9 Biggest Shaving Mistakes & How to Avoid Them – Advice on Razors & Techniques for Men

9 Biggest Shaving Mistakes & How to Avoid Them – Advice on Razors & Techniques for Men

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette!
itIn today’s video, we discuss nine biggest shaving mistakes men make and how
you can avoid them. With shaving, it’s very easy to fall into your routine of doing
what you’ve always been doing even though you’re not entirely happy with
the results, that was certainly true for me. My dad taught me how to shave with a
Gillette Mach 3 and that’s what I used for years to come
even though I didn’t really enjoy it or liked how my shave felt. It all changed
once I realized what a good shave was but I also realized you don’t know what
you don’t know. Once I realized how many different shaving options that were out
there, I really dug in in a pursuit to find the perfect shave. We interviewed
more than 3000 men about their issues when shaving, tested over 200 different
products that we thought were even worth testing, we invested thousands of hours
for more than a year in the ultimate pursuit of finding the perfect shave for
different men. We learned a ton about shaving and we put all of our knowledge
into the ultimate shaving guide which you can find on our website here.
Now, that is over 250 pages long but if I condense it all down to the nine
essential shaving mistakes men make, this is what we got!
So without further ado, number one, the biggest mistake is for men not using
blades that are sharp enough. I think it’s a number one problem because most
men out there today use cartridge razor systems. Now, there’s a lot of marketing
hype out there from brands like Dollar Shave Club or Gillette but if you take a
closer look at their marketing, you’ll notice they never actually mention the
sharpness of the blade, they talk about the convenience of the shape, the fancy
handle, the lubrication strips, the number of the blades which reaches all the way
up to six or seven blades but they never mention the sharpness. Of course, if you sell
a dull blade, fewer people will cut themselves, at the same time, the shave
won’t be great and they have to buy new cartridges very often which at two
dollars to eight dollars a piece, it’s very expensive and it becomes a
moneymaker for razor companies. Even though
you’re less prone to cut yourself with a dull blade, it leads to razor bumps and
skin irritations more so than with a sharper blade. Let’s say you have very smooth
skin and very fine hair and you think the result you get in cartridges is
great, I bet you that with a sharper blade, it will be even better. Now, if you
suffer from irritation and have razor bumps or you if you have thick hair then
a sharp blade is the only way to go. So once I was done with cartridge razors,
the next step for me in the evolution was to use a double edge razor which is
something that your grandpa probably used. The pros are that you get a really
high quality shave, they are extremely low cost because the blades cost anywhere
from three cents through thirty cents a piece. The problem at double edge shaving is
that there are hundreds of different handles out there and also hundreds of
different blades. Now, depending on the thickness of your hair and your skin, not
every combination will work in your favor; some may be too aggressive. others
may be not sharp enough, so testing all of this out and playing around with the
different blades can consume a lot of time and money. On the pursuit of
finding the perfect shave, I tested hundreds of blades and many many handles
just to figure out what works for whom and why it doesn’t. Personally, my
favorite combination turned out to be a feather blade which is quite sharp in
combination with a Mercur razor that is slanted so it’s even more aggressive
than if it was straight. If you want to learn about the other blades and the
results we got, you can get all the information in our in-depth shaving
guide here. In recent years, I’ve seen a number of companies launch a single
blade system that also comes with a very sharp blade, brands are like Bevel, Supply,
or One Blade. In my experience, they all use sharper blades and any cartridge
razors and are therefore an improvement. Also, the handle is designed to work
perfectly with a blade. Sometimes, even use special blades that
are much thicker than regular double-edged blades and because of that,
they don’t get dull less quickly. Of course, all those single edged blades are
more expensive than the double-edged blades you can find out there. So while that
may cost you more, at the end of the day, it’s all up to us to decide how much we want to
spend on a quality shave. However, in order to get the quality shave, a sharp
blade is essential. I always say there are many ways to Rome and that’s also
true for shaving. That brings us to the second mistake which is to focus
only on the initial upfront costs and the convenience but not on the quality and
the cost per shave. Most men we interviewed didn’t want to spend a whole
lot of money upfront and they wanted a routine that was easy for them. I hate to
break it to you but both these criteria will not result in a good shave.
Why? Well, a low upfront cost is actually very deceptive and much more expensive
down the road. Of course, you may get the handle for free and the initial set is
quite inexpensive but as you shave more, it gets more expensive. Don’t believe me?
We did the math. Let’s assume you shave five times per week and you use one
blade or one cartridge four times. Now that’s a lot for a cartridge system but
let’s just assume that. Alternatively, if you use an electric shaver, we assume that
you exchange the head once a year or if you use a straight razor then you spend
about 40 bucks in sharpening per year. So if you get your razor from something like
Dollar Shave Club or Harry’s, often, the handle is free. The blade cost per month,
however, is about eight bucks a month so over the course of a year, it’s close to
a hundred dollars. Over the course of ten years, it’s close to a thousand dollars.
If you look at the latest and greatest few companies like Gillette, the blade cost
around 12 bucks or more, the average cartridge cost per month is about 17 or
18 dollars which gets you to an average cost of about 220 bucks per year or
$2,200 over the course of a decade. Now on the flip side, if you invest in a
traditional double edge razor system, the handle may cost you 50 or 60 bucks up
front. If you need to take the most expensive double-edged blades like the
Feather, it won’t cost you more than a 1.50 per month. Of course, over
the course of ten years, this effect is compounded leaving you with a cost below
$200 versus 11 times or more that with a Gillette. Now, if you want the quickest
