A Comedian Confronts His Extreme Anxiety About Balding

A Comedian Confronts His Extreme Anxiety About Balding

– Hi, I’m stand up comedian
and actor, Charles Gould. You may recognize me from
my many roles as creepy guy, creepy guy, and Jew. I have a few anxieties, like I’m not young anymore, I guess. I didn’t hit him did I? I’m I being a baby? And like 50% of American
men, I’m losing my hair. Nothing to be ashamed of, but
I’m a little ashamed of it. Lucky for me, there’s a
billion dollar industry when it comes to hair loss prevention. Unlucky for me, I struggle
to make decisions. So I decided I need to talk to someone to overcome this anxiety. And my first stop is the therapist. And I’m going to drive there, even though I haven’t
driven a car in nine years. So let’s go. – So tell me what balding means for you. – I think it means like, I don’t know, maybe not
being attractive anymore. – And how do you think it’s
going to be doing comedy if or when you do lose your hair? – I don’t know, I think
I might be funnier, especially if I just keep this, and then I just go bald here,
but I keep this super long, immediately funny, right? – So being funnier is
more important to you? – Than being hotter? – Than being hotter? – I don’t know. Yes, it is. – Is there anything that hair loss is maybe preventing you
from doing right now? – No jumping in pools, going to the beach, going to the ocean, driving with the windows down, yoga. ‘Cause of the bending, and the kind of like the leaning forward. – So let’s talk a little bit about the options that you have. – Well, I could take a pill. The problem with that is
there’s a sexual side effect. Which what’s the point of having hair, if you can’t get a boner? I could get surgery, or I could just kind of accept. – So what would be your plan
when you leave here today? – I don’t know. – Okay, so you need a plan of action? – Yeah, I do. So we’re done, this is over? – Yeah.
– Okay, so, okay. It’s just I feel, it’s
just so nice to talk. – Happy to hear that. – Right now we’re off
to talk to some people who take a pill for hair loss, one that’s prescribed by a doctor. I wanted to talk to real
people who take the pill to see if they experience
any side effects. With all the research I’ve
done on that has been online, and there are some
horror stories on there. I mean, M. Night Shyamalan
doesn’t have nothing on some of the stuff that I’ve read. Oh, I’m going to go through
this yellow light, ooh! And also, I’m going to
convene a round table of people with hair, people that don’t have
to worry about hair loss, and just get their thoughts on how they feel about bald people see if they like them,
if they find them weird, if they even notice them, and if they will pay for my therapy. Hello. – How are you?
– Hi. – From what I’ve heard,
you guys are all on a pill, and I wanted to talk to real people who take it to find out if
they’ve experienced side effects or anything like that. Thank you so much for coming. So we’re going to talk about bald guys and whether or not they’re attractive to you. I asked two women and one man to come because I’m one third gay. – Okay. – Yap, that checks out. – So I’ve done a little
research into all this stuff, and it seems like some of the side effects are pretty gnarly. – I’m kind of worried
because I heard ED is one, and I mean, that’s something
that you won’t know for until years down
the road in most cases. – If you start experiencing that, would you stop taking the pill? – Oh, yeah, definitely.
– Yeah. – Yes.
– Absolutely. – I don’t know. – Really, you think you would keep going? – I’m in a long-term relationship, man, and I love my girlfriend. – Yeah. – But, I use my hair everyday. – Well, is there a side effect that would stop you from taking it? What if you lost a toe? – Which toe? – Pinky toe.
– Pinky? Yeah, man, sure, I’ll give up a pinky toe. – I would prefer a bald guy
over a guy with long hair. – So, ponytail bad, shaved head– – Yeah.
– Good? – I saw a guy put his hair in a ponytail and I never spoke to him again. – Really? – I could not look at him again. – There’s so many conflicting
points of view on it, like this person saying
use urine in your hair, this person saying you– – Saw one where a guy was drinking his wife’s menstrual blood. – Did he have like a before and afters? – No. Let’s say it turns out that is the cure, would you do it? – [Man] Oh, yeah, definitely. – I’d become a vampire my friend. – All right, okay. – I don’t know about that one. – That you won’t do?
– I don’t know man. – You said you would chop off your toe. – That’s my toe, that’s me. – What do you think I should do? – Can we just see the full? – I mean, you can it’s painful. – Give us the full turn around. – Yeah we get it, ooh. – Oh, okay. – Okay, there are you happy? – Well, how do you feel
in your heart, man? – I don’t know.
– What do you think – that’s the problem.
– will make you feel better. – I don’t know, I don’t know.
