Bald Man Gets A Realistic Hair Tattoo

Bald Man Gets A Realistic Hair Tattoo

(buzzing) (whimsical music) – Hi, I’m Matt Iulo, I’m the founder here at Scalp Micro USA. This is a type of tattooing, it’s really classified
as micropigmentation, or cosmetic tattooing, okay. There are some key difference between what we do and what you
know your tattoo artist at the local shop would do. One, we don’t go as deep into the skin. This is to avoid migration over time. We use a specialized pigment that is diluted accordingly
to match the client’s hair tone and skin tone. So today we’re gonna be
starting a first session for our client. It’s an exciting day
for him as it is for us. We’ll be doing some hairline work as well as density work
throughout the scalp. So the fun part is really in the design and the artwork of the hairline, making sure it’s perfect for our client. And then we’ll spend about
an hour and half, two hours, filling in follicle by
follicle throughout the scalp to start bringing back that color to make it look as if
his hair was never gone. – My name is Keith Lawrence, I’m here to do scalp micropigmentation. I felt like my hair was receding,
or it was getting light. I felt like I just didn’t
like the whole bald look. I hope by doing this I can bring back the confidence a little swagger that you would have just by having hair. ♫ Yeah – Excited about your
first session right now? – Yes sir. – [Matt] Okay well today
what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start by cutting
the hair a little shorter. How do you usually wear the hair? – About this height sometimes. Or even a little bit shorter. – Yeah, I’m gonna cut it
down just so I can make sure I can get it to all the areas that need to be treated for you. And then we’ll discuss hairline. Do you have an idea of the
style that you’re after with the hairline? – More of a natural hairline. Not straight edge and sharp, but you know a natural. – Right, not too boxed out. – [Keith] Yeah. – So let me see the head real quick. For today, the big part is
gonna be restoring the hairline. Gonna bring the back in. And also fill in a little
bit of where you’re thinning in the back part. So we can cover this whole area for you. Alright man, you ready to do this? – Ready. – Alright, let’s go. – Let’s do it. (dramatic music) – So what I’m gonna do now is kind of draw it based off
what you were telling me. And then we can modify it after you look if there’s any changes
you want to it, okay. I don’t have to do much, this is just really to blend and we can stop kind of around that area. – Okay. – And let it just naturally
blend into your sideburn. And this is what I’ll be
poking your head with . – Okay. (buzzing) – Feels like a regular haircut with the barbers using a
T-liner to line your head up. I mean, getting a tattoo is worse. I guess it’s kind of
teary eyed a little bit. – Alright my man, you are finished. Check it out. – Looks good, looks good. It looks real good. It looks really good. I’m looking at it and I’m like wow like it just, it looks like my hair, like I just, like you
really just can’t tell. Definitely like a new man. Wow, man. This brought me back to life. Very much. Brought me back to life.

Типичные ошибки новичков в бодибилдинге

Типичные ошибки новичков в бодибилдинге

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100 Replies to “Bald Man Gets A Realistic Hair Tattoo”

  1. … WHY??? He looks good with a bald head! Seriously… I see a lot of videos of good-looking men with nice head shapes doing something about their baldness when they aren't really the ones that need it. Go figure!

  2. Spills ink on head

    Worker:Oh sh*t dont worry it wipes right off….
    Goes to work next day
    Has ink in a has ink all over his head

  3. Yo conocí la técnica de micropigmentación capilar porque me salió un recomendaciones de YouTube el canal de aldemar Campos uno de los mejores micropigmentadores capilares de Europa y en especial de España acá el link :

  4. Not really much of a difference. Either way, they are still bald. Also, I don't like the founder's head. It looks fake.

  5. As a bald man I do see the difference. It's subtle but it's there. However I don't think he needs it. He looks great as is, fit and everything.

  6. He has like the smallest brain cavity i haver seen.. he told the barber to give him :
    "a natural black moron cut"

  7. What about when he actually gets shined head bald . He’s gunna have those tattoo patches of hair lmao

  8. You see it but it only works with a slightly bald head.because it a shadow and he is dark skinned so it's even hard e r to see

  9. Word of advice, stop pushing that hairline way back man. These people want their hair line back, not get it pushed back. I guarantee you will get better reactions.

  10. bOld decision and solution to the bAldness problem, but,.. what happens when your hair grows gray and white in time…. and that tattoo stays black? 😀

  11. "I don't like the bald look."

    Proceeds to shave his head bald. lol

    (Seriously, I thought they were going to do a tattoo to fill in the hair he came in with.)

  12. I thought it will be nothing different before watch the vid. But he actually looks young with the hairline tattoo

  13. as a woman, I want completely bald just to see how I would look. And let me tell you at didn't look good at all but I think most women who look better bald than men.

  14. The tatooer has had the same procedure done on himself, both pretty well done, I got mine done in usa Pennsylvania 2 years ago, dont regret it, makes you look so much younger, cost was $1400.

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