Best Indian Massage- Head, Scalp & Upper body Massage by Sameer(Subtitles)| ASMR

Best Indian Massage- Head, Scalp & Upper body Massage by Sameer(Subtitles)| ASMR

Sameer: Sir, bend your head a little. Is it very hot, sir? Akshay: No Sameer: This much of pressure is alright sir? Akshay: I don”t mind a little more too. Aditya: Even Sameer has grown his nail. Akshay: Which one? Pinky finger? Aditya: No, Thumb! Aditya: Actually we have seen many of the barbers growing one of their nail.. so many of our viewers ask what is it about? What fashion is this? Akshay: What is your reason for this Sameer? Sameer : Yes Sir? Akshay: Why have you grown your Thumb nail? Sameer : There is no big reason.. We have blades to put in the Razors So I have grown a nail to open the Packets and adjust the Razor Yes, no more nails grown. Just a single one. Akshay : Others might have grown for the same reason maybe.. Sameer : Hehe..Don’t know about others..I can be sure about mine! Sameer : Where are you from? Aditya : Mumbai. I am in Bangalore from past one year. Sameer : Oh Okay. Leaving one beautiful city you have come to another beautiful city (chuckles) Sameer : Any problem sir? Akshay : No Sameer : Let me know whenever you feel uncomfortable. Sameer : Faster movements will be fine? Akshay : Yes yes, Full power Sameer : That will break a lot of your hair… Aditya : How much is the charge for Head Massage here? Sameer : Rs.250/- Sameer : Have you ever had a Head Massage before? Anywhere? Akshay : Oh yes..many a times, I mean it. I will tell you in detail Sameer : Do you use Shampoo? Akshay : Yes. Sameer : Daily? Akshay : Not daily, twice a week Mostly three times Sameer : What else do you use? Akshay : Nothing else. I don’t even apply oil. Akshay : Head massages have done the damage for hairfall Sameer : Make sure whenever you get one it is soft. don’t go for the rough massages. Why does a man want Head Massage? Akshay & Sameer : TO GET RELAXED! Sameer : A man gets relaxed from here. ( Points to head) And ladies from here ( Points the shoulder and back) Sameer : Whenever you get a massage maintain this speed. or this much If you go faster than this…(chuckles) You have a reason for hairfall Sameer: Any problem sir? Earlier head massage you got was by hand? ( nods Yes ) Sameer : Hand is better or the machine? Akshay : Hand Machine is boring..I don’t get the feels Only when it goes around my eras, I feel great Sameer : Hehe Yes you will be getting that sir You are getting machine too along with my hands Akshay : Do back massage too bro.. Akshay : How long have you been doing this? Sameer: this profession? ummm around 10 years. Total Aditya : What is your age now? Sameer : 21 years Sir. Aditya : You are doing this since you were 11 years old !! Sameer : Back then I was in 5th grade Aditya : Great.Bravo! Sameer : Any problem ? Sameer : Keep it ;oose.. Your hair has grown..need a haircut? Akshay : I don’t have a specific hairstyle. Sameer : We can make it happen, Sir.

🦋Escucha a tu corazón, no te rindas, ese dolor que hoy sientes en tu interior, se irá

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  1. hey Akshay..where is your fat friend Abhishek.. he's very nice guy..want to see him in videos… overall very relaxing video..

  2. Please do share from which shop n place ur doing the messages in every video, so we can also experience this heavenly messages & great video👍

  3. One of the best massages I have seen on this channel so far. The masseur looks professional and the massage itself is really soft and relaxing. Thumbs up (y).

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