– Yeah, I– – I need someone else to tell me. So we just came from the panels
and they were really good. All the guys said they had
experienced no side effects, which, I don’t know if they
were being totally honest about? I mean, one of those
guys I think was bald, but he didn’t want to mention that part. Right now we’re on our
way to a hair loss clinic, people that specialize
in transplants and wigs, and stuff like that and I
don’t know about that either, because they’re either very
expensive and when they’re bad, they are really bad. Sometimes the cover up
is worse than the crime. Also people who have
really bad hair transplants are all evil. – Well, welcome.
– Thank you. – My name is Stephen Madaus. I’m the California division
leader for National Hair Loss. Walk me through what
you’re currently doing for your hair loss now. – Constantly worrying about
it, staring at it in the mirror and bothering all my friends asking them if they think
my hair is falling out. – So what other family history
of hair loss do you have? – Yeah, they’re all bald.
– Okay. – Both my grandparents were bald, and wrote my parents out of their wills. – All right.
– So I’m just going to be looking at my bald spot through this iPad? – Yeah, we’re going to actually,
it’s going to magnify up to 50. – Okay great. Oh, this isn’t so, oh,
whoa, wow, look at that. It looks like a bug. – So there’re two
methods that you can stop male-pattern hair loss, one
of them you already know about which is a pill, right? – Yes. – The second method is
medical-grade lasers. – Okay.
– So, you never want to have it directly in your eyes. – How much does the laser hat cost? – It can be anywhere from 900 to 3500. – I’ve done a lot of research
into hair transplants and so I think I’ve become
an expert at spotting them. I was wondering if I
could run these by you. – Yeah.
– And you can tell me if you think these are hair transplants. – Yep. – So I think this guy has had one. – Oh, yeah. Look how strong that
hairline is right there, versus right, there. – Got it.
– Yeah, I agree. – This one is a pretty egregious one. – The hairline is much
lower than that photo. – Right.
– Yeah. – He looks way better in this picture. – Yeah, that’s it, he’ll be
more happier with that photo. – Yes. – Should he have gotten one? – You know what, I’m
actually digging the look. – You like the bald Gandhi?
– Yeah. – Okay, so you mentioned
what my expectations are. – Yeah.
– I have some mock ups of some, kind of like where
I see my hair in the future and just wondering if
these are possibilities? – Okay.
– So here’s the first one. What do you think? Can we make that happen? – That’s very long hair. – [Charles] Yeah, it’s nice, right? – [Stephen] It actually has
a straight wavy look to it. – Could I get the Jon Snow? Is this realistic? – For your own hair?
– Yes. – Absolutely not. – Okay, thank you for telling
me how you really feel. Okay, now this is my personal favorite. This is what I would do if
I wasn’t losing my hair. – Oh, yeah, see, that’s
very California too. – [Charles] I call this the Jaden. Is this a possibility, ’cause it’s short? – Let’s see what we can do. – I’m feeling like that’s a no. Yeah, is it a no? I call this one the unfortunate reality. – You know what, it’s not a bad look. – I wasn’t expecting you to
give me props for the bald look, I got to be honest. It shows that you’re an honest man. – [Stephen] Yeah. – So the hair loss clinic was good. The laser hat was interesting. I do think they missed an opportunity with the salesman to have a bald guy. They had given this guy who
has a beautiful head of hair, they should have sat me down
across from like the weirdest, saddest, bald man, and
have him just be like, if you don’t want to look like this, put the lasers in your brain. So the last thing on
my list is acceptance. I need to talk to someone who is bald, who’s accepted that they’re bald and hasn’t been kicked out of Hollywood, still has a career in this industry, maybe even it made them better, like a bald Jedi, but
not Samuel L. Jackson. Samuel L. Jackson won’t return my calls. I can’t, can’t see… How far? Ah, whatever I’m just
going, I’m going, I’m going. Who are you? – I’m Anthony Carrigan. – Actor?
– Actor. – Thespian?
– Thespian. – You’re so funny on Barry. – Oh, thanks. So I grew up with alopecia. I got diagnosed with it
when I was three years old. And it was just spots, I still had hair and eyebrows and eyelashes and everything, but in the back of my mind,
I always knew that like, I really hope this doesn’t progress. So it did. – Do you have embarrassing,
hang-on-to-hair stories? – Yeah, I certainly do.
– Okay, go. – I had injections, steroid injections, and a lot of them would be in my eyelid. – Whoa, really?
– So needles in my eyelid. But it was like I was in such a mindset of this is what I have to do. I have to do this. – Right, I’m I being a baby? – No, you’re not being a baby at all. I mean, it’s hard to kind
