Best Hair Restoration (FUE) Procedure Day w/ Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

Best Hair Restoration (FUE) Procedure Day w/ Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

[Beverly Hills Hair Group] [Fabien Beretta
Executive Director]
Sammy, you excited for your
hair restoration? [Sammy T., Patient]
I’m very excited it’s uh, it’s been a few years now that my hair
has been thinning out, and Ben’s been treating me with PRP and the results are
actually pretty impressive, but this is something that I want to do for uh long
term, was uh almost a preventative as I see my, the front of my hairline
receding and was starting to lose some hair right here up on the top of my head.
So came over here, Fabien’s been amazing, I’ve known Ben for years and he’s the
best at what he does quite frankly so definitely trusting my head and hair
with him. [Fabien]
I was gonna ask you why you come to Dr. Ben Talei and not someone else, but you just answered the question. [Sammy T., Patient]
Yeah, he’s just, he’s an amazing guy, he just, he knows what he’s
doing in all aspects of life and especially in this, in this industry of
plastic surgery so. [Fabien]
Very cool, we’ll lead you to the procedure room now and get you started. You can
follow all the procedure in this video. Drawing the patient’s blood to get the PRP out of it, getting 120 ccs. How do you feel
Sammy? [Sammy T., Patient]
By the way, I told you I was nervous, it was not a big deal, it was uh one
minute of, I would say on a pain scale of one to ten, maybe a three most of the
time, four at some point, but I mean. [Fabien]
So the numbing was okay? [Sammy T., Patient]
Yeah tattoo removal is like six
times worse than this, hair, hair removal is worse than this so. [Fabien]
Happy to know, so you hear that, if you want to go ahead and do hair restoration, the numbing is really not a big deal and then after that, just cruise control. [Fabien Beretta, Executive Director]
The hair patient Sammy that gave his testimony earlier, we just drew 120 ccs of blood
that we’re going to spin down and get some super concentrated PRP. So the
difference between our PRP system and most PRP systems is that it actually
gives you super concentrated PRP. We spin the first vial at a minute a half at 300
RPM, and then we extract the poor-platelet plasma and we spin it again at five
minutes at 300 RPM, giving us a super concentrated PRP
that’s obviously more potent and that’s actually more real. For a spin, we get the
platelet-poor plasma, we’re gonna extract that, put it in the other tube, spin
it again at 5 minutes 300 RPM, and out of this we’re gonna get some super
concentrated PRP. The spin from the platelet-poor plasma, we spun it down 5
minutes at 300 RPM, at the bottom you get the super concentrated PRP, which
is approximately 7 ccs, the top is platelet-poor plasma that we’re gonna use with
the Acell. From the 120 ccs of blood, we got 14 ccs of
platelet-rich plasma, and we got approximately 25 of platelet-poor plasma.
We’re gonna use the Acell, which is an animal derivative, and it has scaffolding
protein that helps with the growth factor, it’s very close to stem cell
properties. We’re gonna use this and mix it with 15 ccs of PRP, so basically
we’re mixing it and reconstructing it. This we’ll use to re-inject into the
patient’s scalp. The remaining PPP, we’re gonna use to basically soak the
follicles in before the implantation phase, and the 14 ccs of PRP, we’re actually
going to inject directly into the patient’s scalp to cover the entirety of the
scalp in order to target all the existing follicles. The PRP, the idea behind it is,
that gives the follicles a second youth, so it makes them re-grow stronger and faster. [Extraction phase
The extracting phase, extracting the follicles from the donor area, which is always the
back and the side of the head. The reason being is that the follicles in that area are not
affected by the testosterone; therefore once you re-implant them into the top of the
head, they don’t leave, they stay where they are. So it’s very
straightforward, the machine comes in, basically see it as a high suction
machine extracts the grafts and this part is done. In the extracted grafts, we’re separating
the ones by group, one, two, three, and then we’re gonna use the platelet-poor plasma that
we talked about earlier to let them soak, it gives them a better foundation and a better survival rate. There it is,
we’re soaking those little follicles with the platelet-poor plasma. So Sammy, we’re just done with the