shave there is, you probably can’t look past an electric shaver or razor. Upfront
costs are high, usually about 200 bucks for the better models. You also
need a new shaving head about once a year which breaks it down to about 5
bucks per month so over the course of a year, it’s about
260 bucks or about 800 bucks over a 10-year span. Obviously, more
expensive than a double-edge system, it is not as good but it is quicker, it’s also
quicker than a Gillette system or a Harry’s or Dollar Shave Club but it
still remains less expensive even though the upfront cost was very high.
Now, last but not the least, let’s look at a straight razor. That’s a very traditional
way to shave ,it takes a longer time but if you perfect the technique, the results
are second to none. If you get a good quality straight razor, it’ll set you
back over $150. The one we chose cost 166 dollars and you can find out which one
it was in our in-depth shaving guide here. Now, it costs about 40 dollars a year to
sharpen the blade professionally which means about 3.33 cents
per month. So in year one, a straight razor costs you effectively 206 dollars but over a decade, it’s 566. Now, obviously,
that’s more expensive than a double edge razor but if you want the best quality
shave and you don’t mind taking longer, then this is the way to go. So in a
nutshell, try not to just look at the upfront cost but the overall quality,
value, and cost per shave you’ll get. Also keep in mind that once
you’ve gotten a good shave, a cartridge razor is literally not gonna cut it any
more for you. The third biggest shaving mistake is not understanding the growth
direction of your facial hair. Every man out there is unique and because of that,
the hair grows in unique directions. So why should that matter to you? Well, let’s
assume you just shave straight down in one pass from top to bottom. At the top,
your hair may grow down that means you shave with the grain of the hair. In the
middle, it may grow left to right so now you’re shaving across the grain. At
the bottom, it may actually grow up which means you shave against the grain. Now
the result would be that the length of the hair would be different because if
you cut it against the grain, it’s cut at a lower skin level and is shorter
than if you cut it with the grain. To get the best quality shave, you have to
understand how your hair grows so you can shave exactly the way you want it
for the best results. So how do you figure out what direction your hair grows into? Honestly, some men stand in front of
the mirror and they just use a drawing with arrows to show them how their hair
grows. Personally, I just spend ten minutes in front of the mirror, looked at
my hair very closely to understand what it’s like and now I know that, for
example, the hair down here grows in this direction versus here, it grows down, here it
grows diagonally at an angle and here it grows down versus here it’s left to
right. Understanding the growth direction of my facial hair allows me to shave
with a better technique and to minimize the passes so I get less skin irritation.
Which brings us to shaving mistake number four, not shaving in multiple passes. In an
ideal world, we’ll just shave our face with one pass and be done and happy.
Unfortunately, that’s not how it goes. So how do you get the closest shave
possible? It’s by shaving against the grain of the hair. Why is that?
Well, the razor and the blade lift the hair away from the skin. Therefore, you
cut the hair actually below the skin level. So for example, if we do a wet
shave with a sharp blade, after one day the result is as smooth as if I had just
shaved with an electric shaver or a cartridge razor. So should you always and
only shave against the grain? The answer is no. Why? Well, if especially you have
excess hair, shaving against the grain is more aggressive for your skin, you’ll
need more passes, and you will suffer from more irritation. So if that’s not
the way to go, what is the way to shave properly? With
the traditional double edge razor, the first pass would be with the grain because
it removes all the excess hair and it’s the least aggressive on your skin. In the
second step, you’d go across the grain to get rid of
all the hair that didn’t make it in the first pass and then in the third pass,
you’d go against the grain to get the closest possible shave. Now personally
for me, that takes too much time so if I have a longer hair and a sharp blade, I
first go with the grain to remove all the hair and then I go once against the
grain. No matter how many directions you choose or how many passes you make, it is
really really important that you always lubricate your
skin. Why? If you don’t lubricate your skin, you’re much more likely to cut yourself,
you get nicks, razor bumps, and irritation and it’s just
bad for your skin. Which leads us to shaving mistake number five, not properly
lubricating your skin before and while you shave. Frankly, lubrication is the
only thing that protects your face from the sharp blade. You need lubrication so
the sharp blade can glide across your skin, cutting the hair but not your skin.
When it comes to shaving, there’s no such thing as over lubricating, more helps
more. Unfortunately, most men out there don’t lubricate enough and often, it
comes down to a bad product in the first place. The lubrication in shaving creams
comes from fat so the higher the fat content, the more of a gliding effect you
get. When I started out shaving, I used the cheap canned shaving foam from Nivea
that I would have found in a drugstore. The problem with it was there was a lot
of air in it, a lot of chemicals but not a lot of fat. While it foamed a lot, it
actually didn’t provide a great barrier to protect my skin. I mean yes, it
protected it a little bit but not as well as other products could have
protected it. In general, all shaving creams
that are aerosols or that come in a spray foam can or the transparent gels
that you can find do not contain enough fat to properly lubricate your skin when
you shave with a sharp blade. Fortunately, the solution is easy! Just
get a product with a high fat content. Unfortunately, most brands don’t
advertise the exact fat content their shaving product has but as a general
rule of thumb, you can check for the water content because the less water a
product has, the more likely it is to have more fat. In our tests, all the shaving
creams that came in a tube whether it is metal or plastic or shaving soaps that were
hard had a much higher fat content than those spray cans. Frankly, it might take
you some experimentation time to find the right product for you or you just check
out the in-depth shaving guide where we did all that hard legwork for you so
you can just select between the best of the best products. No matter what high-fat