of feel super insecure about something and then have all of this societal pressure to be like, “You should think about changing it.” And not to mention all
the voices in your head and when you wake up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror and you’re just like, oh, God! You want to look at it and you want to look at yourself and be like, cool, great, yeah.
– Hell yeah. – Its going to be a fantastic day. – Hell yeah.
– Hell yeah, bro. – Yeah, exactly.
– Yeah. – Totally, be a real cool
dude in front of the mirror. – Exactly.
– You know what I mean? – I saw that you said
that you actually think losing your hair made you a better actor? – It certainly did. Yeah, well, ’cause I
wasn’t hiding anymore. It like kind of creates
a schism in your brain when you have to kind of
be in front of a camera and be present and vulnerable, while also hoping that they
don’t actually see something. You know what I mean? – Do you feel that way, even beyond acting just in your life too? – Oh, yeah, especially in my life. I mean, just socially, I
feel so much more at ease. I’m not expending all that
energy to kind of cover it up. You don’t even realize
how exhausting it can be. It can detract from the important thing, how you feel about yourself. You kind of skip that
step if you go straight to hair plugs or something. – Right, and so that one step that you’re kind of talking about that is what some people might say is what attractiveness is. – Oh, for sure. I think it’s important,
especially in this industry to kind of just, to really celebrate what makes you different. I think you would look
great with a shaved head. – Thank you.
– I really do. – Thanks.
– I say we just do it, I say you shave it today. – Maybe I’ll do like a
shaved head and go do comedy. – I think that’s a great idea, man. – So this was great, thank
you so much for doing this. – For sure, man.
– I feel great. – Excellent. – Can I ask you for a favor? – Yes. ♪ Live a little, live it up ♪ ♪ Lets get the party
started and never stop ♪ ♪ You know a get together
will be too much good times ♪ ♪ So we got to just live
a little, live it up ♪ ♪ Yeah yeah yeah yeah ♪ ♪ Yeah yeah yeah yeah ♪ ♪ Oh oh yeah ♪ ♪ Live a little, live it up, live it up ♪ ♪ Lets get the party started
and never stop, ooh yeah ♪ ♪ You know a get together
be too much good times ♪ ♪ So we got to just live
a little, live it up ♪ – All right, we’re backstage
at the comedy show. I’m going to go back here
and when I come back out, I will be a bald man. I don’t want to talk too
loudly ’cause there are a surprising amount of bald men back here. – Hi, Jen.
– I’m Charles, Jen. – Nice to meet you. So we’re going to do a
little smoothing out. – Okay.
– Flattening some of this so it sits. – So this is the final step. Stand up comedy is already
embarrassing enough. I already had to degrade
myself and my religion, and besides a white penis
to make people laugh, and now I’m going to put on the bald cap and get in front of 75 strangers and just see how I feel up there. I’m very nervous. ohh, it feels weird. – All right, then make
some noise right now for Charles Gould, everybody. – I’m bald. Did you guys hear about this? It’s a very good time
to be a bald man though. – Woo!
– Yeah I thought when I was loosing my hair I thought I would be less attractive, didn’t realize I’d
actually be more attractive to a smaller, yes, but way
more devoted group of people. I’m like a cult movie from like the 80s, less people like me but
the people who do like me they won’t shut up about it. But also you know the hottest man in the world right now is bald, The Rock. The best musician in the world
right now is bald, Pitbull. And the best basketball
player in the world was bald, until he got a hair transplant. Lebron James, missed
the playoffs this year for the first time in 15 years. Coincidence? I think not. Did I forget to mention
that he is hot now? Ever since he got that hair transplant, he is so much hotter. I mean he is so hot. So, I think the question we all have to ask
yourself is, what’s better? Being the best you can be? Or being the hottest you can be? And I want your answer. – [Man] Hottest, of course. – Hottest you can be? Yeah, I think you’re right. All right, thank you. – [Announcer] Thank you
guys so much for coming, have a great night.
– All right. I don’t know, I thought
that went pretty well. – What’s up? – Did you think the bald jokes went well? – Yeah. – I don’t think it made a difference. – No. – You’ve seen me do stand up before? – Yeah.
– Seemed like the same? – It feels like it’s better
by a pretty large margin. – Okay, I– – You did it. – I think I learned that
whenever happens, happens, but it’ll be okay. I felt very close to other bald
guys that were here tonight and I feel like I could
really relate to them, and I felt like I had a
whole new group of friends. – So, what do you think you’re
going to let yourself go bald? – Nah. ♪ Live a little, live it up, let’s get ♪