extraction phase, can you tell us how you felt, give us your feedback on it? [Sammy T., Patient]
I was actually really nervous cause I’m not good with needles. It was about two minutes of
taking small pinches, and after that, I didn’t feel a thing. I probably slept
through half of it, just kind of mellowing out listening to my iphone music and it
was a very pleasant experience. The girls are taking good care of me, they got a
lot of good experience and looking forward to the rest of this procedure
and getting some good results. [Fabien]
Well we’re gonna go into doing some PRP
right now and after that, we’ll break for lunch, and then we’ll go into the implantation
phase. [Benjamin Talei, MD
Facial Plastic Surgeon]
Right now we’re in the middle of our hair transplant, this is a FUE,
follicular unit extraction hair transplant, so we’ve taken away the
grafts from here with little tiny needles, just tiny little needle pokes taking
out follicular units, we’ve set them aside over there and they’re soaking
right now in platelet-poor plasma. Here I have the platelet-rich plasma,
we’re gonna inject the scalp before doing the hair transplant. So we’re gonna
micro-needle into the scalp, and this along with the PPP, helps increase
survival of the donors of the grafts that we’ve been putting in there, and
it’s also gonna help nourish or stimulate growth of the native hair
follicles. So these hairs that are there right now, instead of just transplanting
around them and waiting for them to go away, we’re actually stimulating them to
grow as well. So you’re doing two things in this hair transplant, one is you’re
bringing density from the side of the head up top, and the other one is that
you’re increasing the density of the pre-existing or already existing hair
follicles up top by doing PRP. So the evidence for it, we’re still studying and
seeing if we can prove how it works, but if you look at the results from the
trusted surgeons in the country who do this, they’ll tell you that if you do it
properly, which is with very, very highly concentrated PRP, and also using either
emulsified fat or Acell or both, you tend to get a nice result, and the
least we’ve seen so far is that people have less hair loss in the shower. So
this is a great option for people who don’t want to take propecia and aren’t
using Rogaine and they want something else to stimulate, this is the one thing
that we know does help in almost everybody. Some people even have hair
growth from it, we just don’t know what the percentage is yet, it’s about 50%
from what we see. [Fabien]
Let’s go check on our patient who’s having lunch on our patio. Uh not too bad, huh? In between this
procedure, left and right having lunch in the patio in the heart of Beverly
Hills, Golden Triangle. [PLACING THE GRAFTS]
We’re now going through the implantation phase, we’ve
prepped the sites and as you can see, we’re pushing in those little follicles into
the holes reconstructing their hairline, reinforcing their hairline and marching
everything backwards. How do you feel Sammy? [Sammy T., Patient]
I feel like nothing’s happening
really. [Fabien]
Just relaxing. [Sammy T., Patient]
Super relaxed. [Fabien]
It’s like an all-inclusive resort, pretty much huh? [Sammy T., Patient]
All-inclusive. [Fabien]
We’re in the final phases of implanting the last grafts, Sammy’s happy
he’s gonna go home soon, everybody’s happy. So we’re finally over with the
procedure, Sammy is looking good actually. How do you feel Sammy, tell us
your impressions? [Sammy T., Patient]
I feel really good, you know, it was a long day, but very pleasant.
I would suggest bringing some Netflix or Hulu. The ladies that did my grafts
were amazing, Fabian was great, very helpful here at this office, and I
actually feel really good. I’m headed back to Vegas tonight, I’m gonna shoot some dice
with this horrible haircut. [Fabien]
I wouldn’t say that, alright, would you recommend for people who are
experiencing hair loss to undergo this procedure, like how did you feel
during the procedure? Can you tell us a little more about it? [Sammy T., Patient]
Yeah the procedure was
really easy, the first two minutes you feel a couple pinches and then after
that, you’re kind of in la-la land don’t feel anything. I think I fell asleep a
few times, so if you’re trying to catch up on sleep, it’s a good time to do it,
but all in all, I’ve seen some of the results that are very, very impressive,
and I look forward to seeing mine. [Fabien]
Alright, thanks Sammy. [Beverly Hills Hair Group]

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