ASMR Sleepy Lice Removal Treatment For You👱‍♀️ gentle scalp massage, hair brushing, shampoo

ASMR Sleepy Lice Removal Treatment For You👱‍♀️ gentle scalp massage, hair brushing, shampoo

Hello~ 😀 I’m Myaling 🙂 It’s good to see you again. Today, I’m going to provide a sleepy scalp treatment for you. And I’ll treat your scalp really softly not to irritate the scalp. So, let your mind and body relax completely. Good 🙂 Then first, let me check your scalp condition. Your scalp is a little bit dry.. Do you dye your hair often? Oh, I see. And.. I can see some head lice. I guess you have caught it from somewhere. Did your scalp itch? Okay. Oh.. Some parts of your scalp are red and swelled. And here.. Maybe, it’s like abrasion from scratching your itchy scalp. Check your scalp condition, please. Can you see it? But don’t worry about it. Through a scalp treatment and lice removal therapy, you can have a healthy scalp. Then, let’s wear a gown. I’m going to apply a head lice removal powder to your scalp. And on the other side. Now preparing a clean comb. I’ll remove the lice by combing gently. From the top of your head to the end of your hair. And the other side.. I’ll be using a water spray to wet your hair before shampooing. This shampoo I’m going to use now is suitable for removing head lice. And as you can see, it’s a foam shampoo, so it’s good to use it to the sensitive scalp
without some irritations. How do you feel? Your scalp doesn’t sting even though the shampoo is touching your scalp, does it? Like gently massage. Is the water temperature, okay? If the water is too hot or too cold, please let me know. The next step is drying your hair using a pair of fluffy hair dry gloves. From top to bottom~ Very slowly.. And gently… Now, I’ll be using a scalp ampoule. I don’t need much.. Just a small amount. Like gently massage.. Like drawing a circle with hands. After that, I’ll be using a derma roller
to absorb more the ampoule into your scalp. It doesn’t hurt, so don’t worry~ Applying some argan oil.. to your dry hair.. Then now, let me recheck your scalp condition. Head lice have been removed. And.. the red areas have also subsided. You don’t itch the scalp anymore, do you? That’s a relief 🙂 Lastly, I’ll comb your hair neatly with a soft wooden brush. Using the brush with a round end, like this, is much better for your scalp at your home. The treatment is done. Are you satisfied with the treatment? Oh, I’m glad to hear that. You should also take care of your scalp like usually doing skincare. If you don’t have some time to use hair treatment, please massage your scalp using a scalp ampoule before drying your hair. And then, you can maintain this scalp condition. All right. Then have a good time today~ Bye~

🦋Escucha a tu corazón, no te rindas, ese dolor que hoy sientes en tu interior, se irá

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  1. [Time stamps]

    00:00 Preview

    01:11 Greetings

    02:57 Checking your scalp condition with mini microscope

    06:52 Apply a head lice removal powder with soft brush

    12:46 Removing head lice with a fine-tooth comb

    18:31 Spraying water on your hair

    20:00 Shampooing & Gentle Scalp massage

    23:21 Rinsing your hair

    26:54 Using a pair of fluffy hair dry gloves

    29:38 Massaging your scalp with a scalp ampoule

    32:15 Using a derma roller

    34:28 Dry your hair

    34:53 Applying some argan oil to your dry hair

    36:43 Rechecking your scalp condition

    37:57 Combing your hair with a soft wooden brush

    42:05 Bye bye


    00:00 미리보기

    01:11 인사

    02:57 두피상태 소형현미경으로 검사하기

    06:52 머릿니제거 파우더 바르기

    12:46 참빗으로 머릿니 제거하기

    18:31 물 분무기

    20:00 샴푸 & 두피마사지

    23:21 헹구기

    26:54 부드러운 타올장갑으로 드라이하기

    29:38 두피앰플로 두피마사지

    32:15 mts롤러 사용하기

    34:28 머리 완전히 말리기

    34:53 건조한 모발에 아르간 오일 바르기

    36:43 두피상태 재점검

    37:57 부드러운 나무빗으로 머리 정돈하기

    42:05 끝

  2. My daughter was found to have head lice 3 days into a trip to Vietnam. However – due to having nits already – she didn't get them there – she brought them with her from America. A full check of the entire family found 2 of her cousins having them too – but they must have got them locally – since they too had nits. It was such a fun trip. Hours spent with insecticidal shampoo, picking nits and removing lice – along with them sleeping with hair covered with baby oil. Luckily no one else got them.

  3. Hey it's me, Miss details-because-I-can't-sleep-welp
    She's not even combing, she just stroke the strands of hair with the comb !! Argh it would have make a cooler sound, I expected it.. I hear nothing there sadly

  4. The part with the drying gloves had marvelous sounds but I couldn't stop laughing imagining Mickey Mouse caressing my hair X)

  5. Q cosa más ridícula. Sacarle piojos a una peluca. Eso no es real. De que se estaban alimentando los piojos del plástico?

  6. I hate the way these asmr videos use the lice comb smhhh cause it’s like ughhhhh you aren’t doing it righttt but I love you still♥️🙃

  7. Just a fun fact, lice tend not to like blonde hair as much as dark. Both of my kids had blonde hair & were lice free throughout school.

  8. Half of my friends left me today with only one friend left and I have to be strong for her even though I hurt so much so my anxiety was so bad but with this playing my anxiety went back to its stable slightly off day to day so I greatly appreciate it. 🙂

  9. I'm loving the fizzing sound that the shampoo is making. I have a bit of night time anxiety, I love to hear subtle noises when I'm trying to drift off to sleep. Myaling is so delicate and helps me tremendously. 😴

  10. クオリティ的に頻繁には動画アップできないと思うけど、たまに上がってるのみると喜びも倍☺️❤️


  11. When I had lice at I think 8 years old I also have scalp psoriasis so on top of my scalp already being irritated I also had lice. Sometimes the lice would Get underneath my psoriasis And sometimes lice eggs Would get trapped into my psoriasis. Really hard trying to explain how that happens but I had a bad Infestation on my head And just wanted to say it sucks. Like bad as in lice the width of my fingernail and multiple eggs on one strand of hair.

  12. 언제나 볼 때마다 마네킹이 넘 부러워져요ㅜㅜ 그리고 잠들뻔한 거 끝까지 보고 싶어서 열심히 참았네요ㅋㅋㅋ 오늘도 잘 듣고 잘 봤습니다!!!

  13. I will gladly get lice for Myaling treatments, loved this video!!! So detailed oriented and the sounds come so naturally

  14. This is sooooo weird but soooooo relaxing at the same time. My mom asked me why I watched this video but I was asleep so I couldnt answer the question!

  15. This came up in my recommended and i had no clue why. However now i realise its because youre an angel. I want lice so you can treat my hair! Amazing video!

  16. Hey look another asmr yt I'm subscribing to owo

    The audio and the visuals are really good, and this is coming from someone who has no headphones or earbuds so the sound is coming directly from my phone 😅

  17. Thank you for putting so much effort in every video and presenting all these authentic details/products as well…Huge Appreciation! 💗

  18. This video makes no sense….why are you using a mannequin instead of a real person? How do we no if your product even works? This video is ridiculous and you sound INSANE talking to a mannequin head. Stupid…dumb…..fake

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