shaving cream you use, if you’re in a hurry, you can always apply it onto your
skin directly with your finger. For even better results, you
should go with a shaving brush. Which leads us to mistake number six, not using
a shaving brush to create your lather. So why should you use a shaving brush? Well,
it creates a nice rich lather and it also helps to move the hair follicles
away from the skin so the shave quality is going to be better.
Let’s explain that shaving brushes are made of boar’s hair and it can be quite hard
in your skin and uncomfortable because of that I prefer badger shaving brushes.
The best quality is the silver tip which is finer and again, it can take a little
bit of testing with different brushes to find something that’s right for you. The
problem is high-end shaving brushes can cost north of $200. So again, if you want
to have all that legwork done for you, just check out the shaving guide here.
Now, if using a shaving brush is too much for you, I understand. The really
important thing that gets to 95% there is to use a high fat shaving cream. If you want
to skip the brush or you’re traveling, don’t worry about it,
you’re doing great! I am sure time is an important factor in your life which
brings us to the next mistake of not incorporating an electric razor into
your shaving routine. Usually, there’s some men who use nothing but an electric
razor and others hate them and just do wet shaves. While some enjoy the hour
long ritual of shaving on a Saturday or Sunday, others just want to get it done
as quickly as possible. I’m on the camp of I want to have the best shave possible
in the shortest amount of time. Frankly, if I lather up my shaving cream, maybe
do two passes with a double edge razor, the whole routine still takes quite a
bit of time. So because of that, I experiment with electric razors. They’ve
been around for a while, you can use them dry and frankly, the results are not
great but it takes you two minutes. So the next step, I combine it with a high
quality shaving cream which took slightly longer but yielded a noticeably
better result. I think most modern electric razors can be used wet but you
should always double check before you put an electric product into water. I have
to say, if speed is the most important thing in your shaving routine, using an
electric razor with a high quality shaving cream takes you probably three
to four minutes and yields the best value to time ratio. Now, if you want to step
up your game and experience the result of a double edge shave in less time, I suggest you use the electric razor first with some
shaving cream to get rid of all the excess hair which takes about two to
three minutes and then you do one pass against the grain or against the
direction of the hair follicle and you’re done. In my experience, this
process takes about eight to ten minutes which is considerably shorter than doing
the full lather up and all double edge razor shave yet I have that same smooth
feeling that lasts for a day. Obviously, investing in a double edge
razor and a handle and an electric razor is a much higher upfront cost. For me, it
makes sense because it cuts down my time in the morning that I need to get ready.
Also keep in mind, you can bring your electric razors on travels when you just
bring a carry-on where you cannot bring a double edge razor, you could only
resort to cartridges but I don’t like that. The eighth biggest straight mistake
is not adhering to a proper pre-shave routine. Why should you have a pre-shave
routine? Well, it’s better for your skin and it results in a better shave that is
closer to your skin. If you suffer from little bumps on your skin, known as razor
bumps, or if you have any kind of irritation, or if you’re just sensitive, having a pre-shave routine is essential. Also, if you use very sharp
blades or a straight razor, I would strongly suggest you have a pre-shave
routine. So what does it look like? Well in a nutshell, you start out by splashing
your face with hot water or alternatively, using a hot towel with hot water or you
can just heat it up in your microwave. Keep it on your face until it cools down
and then use a pre-shave oil that obviously is high fat and helps to
create a barrier between the blade and your skin. Now the third step, use a high
fat shaving cream, as discussed before, and you can also lather it out first
with a shaving brush. I find that this routine can add anywhere from two to ten
minutes to your shave but especially if you have sensitive skin, it’s totally
worth it. Personally, I start taking a hot shower
which is the same effect as using hot water or a hot towel and it doesn’t cost
me any extra time then I use the shaving cream right afterwards and I get that
same effect without wasting any more time in the mornings. Also, once I’m done
shaving, I use an aftershave or post shave product which is like a cream that
just soothes my skin, it calms it
down and makes it even smoother. The ninth biggest shaving mistake I see men
making all the time is giving up a new routine too quickly. When I introduced a good
friend to shaving with a double edge razor, he was really excited at first
because he saw the results on my skin. I taught him how to do it but his
technique wasn’t quite as refined so when he tried it, he cut himself and he
just wasn’t happy with it and went back to his old system. I get it,
learning technique is not easy but deep down it’s very simple and just like with
anything in life, it takes time to master something and that’s also true for
shaving technique. So my advice is if you try something new, especially with a
sharper blade, do your prep work and don’t just give up. Try it at least ten
times and by then you probably have figured out what the right angle is and if you
want to learn the theory again check out our shaving guide here. Frankly, it will
save you tons of time and money and we have different shaving models depending
on if you want the best quality shave or the quickest shave or the best of both
worlds. On top of that, it covers special topics like dealing with ingrown hairs
skin irritation or shaving for men of color. In today’s video, I am little more
casually dressed because I’m shaving. I am wearing a white dress shirt with a cutaway collar
with a nice herringbone fabric that is quite thick I am wearing it with cufflinks
from Fort Belvedere which are green and very contrasting and I also have a
matching sterling silver and malachite pinky ring my slacks are pleaded
because I’ve big thighs and the pattern is a nice wool houndstooth fabric in
black and white my socks are shadow striped in charcoal and light gray and
they work really well with the pants as well as the shirt and they contrast the solid
olive green shoes of course the socks are over the calf and you can find them in our shop

