hey guys it’s Nikki and I’m back okay I
know you guys have been looking for me I’m so sorry I’ve been so scarce and I
haven’t been on the on YouTube for a while but now I’m back I’m trying to get
back into motion you know I’m saying I’ve been it’s been crazy around here
I’ve been working on our new magazine hey beauty and Shades of beauty for a
woman of color and it’s just been crazy but now I’m back and I’m gonna give you
so much information and I live in give you so much information on different
things and the first thing I want to talk about is black seed oil and how it
has helped me and the fact that I stopped using it because I got caught up
in work and what has done so first of all I have makeup on my face not that
much but I have makeup on my face now and I don’t know if you guys can see my
eczema underneath it I have eczema around my forehead my nose and my ears
nowhere else on my body but having it on my face it’s like so freaking annoying
you know and it gets dry as patch if anyone out there has eczema or any type
of skin allergies you know exactly what I’m going through and I’ve been using
black seed oil and as I said I got so busy I kind of got lazy and didn’t
continue using it and my inflamed again so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna start
up and I’m gonna make you guys join me as I start up all over again using black
seed oil and I want to show you guys what it does why I love it the brand I
use and so on so the first thing I want to do is I want to take off all this
makeup and really give you a close-up of what my face looks like now that’s gonna
drive me crazy being on camera with no makeup at all I
don’t know how the hell I’m gonna do this but i’ma do it just for you guys
because I really want to you know kind of show you exactly what my skin looks
like and then come back and show you my skin how flawless is looks after using
black seed oil for a couple of days so check this out
alright guys so I’m back right and as you can see I took off all the makeup my
skin is completely bare and I feel crazy just
being on camera like this but I have to show you what’s going on with my skin so
here you go as you can see all the eczema is there I feel like it looks
completely horrible I’m hoping you guys can see how horrible it is and yes I
stopped using the black seed oil for a while
so I got inflamed again and that’s only because my schedule has been crazy it’s
been busy so I have not given the proper care to myself that I should be giving
it it’s like ridiculous how quick my skin clears up once I have on the black
seed oils so I would put it on I would put it on in the night before I go to
sleep after I wash my face and everything I’ll put it on at night and
then wake up in the morning and usually the next day or something it will be
like clearing up so well so standby I will be back to show you my skin we’re
gonna go through the run-through so you guys can see and and this is for real
this is for real I want to really show you how the black seed has helped my
skin or will help if anyone out there has the horrible eczema you guys know
exactly what I’m talking about and I know the doctors if you go to the
doctor the skin doctor and they’ll give you all kind of prescriptions and stuff
like that to put on your skin and you kind of don’t want to keep doing that
because your skin really becomes dependent on it and I know it’s like I’m
like black seed oil is something that you have to depend on to help keep your
skin proper or look great but then it’s something natural you know
what I’m saying so your skin will be dependent on something that’s not going
to give you side effects in other ways for you know that will affect your skin
in different ways there’s people that I know that has gone to the skin doctor
for you know bad pic acne and so on and so forth and they’ll use the treatment
and then if they stop using their or if it runs out their skin flares up work
then it was before since I stopped using a black seed on my face so back to the
oil my skin hasn’t gotten worse it flares up the same way actually first
I’ll be less so I want to tell you why I use this black seed oil from my
perspective number one it’s a lot stronger than any other black seed oil
I’ve ever tasted as I take two tablespoons oh my god not tablespoons
two teaspoons of the black seed oil and then right away I take a teaspoon of
honey and that truly helps and that’s something you should try and you’ll
thank me for it later all right guys so the black seed oil that I use is by
Mattel this black seed oil is amazing there’s gonna be information in the
description so you can go to see the video that was made by me that gives you
so much detail on it alright so the first thing I do before I use it this is
a glass bottle just FYI I don’t like using plastic so first thing I do is I
shake it up really good and the reason I know you’re gonna ask why do I shake it
up is because it has black seed powder in there and it’s extremely strong so
you want to make sure you shake it up just so I can you know get all over the
