Amish Girl & Family Flee to Avoid Forced Chemotherapy

Amish Girl & Family Flee to Avoid Forced Chemotherapy

an Ohio Amish girl and her family have
lead to avoid forced chemotherapy Kevin sent
me this story via MSN is an 11-year-old Amish girl who is here
in hiding after an Ohio Court ruled that she must
listen to medical professionals and continue chemotherapy which is a treatment her parents don’t
want because the treatments maker sick this is Sarah Hershberger her
parents would rather pursue natural treatments instead love up
chemotherapy for her leukemia she’s been battling it
since April those treatments may be working family
members say that recent scans shows show that the girl is cancer-free after
a visit to a natural cancer treatment center in central
America the parents initially took the advice of
the medical professionals and started chemotherapy it made her feel very sick as often
happens and I the drugs that appear to work
however the tumors on her neck chest in kidneys diminished incise however parents decided to stop
treatment after she really wasn’t feeling well from from these treatments instead they took
her to a alternative cancer treatment center in central america and they say that she is now doing it
better the family attorney is saying that it’s the constitutional right and it is a moral right to refuse
conventional medical treatment if you want to the family is now back in
the US from Central America they are in hiding to avoid avoid this
court ruling that says you must continue the chemotherapy and they’re maintaining
she’s doing well with the alternative treatment the Amish are very religious and skeptical love many facets of modern life but as has
been widely reported rejecting traditional are or not I’m
sorry I’m I don’t wanna make miss mix-up terms rejecting the modern
medical treatment is not actually part Amish culture as as a rule Louis right where they did
go with it in the first place so i mean clearly it’s not like I’m it’s not like they had something against
their that practice but they just didn’t like
the way it made her daughter be also decided to change it I’m I mean
I I hope they a realized its it works right yeah I
want to be clear this is not a faith healing type situation this is very
different and i actually happen to agree that years from now we will likely look
back at chemotherapy and say why were we using such a primitive it
error will look at it the way we look now at
all at older treatments for certain things and will say it doesn’t make sense to have a
treatment that makes the entire body so compromised and so sick it read a localized tumor that’s
probably going to be the case years from now but that being said right now it is accepted that it that in
many cases chemotherapy can provide a cure to mayor parte havoc you are too
many many cancer so this is not faith healing
and I’m not criticizing it for that reason we have to examine does this treatment
actually provide the girl with the best chance to live doctors are saying that it does right at
least they’ve accepted the medicine and hospitals and treatment
centers as an option I not nearly as bad as the speaking the
stories we’ve been talking about send me your thoughts on this when I’m
curious I know what the but the majority audience consensus is on a feeling and it’s the
same one that we come to on this program was which is that it’s criminal but I’m curious what your thoughts are
about this particular situation especially when there are
adults who will refuse chemotherapy because they don’t want to go through
with the symptoms of course they are often much more ill
and much more likely to not respond the chemotherapy doctor saying in this
case that that it probably would be effective on today’s bonus show
lewis’s going to tell an incredible story that he was not comfortable telling for
a long time because there were police involved there were drugs involved in a
bunch of other stuff and much more join today and access the
bonus show: within minutes David Pakman dot com slash membership we welcome your support we
actually depend on your support will be back after this

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68 Replies to “Amish Girl & Family Flee to Avoid Forced Chemotherapy”

  1. Well how the hell so you treat cancer David if not chemotherapy, are you expecting nanites to be developed amd perfected to kill tumors cell by cell.

  2. I've been a long standing believer that native americans have the best traditional cancer treatments, chemo savvy.

  3. 1:14
    Of course she's doing better now that she stopped taking chemo.
    She'll probably die of cancer pretty soon though, sad.

  4. As an adult, I could choose to reject treatment.  My reasoning may simply be because I do not want to experience the horrific side-effects and immense cost for the 5% chance the chemotherapy will extend my unpleasant life for another 6 months.
    So, how would the parents of an ill child communicate the same rejection for similar reasons without being persecuted by the lawman?  Please note my question has nothing to do with religion.

  5. honestly, i like this show but sometimes its really hard for me to stay a fan when these guys seem to be constantly and fervently on the side that "the system works". anyone who opposes that opinion is instantly implied to be rash or premature in their decision making. my opinion on this matter: while i disagree with the amish culture, i agree with their decision to seek alternative healthcare outside of the u.s. because the american health organization has become a blatant and hideous money-grubbing, scheming corporation. and given obamacare's taxing of people who don't have insurance, i'd think twice about just how much the government cares about its citizen's health as opposed to their money. now, as far as this show's concerned, they'd regard my opinion as premature because "the system works". COME ON PAKMAN SHOW! you're 3 inches away from being staunch republicans because of your almost blind support of a clearly failing system!

  6. While i do not have leukemia, i do have its cousin lymphoma and yes the chemo will make you ill, in the long run you will feel much better. There are also better treatments coming all the time. Its worth it.

