties to improve the circulation in your
scalp and help your hair grow in thicker. You see, the carnosic acid found within the
rosemary goes to work on your scalp, healing your nerve tissue. Research has proven that it can also prevent
nerve damage. The power of rosemary oil seriously shouldn’t
be overlooked. Another study done in 2015, showed that particles
in rosemary oil were just as effective as those found in Rogaine! This can be the ideal product to apply on
your scalp. Especially if you’ve been finding a few
extra follicles in your hairbrush recently. While we’re at it, let’s touch on another
essential oil your hair would appreciate… Lavender Oil When it comes to hair treatment, lavender
has become one of the most popular. Taken from the lavender plant, this oil is
known to assist in hair growth, kill dandruff and head lice, as well as decrease inflammation
of your scalp. Lavender’s antimicrobial properties help
it prevent bacteria from spreading, or fungi from growing. With hair growth, it is equally as powerful. Studies performed on mice, showed that they
grew hair once lavender oil was applied. In order to confirm its full potential, studies
must also be conducted on humans. All you need to do is gently rub the oil on
your scalp. You can also add it in with various hair products. Coconut Oil If your hair is suffering from extreme dryness,
coconut oil might be the ideal product for it. Packed with Vitamin E and Omega-3 Fatty Acids,
adding coconut oil onto your scalp can give it a much smoother feel. In 2007, researchers discovered that the oil
provides more moisture to your hair than any kind of mineral oil. Coconut oil will also help your hair shine. When it comes to hair, no feeling can be worse
than having it feel dry and lifeless. When applied, coconut oil sinks into your
scalp, getting deep into the follicles, helping thinning regain thickness and get back to
normal. This oil can also fight off lice. One study conducted in 2010 showed that coconut
oil was 40% more effective in live prevention than certain chemicals. The product is also useful on those hot summer
days out in the sun. Once it is applied, the UV filters work to
protect you from sun damage. Do you find this list interesting? Here’s an oil that will surely increase
your hair health… But before we continue, are you concerned
about the state of your overall health? Check out our video discussing 8 Dinner Foods
To Help You Lose Weight Naturally. Also, are you tired of standing awkwardly? Perhaps you’d like our recent clip listing
8 Great Ways To Improve Your Posture Forever. Now let’s continue with our video on Oils
You Can Use For Dry Hair… Tea-Tree Oil This substance has many health benefits across
the board. Originating in Australia, Aborigines would
extract oil by crushing leaves from tea trees, which would then be inhaled in order to treat
sickness. Fast forward throughout the ages, we are now
using it to treat hair. If you suffer from dandruff, tea tree oil
is particularly effective. Being caught in public with ugly white flakes
falling out of your head is a humiliating feeling. Just find a product containing tea tree oil. Something like shampoo will do the trick. Were you aware that shampoo containing tea
tree oil has shown a 40% improvement against dandruff? A study from way back in 2002 confirmed this… Fighting dandruff with tea tree oil is a fairly
simple task. The next time you are taking a shower, take
a small bit of the oil and mix it in with your shampoo before applying it to your head. Almond Oil Believe it or not, almonds have uses other
than eating. When their extract is put into oil form, the
effects on their hair are endless. It can both strengthen and soften your hair,
as well as help your hair grow longer. Almond oil is packed with fatty acids, protein
and Vitamin E. Not to mention a ton of biotin. In order to experience the full length of
its benefits, it is suggested that you apply it to your hair a couple of hours before you
wash it with shampoo. This way, it has time to sit and prepare your
follicles for washing. The purpose of this is so your hair does not
become dehydrated from washing. The use of almond oil for hair treatment is
not a new phenomenon. There is evidence of ancient cultures using
it properties as well. The Chinese would use almond oil as a way
to treat dry scalp for centuries. Keep in mind, if you happen to suffer from
a nut allergy, do NOT go near almond oil. I know reminding you seems unnecessary, but
people may believe that since they aren’t using a solid almond, they won’t experience
an allergic reaction. I’m here to say you can, and you will. So allergy folks STAY AWAY! Olive Oil Now the idea of using olive oil for something
other than cooking may sound a little odd to some of you. But like the other oils we’ve mentioned,
you’d be missing out not to try it on your scalp. People have been using olive oil for hair
care throughout history. Today, it’s position as an effective moisturizer
is well noted. This helps to make your hair soft, while strengthening
it at the root. If you are looking to moisturize your hair,
all you need is a small amount of olive oil. It is suggested that you use no more than
2 tablespoons. If your hair is extra thick, you may use a
little more. Make sure you do not overdo the quantity. The last thing you want is to walk around
with oily hair. Gently massage the olive oil into your hair
and leave it covered by a warm towel for 15 minutes. Once you comb it gently, you can rinse. If done correctly, this should leave your
hair looking brand new. Castor Oil Taken from castor bean seeds, this product
contains several great nutrients that promote healthy hair. Castor oil acts as a lubricant on your follicles,
strengthening your hair and allowing it to become more flexible. If applied carefully, it can rid your scalp
of dandruff. You see, castor oil possesses several anti-inflammatory
particles that can benefit your scalp by reducing inflammation. This gets to the root source of the dandruff. A quarter cup of castor oil is recommended
for treating your entire head. Once applied, make sure that you massage gently
and then wash it out. So if your head has been tainted by those
annoying flakes, a little bit of castor oil can go a long way. Are you having a bad hair day? Would you consider trying any of the oils
we have mentioned in this video? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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