Bebird Smart Ear Pick Product Review (Oddly Satisfying)

Bebird Smart Ear Pick Product Review (Oddly Satisfying)

Okay guys so keeping to the theme of
personal hygiene, I have another product to recommend you guys this time and it
is a smart ear pick by BeBird which is kind of
supported by Xiaomi therefore the packaging looks very
similar and if you’re wondering like, “Bruce shouldn’t we not be picking our
ears or ear wax and all that because it protects the ears and all that?” Yes true
and false. True because yes, it protects the ears. False because the way I look
at it is if you wear earphones and I mean in ear earphones the one which reaches into the ear, naturally you’ll be pushing your wax
somewhere already. It’s gonna be unnatural for ears to form ear wax,
that and Q-Tips so anything that pushes your wax inwards you should be digging your
ears anyways. Now, I’m pretty sure some of you have like a guilty pleasure on
youtube like you go online it’s kind of like pimple popper but for ears. So
like ear wax extraction and all that that kind of video. So satisfying to
watch but what if I tell you with this product, you can actually create your own
videos. Let’s open the packaging and have a look. It’s the BeBird T.5. This is I think
the most basic model they have. There’s some instruction manuals as well as usage
instructions and a QR code for you to scan and therefore download the app. Very
important, I’m gonna show you why next. Package itself is quite simple, it’s just
the device and two additional picks those two are hard this is like a soft
PVC thing that flexes along and that’s the one and I’ve been using all this
while, no problem. It charges via mini USB I think
and let me show you why it’s so amazing there’s a light at the end so you don’t
have to like shine an extra torchlight just to look inside I already have the
app installed so I’m gonna just turn it on and then select the product. Once it’s
connected I can press this. Guess what I can now look inside my ears. Ugh, look at
that! Oh look at that! I’ve always had no issues digging my own
ear but it’s just like sometimes you don’t know if you’re digging your ear or
if you’re actually scratching it so having the camera actually helps. So
aside from just digging your ears right, you can also use various functions such
as taking a photo, taking a video so with this you can actually record the
video of your own extraction. It is that amazing. When it comes to digging the
ears of someone else, that’s the problem because you have to shine light in just to
look at where you’re digging, that’s probably the trickiest bit of it.
I decided to try it out myself Not on myself but on Shareen and then have her
try digging my ears using that and these are the results You see that you see that? But it’s so hard to pick, though. I lie down, isn’t it better? Okok. You try lie down.Let’s do your right ear first. Oh you see that? You feel thhat? This is the
worst time to drop something. Yuck! Can you take it away? But let me see. Ewwww It’s not as big as your usual ones. Does it hurt less now that you can
see what’s going on? Yeah This is like a big piece. Oh oh it’s nasty oh my god. Eh this is damn fun seriously. There’s something
satisfying about doing this. No, Simba! Now is not the time! Go Away. Oh no, did I drop one? Stop dropping stuff! Eh, you think so easy ah? See?There’s nothing! Neh! Got one piece. There’s one orange piece in the back . You see it? Can feel it like tearing away from my skin. It will come out one la. I think that’s all already. Okay! How would you rate this item? Not bad. I give this a 10/10. A bit gross. Yeah, but that’s the point of it. Okay, let’s go eat! Alright that’s it for the video. I hope
you are not grossed out by it. So would I recommend this? Yes, yes, definitely yes! I
think this is the future of ear digging. So satisfying to use, so safe to use
especially because you know what you are digging where you are reaching where you are scratching
and you you lower the risk of injuring yourself.
That’s probably the most important part of it, I feel. This runs up to 119 RMB. With
shipping, you’re looking about me 125 RMB or so that works out to about SGD25
which is quite pricey for an ear pick but when you consider the fact that that’s
battery there’s lights that even video transmissions, I think is all the more
worth it and it makes ear digging so much more safer so much more enjoyable. So yeah! If
you like this please go ahead and buy it I have the Taobao link in the
description. Bye bye see you next time hopefully I’m not doing another personal
hygiene video in front of you.

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  1. I know this question is going to pop up sooner or later so I'll ask this first, where else are you going to stick the product into???

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