  7. I'm not sure where the issue is. The laws let them go, they can get away with child neglect, and this I'd actually call murder. They will always get away with it, thanks to the fact that few sane people vote and mostly psychopaths always make it out to the polls.

  8. I'm in a public place and don't have headphone, forgetful me, so I was hoping to catch the story from reading it. The first dozen of so automation mistakes was ok but it's became unbearable. So don't count on automated transcripts that for archival.

  9. I don't know we're I stand on this….. It's not necessarily neglect… I don't like that a court stepped in. Cancer is hard for me to process than an infection, or a virus, or some developmental malformation. And together with the effects of the chemo…. I don't agree with the family, but I can understand where they are coming from and I don't think the should have to flee like this….

  10. If you think David had a point about localized treatment methods making chemo seem silly, then we're really going to feel foolish when we figure out the cure is something as simple as a diet. Converting your cells' food supply from glucose to ketone bodies will impair your brain function and diminish your muscle mass, but when you consider that cancer cells suck at utilizing ketone bodies and will effectively starve to death, it makes it worth the trouble. And no, I'm not blowing smoke up your ass. The ketogenic diet is a real thing and they have been successfully treating epilepsy patients with it for decades now. It's about damned time to realize what else it's useful for.

  11. So what exactly does a judge know about medical treatment?  If the prosecuting side was inept can a second opinion been sought?  The US is ~27th at treating leukemia, and yes parts of South America have better success rates.   Anyone who think this has to do with religion is insane- the Amish just realize how screwed up our society is.

  12. This story creeps me out. How can they force anything on their child? If the family  doesn't want their child to have this treatment, its their right to reject it. What are they going to do, strap her down kicking and screaming? Knock her out? This is grotesque.

  13. It is in the best interest of the child that she continue to receive chemotherapy. These stupid and dangerous parents don't have the right to risk their child's life.

  14. they are giving her the care that is best for her. people need to educate themselves reg treatment options and their efficacy before judging these folks.

  15. To many of the post's sound like they are coming from ignorant conservatives. Did you not hear David say recent scans show her cancer free. The treatment in Central America worked. Pay attention.

  16. The whole problem with the discussion is that everyone thinks they did it because they are amish. It might have been a factor, but listen to the actual argument and you can hear why they opose it.

  17. The family made a decision that any other family in this country could have reasonably made. They should have the right to do so since the treatment worked and she is cancer free.

  18. I am confused about why they are being forced into having chemotherapy.
    However, I know from experience that chemo can make you feel like hammered shit – but Id rather feel crap for a while and live, rather than feel alright and slowly start feeling worse and die. Chemotherapy reactions are subjective, some people get it bad some don't – but if your doctor is saying that it is working, why the fuck would you stop!! She feels better now because they have stopped pumping her full of chemicals, but the leukaemia is loving that it's home is more hospitable again; chemo is meant to make you sick, cancer struggles to survive in a host that is toxic to it.
    I don't think people should be forced into having anything like this done, but I will have little sympathy for the family if she dies from her cancer – this is stupidity on a dangerous level.

  19. If the courts begin to force particular medical treatments on the Amish, they may be less likely to seek medical treatment in the future.  'For the children.'

  20. This is  wrong the parents should be able to decide so long as they're not letting religion dictate what they do. I can't see how this is legal.

  21. If an autonomous agent wishes to refuse life sustaining treatment, then that wish must be respected. This is often the only way a person in an incapacitated state can choose to end their life in this country, i.e. by refusing a feeding tube,hydration, a ventilator, etc.. (although physician assisted suicide is now legal in 4 states). Things like renal dialysis, antibiotics, and chemotherapy also fall under this type of treatment.

    The problem with children deciding to refuse treatment rests on their level of understanding. In order to be autonomous one must be as fully informed as is possible, and aware of the consequences of your action (or in this case inaction).

    It is questionable whether a child can truly grasp something of this magnitude.A form of paternalism is usually preferred in the US, with a doctor being deferred to for these sorts of decisions.

  22. You can be forced to receive medical treatment?
    Chemotherapy is poison. It does more harm to the body than good. If you have cancer, then you should reform your diet and lifestyle and seek alternative treatment.

  23. You can't put all chemotherapy into one category.  Cancers have extreme ranges of survivability rates, and different chemo's have drastically different effects on the body.  If you have a easily cured cancer with 95% survival rate, it would be criminal to turn it down.  If you only have 5% survival rate, then that isn't nearly as idiotic to turn down.

  24. She's a child, if children aren't capable of making smart decisions, like they'd rather just eat foods that will put them in a sugar coma, than they shouldn't be allowed to make a choice when their life can be saved. Also so what she's sick after the medicine? Get her some pot and she'll be better. When parents have no sense the child's welfare falls to the state, because personally I'd rather have a pissed off kid than a dead one.

