Black Seed Oil: for Hair Growth

Black Seed Oil: for Hair Growth

How to use black seed oil for hair growth,
also known as kalonji seed 1. Black seeds come from the nigella sativa and
are used in ayurvedic medicine to treat many different health problems. 2. You can purchase an oil made from these seeds
from health food stores. This can be used to stimulate hair growth. 3. If you have a balding area, or bald spot. Simply rub this oil on the scalp once or twice
per day. 4. Allow this to saturate the skin for at least
an hour before washing the hair. The longer you let it sit the greater the
effect. 5. Many people have claimed that this can stimulate
new hair follicles in less than 1 month. 6. Every person is different, and there are multiple
options out there for hair growth. Please see our other videos to learn more. 7. The oil will also protect the skin, and stimulate
the natural pigments which keep the scalp healthy. 8. It is also antibacterial and will help to
remove dandruff and irritation. 9. Balding is often caused by a fungal infection
in the scalp. The anti-fungal properties of this oil will
clear this up and allow the hair to grow naturally. 10. To learn about the many other health benefits
of these seeds, please see “Kalonji Seeds: Benefits and Uses.” Thank you very much for listening, a like
is always appreciated and remember to subscribe for more healthy videos. I wish you great health, wealth and happiness.

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  1. I've been taking it for a bit now and my hair is thick like bush and not breaking as much as it was before. I've now started putting it in coconut oil for my scalp.

  2. Ryan Taylor, I discovered Black oil via social media and have yet to purchase it (I have to put it into my budget so I can have the resources for it. My budget is tight.) And have read a lot on it. However I have not seen anything indicating it could help with RA. Do you have information if it helps with RA?

  3. bso made my thin natural hair thicken in 2 weeks. My friend recommended it to me and it really works. I rub it in my scalp morning and night. It makes my hair shiny, soft, healthy and thicker. I love it and recommend it to everyone with or without scalp issues.

  4. can you take this alone without having to mix it into something else? ingesting it perhaps in one tablespoon and also rubbing it on the skin, scalp, etc

  5. I don't think you need to apply it directly to your head for results. I started taking BSO for another reason and after a few weeks noticed my hair was thicker, stronger, and I no longer woke with my pillow covered in hair, I was shedding more than the cat before starting on it.

  6. I have locs and I use castor oil and wash my hair every 3 weeks. Will it be ok to use BSO on my scale that long or do I need to use the night before I wash my hair for the best results..

  7. I must say that I have "ONE" argument when it comes to the Black Seed Oil hair regimen. I have noticed online articles that I have tirelessly searched for including the comment section on videos; in which I find I'm not the only one wanting to know ONE QUESTION.

    If Black Seed Oil is such a blessed oil, full of awesome benefits when injested; why would you not be able to use as a LEAVE-IN when treating the hair?

    It seems that every article and video suggest washing it out when it comes to a HAIR REGIMEN, yet it's safe to leave on your skin elsewhere and injesting it? WHAT SENSE DOES THAT MAKE???

    I'm by far not a rebel, but when it comes to (what appears to me) as COMMONSENSE…I don't hesitate to THINK FOR MYSELF and find the logic in a thing. My take is, if one can achieve awesome results taking it orally and topically on the body, then it should do WONDERS IN aiding with ALOPECIA!! 

    The "ONLY" reason I see for washing it out is so one could "experience minimum hair growth" for an extended time, to make you come back for more  and PURCHASE MORE OIL… It's the same concept that doctors have in prescribing medicine. They're in the "treatment" field only! They don't look for cures because that would hurt their bank accounts! 

    I believe in the natural herbs that The Most High God have placed on the earth for the HEALING OF THE NATIONS, therefore, I see nothing wrong if one decides to use Black Seed Oil as a "light" LEAVE-IN hair solution. Blessings!💕

  8. Dont know but Ive been taking this 4 months now. My liver test shows that my liver function was adnormal. The doc asked if i am taking supplements n to stop it bc its damaging my liver. Just thought id share that.

  9. I have alopecia i leave the oil in i don't have any issues i think it depends on the hair texture and hair type I'm african my hair absorbs the oil

  10. Our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said “Use this Black Seed regularly, because it is a cure for every disease, except death.”

  11. Waoo. Your voice with the background music is so therapeutic…. Please make a video of just random bullshit for an hour with that music and tag it sleep voice or something… 😝😝😝
    … Nice video BTW… Very informative…

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