basic wig styling + tips! \\ Alex

I spent ten minutes on my eye makeup and you can’t even see it because of my glasses. whatever, this is a wig video. sup guys! it’s Alex. so, today I’m gonna
show you how I do a basic wig styling. also I will sharing a few tips that I
wish I knew when I started styling. so, if you want to see how I go from this- -to this, continue watching the video! let’s get started. I personally like styling my
wigs on my head so that I could see how the hair lays with my personal face
shape and how it just works with my face. as you can see, I’m starting out by
cutting the side pieces, and a bit of the bangs just thinning it out and doing
small, piece by piece, just to play around with the wig and seeing how it
works out. now, as you can see you should never cut
straight across because it’ll just look very unnatural, unless your wig is supposed to
look like that, don’t do it. cut in an up-and-down motion because that
just makes it look so much better and so much more professional and it just, yeah. just take random pieces from the sides and from the back and from
everywhere and just trim it up-and-down until you’re happy with it! and you can
always cut more but you can’t add more- -well, you can add more hair but it’s really
difficult. just go slowly and surely. I’m just thinning out the bangs and the
side pieces. and I’m just playing around with it
before the actual hairspray or anything, so I can see how it works and
what I’m going to do. and if an area looks a bit too full or just weirdly
shaped you can always just thin it out by taking a few pieces and trimming them
and just fluffing it out. also as you saw before I actually cut the little
elastic pieces, I find them sort of useless with my gigantic head. and I’m just
continuing with cutting the back and cutting the sides, getting rid of that mullet. I always cut the back very very
short because it makes it look a lot more natural- well, yeah a lot more natural and less like you have a wig from the 80s. now, you can’t do a lot about
having a cheap wig, my hair will probably always show under it, especially
with a light wig, but you can take your non-toxic glue stick and glue the sides to the face so that it lays like your own hair or like over your hair and most of
the time it makes it look much better. now, to finish that off I’m spraying the
entire wig and some parts that I see that just lay the wrong way, and when
you’re buying spray I highly recommend buying one says “strong hold” or
something like that, just look at the labels and see if they’re supposed to be
for styling or for anything else. and that’s it! I hope this video helped you
out. this isn’t one of my best wigs and it came out kind of bad, but I showed you the basics. future Alex here. I am currently editing the video and I
realized that I forgot to film an outro! so thanks for watching, I hope you
enjoyed the video and if you have any questions comment them down below, like and subscribe! bye

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