  25. It's called 'alternative medicine' for a reason. It's because it's the alternative to what actually works. 
    Deny her chemo and she will most likely die. If the parents are too stupid to make the decision that will save her life of course the state should step in. 
    'Rights', 'Freedom'… She has the right to be free of negligent parents that will send her to her grave. 

  26. Ive seen people go thru Chemotherapy.. Its a pretty difficult even for 'healthy' adults.. Im glad we are discovering new ways to fight cancer and many other diseases.. and i hope someday we do indeed look back on Chemo and say.. gosh.. that must have sucked. untill then however.. 

  27. A few religious families by me absolutely refuse to go to any doctors,amazing how many still think"god will heal them".I even tried telling them we maybe their god wants them to go they wont listen.

  28. unfortunately, this is yet another tragic example of the public stigma of medical marijuana which in this case will likely end up punishing an ill child for the ignorance of her parents and, sadly, much of society. there are low-THC strains of cannabis that specifically address the limited options for pediatric cancer treatment. they are low in THC and therefore do not get the kid stoned, allowing them to remain functional, while being high in CBD content which alleviates the nausea. the child is able to function normally, is more active, sees a healthier disposition, and sees his/her appetite return. sadly, rather than first exploring every other option to deal with the side effects- which medical marijuana has been proven to do- this child's parents are simply jumping right into stopping treatment entirely. i truly hope that they change their mind on this. nobody likes seeing their child ill, but id rather my kid be nausea stricken and alive than dead and, well, dead, especially since cannabis has proven to be effective. even if cannabis wouldn't help- which it would-  at least with the chemo you still know exactly what the risks are; your board certified internist would fully educate the patient's parents and thus empower them to make a responsible and informed decision. on the other hand with a "natural" treatment explained to you by some sadistic charlatan has no scientific basis whatsoever, you do not have that same level of certainty, unnecessarily reducing treatment decisions to a cruel game of craps. if they still go through with this, in my opinion, this is tantamount to child abuse. totally irresponsible.

  29. Wait a minute, only the State can treat cancer. We must send agents of the State to raid the homes of these Amish terrorists, destroy their property, and shoot them in order ensure they receive proper medical treatment. (Unless you are over age 60, in which case you are no longer of use to the State and can crawl off and die in a cave somewhere)

  30. Chemotherapy will be laughed at the same way we laugh at the practice of bleeding used a few centuries ago.  GG Big pharma,  you have brainwashed humanity.

  31. Retreat to past ignorance to kill the innocent. And people wonder why others say religion is nothing but poison. Including me.

  32. Chemo therapy KILLS more people than it cures. There are many people who have sought alternative medical treatment such as the Gerson therapy who are totally cured long after chemo patients are dead. Chemo has a 95% failure rate and is based on a five year survival rate.

  33. I think it's life you should have the right to decide what you want to do with it not be forced If you want to go by biblical sense God did give us free will.

  34. I personally know 2 people who died not from cancer but cancer treatment. One of them died just last week. The chemo killed the cancer then her. My aunt spent the last year of her life so sick from all the chemotherapy. It finally killed her instead of the cancer. So if there is an alternative to chemo that works that's what I would do if ,God forbid, I got cancer

  35. I know many people who have survived cancer via natural methods and have not undergone chemo.  Our decisions about health care should be our own, even parents with children.

  36. Amish people dont believe in electricity… So why the hell are they getting x rays? They ride a horse to the hospital for these tests and scans? Lol im confused here

  37. With such extreme treatments the decision really should be up to the individual/family. Chemotherapy really is a monstrous way to deal with cancer.

  38. There's a new video on Vice which visits a family with a young girl who is combining chemo with medical marijuana (which she is given via oil in capsules) and has none of the ill side effects of the chemo. There's not much info on the potential effects of the weed on her brain development, but it seems conclusive that it's helping the pain and other side effects (in her case at least).

  39. Alex Vegas is right on here. Use conventional treatments with natural ones too. It bugs me when people feel they have to go one way or the other. Corporate medicine is partly to blame for this. And some natural therapists too.

  40. it is wrong for anyone to be forced to receive medical treatment.
    it will be interesting to see if this girl remains healthy even after stopping chemo treatment.

  41. Chemo. therapy kills all the cells not just the cancer cells. You fucken morons are so stupid if you believe in anything you are forced to do by the courts. This world as you idiots know it is a hoax and it stays that way because of ignorant morons that support the system. Good job Amish girl.   

  42. CHEMOTHERAPY is Mustard gas, used in WW1 to KILL the enemy! – 5% recovery rate at best! " They" have know for at least 60 years of CURES for Cancer, but have suppressed them! – Hemp Oil, heated Tomatoes, Coconut Oil, Asparagus, Seaweed, Colloidal Silver, Seir Sak (Sour Sop, or Graviola) , Apricot Kernals with pineapple, etc, etc, will all get rid of Cancer better than Chemo. – 77%!

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