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  36. I have tried several different DE razors and blades including Murker 37 slant bar with feather blades. I must say that that my beard is very coarse with many cowlicks and I have not found a DE that will give a pleasurable close shave. For me the cartridge razor produces better results, as well as Braun foil razors.

  37. For many years I used cartridge razors with shaving crème from aerosol cans. Then I decided to switch to wet shaves. There is absolutely no comparison. I'll never go back. I now use a badger brush with shaving crème from Old Taylor of Bond St. which has several great scents. I use Feather razors from Japan which are sharper than a Samurai's sword. It took me a couple of weeks to develop a light touch so wouldn't cut my ear off, but I now enjoy the ritual of a morning shave which is far superior to the one provided by the cartridge razors.

  38. Some good points here but frankly I am surprised that you didn't bring up shaving in the shower itself. I've found that to be the single best thing for my skin when it comes to shaving. I do it last so the hot water and steam the shower has had time to work.

  39. You guys have such a good channel. I dont even shave (i use an electric trimmer thing) and here i am enjoying a gentlemens gazette video about shaving, really says a lot about the channel

  40. I shaved this morning for the first time in a week. I HATE shaving. I always have. I'd give anything to be able to grow a beard. My brother has a beard. He has hair on his back. And hair on his toes. Werewolf!.

  41. Sven! When it comes to anything from Procter and Gamble (yes, that includes Gillette), JUST SAY NO!!!!
    A gentleman understands that, when all is said and done, he cannot rescue people from their own stupidity. Gillette has chosen to "Get Woke," so if they want to "Go Broke" let them! When your customer base is primarily men, misandry is a luxury you CANNOT afford.
    Having said this, I shave right after I shower. I find a good twin-bladed safety razor, with a good shaving cream, do the job nicely. Slap on a good aftershave (not to excess) and you're good to go.

  42. I went from shaving (and hating it) to letting my beard grow. Trimming and grooming is just as much work as shaving but it is not as bad for my skin and there is not cutting yourself!

  43. I was in hospital when I was using an electric razor as I was bed ridden. When I was mobile I was given a Mach 5 (Mach Fusion) by my father. I get at least a month from a blade & yes I shave under the shower with all the hot steam / water. I use a Mach Fusion, Shaving Gel (with Aloe Vera) & shaving mirror. It takes me a lot less time & my shave it top notch.

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