place now I’m you but you know in the bottle so I’m gonna show you what I do I
just take a little bit put it on my hand now you don’t have to do a lot just FYI
you don’t have to do a lot and then I just rub it onto my skin and then I put
a little bit more you get a little bit more of that not too much
I literally just take the bottle and just as you can see I just tip it over
and I just rub it on especially in the places that gets so get so inflamed I
rub it on here and I know it’s gonna look weird especially the nose you want
to really rub it into nose I know it’s gonna look weird that I’m gonna put it
around my ear but I have to so I’m taking a little bit more and I’m putting
it around my ear right here and right here cause eczema is horribly in there I
hate it it makes my ears look flaky and crazy so I have to cover it with my
here and stuff and that’s about it now for for me the black seed oil doesn’t
get all over my pillow like once I lie down like in five ten minutes it’s like
already sunk into my skin so I don’t know why I never woke up with a bunch of
black seed oil on my pillow so that’s great for me so this is what I do and
I’ll be back in a couple of days or less to show you the end result to prove to
you that this things up my skin so beautifully so I can have back my
flawless skin alright so see you guys really soon
hey guys I’m back again look at my skin remember the last time you saw me I was
all depressed and stuff and I was all serious now I’m all happy my hair is
bouncing you know I call it it my skin is like getting back to be flawless
so if you notice I have some color patches on there anyone that has eczema
they know that when it dries out your skin like your patches come back and
look so crazy but look how smooth it is oh my god go Nikki go Nikki get busy I
know that song but look how wonderful my skin is right now so just to let you
know run through real quick what I did I used the black seed soap of course from
by Mattel right I used that I did to his face mask which is wonderful I’m gonna
talk about all that in another video but with the brightening hotel black seed
oil I drank it and I put it on my face now I’m gonna keep it really real real
real with you guys in the beginning of the video that was a couple of days ago
like we didn’t it’s not two weeks it’s not three weeks I’m talking about like 3
to 4 days like it’s ridiculous how quick this work and because Bryan hotel is so
strong it works even faster you know I’m saying and I just I love it I’m so you
guys know if anyone has eczema or any kind of skin problems you know how
insecure you can get you know how uncomfortable you can get especially if
you put on makeup how praise it look I was so
uncomfortable and that’s because I was inconsistent consistency is definitely
the key especially when you using anything for your skin
you want to keep it going and keep it bright and flawless like I look fabulous
and if you don’t think I look fabulous opposed to who bad too bad for you
anyway guys if you guys have any questions um please comment below I’m
happy to answer any questions I want to tell you about we’re gonna be talking
more about um violence all black seed oil and all that stuff on my magazine so
I’m gonna tell you about my magazine is called shades a that’s beauty
but that i already spelled to for you already leave out the why all right I
wish I was a rapper cuz I would be a really good rapper anyway let’s get
serious leave a comment below let me know if you have any questions if you
want any additional tips anything you need I got you because I’m here for you
it’s all about you and oh let me tell you about my promo code so you guys can
get it I told you before I always get the glass bottle because I’m glassy or
is that glossy whatever I always got the glass body but I always get the glass
bottle so let me give you my promo code yeah girl
and guy I guess you’re involved with this cuz you know a woman run the world
I’m gonna say that over again but my promo code is hey beauty with an IBA you
t I number five hey beauty number five I’m gonna put in
the description so you can grab it along with the link
you don’t saying I know you guys are gonna love it because I do and I don’t
talk about anything that I don’t love and that I don’t use on a regular basis
or whatever and you guys know that so until next time don’t forget to light
don’t forget to share if you didn’t share this video then I have a problem
with you okay share this video let your girlfriend’s
know unless you’re gonna be a hater and don’t want to share it because you want
to be the only one that looks fabulous and that is wrong that is wrong anyway
until next time that’s how you like and share yeah I think so I don’t know I’m
getting older so I’m losing my mind look at my hair you’re gonna see it in
the video look at this by No Child Black Sea oh I am so bootiful you guys want to
look as beautiful as I do link is in the description you
those girls that always be like they’d be doing makeup videos and they’d be
like that’s gonna be really me with black seed oil alright until next time

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