Akumo, The Father of All Saiyans (Part 1)

Akumo, The Father of All Saiyans (Part 1)

I heard you’re incredibly strong I’ve come to challenge you to a fight you wish to do battle who are you that dare challenge me ? [laugh sound] I am Saiyan that protects Earth Son-Goku What a strange name you have Why do you come here in search of combat? Whis said that you are really old guy He said you’re incredibly strong Please fight me I am the god Akumo The father of all Saiyans (intense music) You have some guts to challenge me kid! No mortal can defeat Akumo So you’re the first Saiyan!? If that’s the case let’s see what you made of Why do you fight? What truth do you seek? I just love to fight strong guys I won’t be satisfied until i’m the strongest You remind me of, What i was youthful However Attacking your elder is insolence Do not be mistaken I have no intention of being friend’s with You But I’d make a great sparring partner I cannot afford to waste time here My destiny awaits me You’re incredibly strong If you don’t want to spare with me… Then what exactly are you after? This universe was once mine As with the other’s I’ve come to reclaim it This universe isn’t something you can “just claim” Just which universe are you actually from!? Universe 18 What!? Has he ? Has he ever erased all existence? Yes. There used to be 18 universe. So, 6 of those universes… Please restore all of the universe that were erased Long ago, I ruled over 3 universes The king of everything created the multiverse and he appointed gods to oversee them Each universe came in a set of three The king of everything destroyed 13-18 And with that erasure He destroyed me as well! You must be extremely old! Now that i have returned I will have my revenge But i won’t stop at just three I will rule all of the universes with my iron fist! King of heaven King of hell King of everything I’m not just going to sit her and let you take over my planet Over my dead body ha ha ha I see You have ability to turn into the battle form But that is not the true transformation of my bloodline It seems that over the millennia my genes have been.. Diluted This is …. The standard transformation , Super Saiyan It looks the same for all of us You couldn’t be further from the truth,pleasant Allow me to shock you with the true.. TRANSFORMATION So that really is the true Super Saiyan form… Alright let get this party started Come Do you see now? You are no match for me It…Its not over yet Kneel before your king Join me as we conquer the universe Don’t get ahead of yourself There’s one more thing i can try I had lot of trouble using it at first But with enough training I’ve mastered it Has he really mastered.. I didn’t think i would need to use this I first activated it battling a very strong opponent As all of the gods watched over us I’m familiar with Ultra instinct How is that possible? Because… I’m the one who invented it to be continued…

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  1. Ratsam media seems like subliminal sntichery to me.. Is this made in Asia?? Sam is America or samcro… And our nations are filled with enemies we may need to deal with very soon.. Then restart the entire language to erase tar and star from our vocabulary.. And teller.. saiyan.. And many names sorry to sound like a nazi but maybe they could have stopped our freedom to end our historic strong white race.. By allowing victim card puller to enslave our people with drugs and false reality using the young generation…

  2. Broly I See is the only Sayian that had gone the closest or has the same Identical super Sayian form as Akumo in this DB fiction parts.

  3. The dialogue was a little wack when he said "i invented it" lol.. I would have written
    "I am the first being to ever master the technique.
    Witness my limitless power ahhhhh"

  4. Ok, i can see brolys transformation be a true, pure blood saiyan battle form, but ultra instinct was mastered by the father of the angels then passed down, it couldnt have been invented by a saiyan

  5. In manga,akumo the king of all saiyan and the universe 13 was erased by zeno revived by kensai,whis mother and wife of the grand priest

    Thats all☺☺

  6. Damn this should have been Broly's real dad right here same green aura it would make sense
    They could have had it to where paragus was Akumos loyal servant who after he akumo dies carried out his plans for Broly…….good shit tho I like this!!

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