🦋Escucha a tu corazón, no te rindas, ese dolor que hoy sientes en tu interior, se irá

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100 Replies to “A Comedian Confronts His Extreme Anxiety About Balding”

  1. Is this comedian's shtick trying to make people feel sorry for him? This guy must have gotten this "comedian" position because of his family's connections or something.

  2. For what it's worth, I think you look pretty cute bald with the beard.. it's the confidence of a man that really makes him shine.. and as you transitioned from behind the stage.. to on the stage .. to back behind the curtain again, I think your sexiest was your brief display of confidence once you sat back in the chair. Lol.. I get it tho, that it was probably because you were nervous being bald on stage for the first time😊 and it was a great moment of relief that the experiment was over lol .. but all in all as long as you love how you look, that confidence will definitely be apparent.. muah and best wishes!

  3. Just lean into it shave it all and start taking steroids like that pornstar guy. They wont notice the hair if you have muscles just ask Joe Rogaine.

  4. I told a White male friend of mine to just go bald when he said he was losing his hair. He said I’m not Jordan, many people think bald white men are skin heads and when the hair grows back the scalp looks green. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Long story short he did not go bald. Anthony looks great without hair and he is an amazing actor.

  5. Nope keep your hair it's good for the comedic aspect shaving it just makes you more serious and concerned with your look

  6. Shaving your head due to balding is no shame. It largely depends on the shape of your head (and if you can grow a beard). It feels amazing to have a freshly shaved head tho. Also, all black men look amazing bald.

  7. I'm in the same boat and from the research I've done, hair transplant surgery costs upwards of $10K and you often have to have it done more than once. Even after the surgery you will still have to use hair growth products including the pills they mention here, which do have negative side effects in many men. Basically if you're loosing your hair and want to keep it, it's a never ending battle, and it can be quite expensive. I think just going natural and shaving my head will have to be the way to go when the time comes.

  8. Sometimes I think my life sucks but then I see bald people. I wouldn’t wish baldness on my worst enemy. The only thing worse is being short (shudder)

  9. Yo Comedy Central I heard someone coming to your front door, they are dangerous. Make a complaint to the FBI "YOUR ENDANGERED"🖕

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  11. I did 4 years in the Marines, I kept my head shaved during that time. I still shave my head to this day and its 20 years later. If I could remove my hair permanently, I would. I prefer bald.

  12. With many people becoming bald would really make them look worse.
    But this guy would actually look better if he shaved his head and kept the beard. He just has to commit!

  13. just accept it it doesn´t matter or get implants whatever it doesn´t matter
    if you think it matters your wrong your character and personality matters and paying attention matters

  14. The fat guy would give up erections to keep his hair, but cant be bothered to take care of his body. Fat is far less attractive than bald, weird priorities. Hair loss is hereditary, fat is a choice.

  15. Would rather be with a sexy confident man owning his bald head that with a man hanging on to thinning hair that in truth is Begging to be shaved off.
    And bald men have much higher levels of testosterone and that is sexy.

  16. You look much better bald! I lost my hair 10 years ago. It sucked at first but then, not only did I get used to it but everyone kept telling me how good I looked. It only took me a couple weeks to embrace it.

    If anyone is afraid of the transition, I recommend to cut off a little at a time and let people, as well as yourself, get used to it. Then cut off a little more, everyone get used to it again, etc etc etc. It’s a bit easier than having hair and jumping into bald forever.

  17. As I lose more and more hair on the top of my head, I realize that God has made up for it by giving me more hair in my ears and my nose.

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    • No advise
    • No Suggestions
    HOWEVER! I'm sure therapist took this Jew's money.

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    It took me some time to realize that they've added some real life clips. Nice! ☺️
    13:00 The real comedy show starts.

  21. This is why paying a therapist is absolutely a waste of money. They give u absolutely no advice. They spend the entire 55 minutes staring at u through long drawn out pauses. Insane.

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