A recurrent cyst removed via punch biopsy tool

A recurrent cyst removed via punch biopsy tool

So this was removed, this has been here for 10 years, ten years and you had it lanced twice and they tried to remove it but it didn’t come. They actually never excised it, well they did excise it, they put stitches here. Somebody actually cut it out and put stitches, right? Yes. -And then it came back.
-The second time. Little baby pinch here okay? I’m going to put some numbing right there. -You already said you didn’t feel too much.
-Yeah. Ooo I just got sprayed. Thankfully it was on my shirt. You got me sprayed. That’s okay, it was my fault, I should’ve just… Keep my mouth shut. Did you get that Jocelyn? The spray, did you see I got it Chris and Valerie? I got payback. Yours is out to get me, out for blood. *laughing* I’m going to just tape your hair back a little bit. Let me see, let me see what we’ve got here first. What we’re trying to do is see if we can get it out without having to do a wider excision because this has been removed before, it’s been tampered with before. So that might mean that it won’t come off in one easy piece but it just felt so nice and easy. You okay? Mmhmm I think it might come out. You okay over there? I need you to push down on the top so I can grab it. It’s just not… not behaving. It’s not letting me grab it. I’m going to grab a little bit and then I’m going to try to tease it. -I’m not hurting you, right?
-No -Make sure you tell me if I ever hurt you.
-Okay I’m going to push against you. -Your husband doesn’t like to squeeze stuff like this huh?
-He does not, no. You have to travel an hour away to get somebody to do that for you *laughing* I bet you could’ve found someone closer if you put an ad out *laughing* They’re everywhere, popaholics are everywhere. -You’re okay?
-Yeah. Okay, it’s coming out. There was a tendon at the end, that one’s obviously a cyst. I would be shocked if that one came back. Look at that, it’s nice and clean. Now, you think you have someone to help you take a little suture out? Oh yeah, no problem. Yeah you can do that in like I’m going to say about ten days. Sure. I think there’s going to be two. Okay, yeah, no problem. Let me double check, but I’m pretty sure it’ll just be two. May I ask what your tattoo is? Is it a family member? It was my high school boyfriend. Yeah he passed away I’m so sorry. At least it wasn’t right on there. -So it doesn’t distort it and give it different words.
-Yeah *laughs*

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  1. I'm sorry but I have never seen a tattoo that enhanced a woman's beauty. Theyre for sailors and marines.

  2. I see, the shiny white member is the sack that incases the cyst has to be removed or the cyst fills again. Excellent work doctor!

  3. I'm even impressed with the skill in which she does the stitches. Squeezing shit out is one thing but putting stitches in looks difficult man.

  4. Hi doctor, I got my cyst removed with surgery in 2015, but then it came back again with keloid. I want to know whether I will get keloid again?

  5. Years ago I had a cyst on my back removed after rupturing, had weeks of packing to prevent reoccurrence which was all good and no dramas. I’ve noticed recently, and this is TMI, but the scarring seems to ooze an extremely smelly kind of gunk when squeezed. Not sure what this is or if it’s normal? I don’t believe its regrowth as there is no lump or change to the scar. Would love to know your thoughts.

  6. So like, do internal cysts like ovarian cysts have this kinda stuff in them too? I've always wondered lol

  7. I told my GP that I watch pimple popping etc to relax me. He just smiled. He had just told me that I had 8 fractures in my spine and also problems with my hips, the left worse then right. I am drugged up and just nodding of until the pain catches me again and I wake up again.
    The chemotherapy and radiation treatments didn't kill me although it certainly was close and it has caused my spine to fall apart on me.
    I have to have 2 x iron infusions on Tuesday and in the morning I will have a Bone Density done as well.
    I am going to have to have a colonoscopy and gastroscopy to rule out Colon Cancer????
    I said ' hey how about stopping the negative results from X-rays and cat scans as well as blood tests?..
    But I am grateful the GP has decided to share my problems with an endroconologist and bring my oncologist
    into the picture.
    He ended up not charging the $166.00 for the double appointment too. A very descent man who I believe was shocked
    With what he had to tell me.
    Not as bad as what Oncologists have to do everyday!
    One thing I never had was pimples but I did get some small blackheads on my back which my ex used to pop for me. I haven't had cysts but my dad did and of course I never removed the sac so it kept coming back for me to clean up for my dad. I wish he was here to hold my hand. Even at nearly 68 I miss his company when we painted each other's homes.
    He would have loved watching this with me. Sadly he never even saw what we all use daily.
    I watched him die from meningococcal after turning black and had had his leg cut off. But this shocking disease took him as well as
    10 young children late 1996 and 1997! Many kids were left with limbs being amputated. All within a 15 Kim radius and all under 5 yo age. Dad was no where near that area. So we have no idea how he was infected.

  8. Was it bad when I first thought you were just making a hole bigger instead of punching in a bigger hole? Still, what made you want to go into this line of work? Natural talent, desire, or something else?

  9. A cyst with Forever tattooed next to it – maybe remove the tattoo!! that’s manifesting the cyst!! lol

  10. Amazing to me how many other people besides dr. Pimple popper that works on people without gloves no way.

  11. Moral of the story ….. Never get a name of a g/f …. b/f…. Spouse on your body. They can (& prolly will) walk outta your life at some point.
    Only tattoo your kids name
    or MOM ❤ ……… better chances of no cyst developing💦

  12. Very ironic the word "forever" is next to the cyst! It's like telling everybody that it is never going to go away!

  13. I wish once a month or so she (Dr Lee) would let the assistant have a little squeeze. I hate how she says something like 'I know you want to squeeze it'and then pushes her side and has all the fun. Lol it MUST be very frustrating for those assistants. Especially when they seen all to be popaholics

  14. I can understand if people get these things on their backs or just some where on them where it is going to basically be unnoticed….but I don't understand when some one lets a cyst or pimple on their face get to the point where it is the size of a baseball..

  15. Has Dr. PP changed the pain killer she injects. In the old vids people used to scream when it was injected

  16. Why is she always giving people So many shots..
    I don't understand that because some of those things don't even need a shot

  17. Hello there, I want to know if Fopobiacne Secrets, will really work for me? I notice lots of people keep on talking about this popular acne treatment.

  18. People on this channel be like "its been there for 10 YEARS". If anything is on my body that doesn't belong there for more than 3 days it bothers me

  19. I used to work as a CNA in a nursing home and one of my patients had one of these. It took tweezers, thumb tack & squeezing to get it out but it came out without bleeding. She just had a small hole in her back from that point on but it didnt return. I think i kept it from returning by changing her body wash for her skin type and also occasionally exfoliated her skin.

  20. Man that back is a definite doggy style mood killer. I'll bet that cyst came from a dirty tattoo gun. Just to obvious since it formed right at the start of the tattoo.

  21. Buenooo párese que yo soy la única bilingüe””” que le gusta informarse y aprender, magnifica la Doctora y su colectivo que bueno es encontrarse a un buen profesional que realmente estudio y trabaja en lo que realmente quiere FELIZIDADES

  22. Why do some doctor do not remove the sack? Do they not know that by removing the sack is most important part to prevent the cyst from growing back?

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