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Hi YouTube family! It’s Lola from Lola’s
Life Lessons and I’m back to do my..I guess you can say 10 month update on
blackstrap molasses. So for those of you guys that haven’t who are first-time
viewers to my channel. Welcome and I just want to give you guys a bit of history
as to the nature this video and I’ll show it to you right here.This is
blackstrap molasses. I’m hiding my nails because my nails are are not looking so
good right now. So this is the molasses that I’ve been using. Hope you guys can
see it. Wholesome molasses.. there we go I want to do a full disclosure that I
purchased this with my own money. This is not not not not not a sponsored video ok.
So basically a bit of history. So basically say ten months ago I saw a
bunch of videos on YouTube stating that blackstrap molasses that I just showed
you guys did this miraculous thing. It reversed graying hair. No I mean there
were so many videos on YouTube about it just and I don’t know if it was by the
same person that was uploading these videos but basically just saying that
blackstrap molasses reverses graying hair and you get and even in some of the
videos I mean the person’s hair was completely gray. Now basically I would in
those videos I would see the before and then the after but I never saw a
journey and I mean the claims are pretty miraculous but I didn’t really see a
journey. So I decided you know what? There aren’t any journeys out there
regarding this miraculous product of blackstrap molasses that reverses
graying hair. So I decided I would take it upon myself to do this journey. So
basically I started at around the six week mark. I noticed that there were other
people that had done started some journeys but ended up you know stopping
it around a month or even a six week period
but I mean I got a lot of emails from people a lot of comments and people
basically showing me that they were interested. So I felt that I needed to
continue. So I did in the beginning of the journey.
I noticed that some parts of my hair actually turned a copper color and even
I was getting like some red highlights my hair. Copper highlights in my hair and I’m gonna be putting sprinkling some of these videos throughout so you
guys can click it. I’m gonna be putting it through with cards. So you can click
the card just to see the videos. So basically long story short. I don’t wanna
to ramble in this video and it’s going to be a pretty quick video. Basically from my
last video, my eighth month update. I haven’t really seen much of a change
what I would say is that my hair has not completely obviously reversed back but
as you can see here my hair is pretty much black. So my hair wasn’t in a
condition where my hair was you know great like completely gray or anything
but what I was starting to see was I was starting to see some gray here at the
front and throughout so that’s what I had wanted to reverse. So basically what
I have seen is that I haven’t seen a reversal per se but what I have seen is
that the gray has actually slowed down. So what do I… what is my summation of
that and I am still in a ten month mark people are still saying that sending me
emails saying Lola it takes a year for the full reverse though to happen. Be
patient. Some people have seen it it you know takes up that amount of time but
you know what I’m the kind of person that wants things to happen now now
now. So like I said I’ve seen those types of emails. I’ve had people even send me
emails testimonials. I wish that you guys would write your testimonials in this
comment. So other people can see that are interested but anyways for me for me
right now as I mentioned. I haven’t actually seen the reversal but like I
said what I have seen is that the graying has slowed down. So I guess that’s all I
got for you guys. I am NOT gonna stop at this point. I’m gonna continue what I first started doing like when I was about at six-month mark. I mentioned to you
guys the dosage that I was doing I was taking one tablespoon per day and I take
it in my coffee I am still doing a tablespoon in my coffee. Sometimes I do a teaspoon of my coffee. What else but I’ve also been on this weight loss
journey. So I lost actually almost 40 pounds. So I’ve actually done some
intermittent fasting and I’ve also done some long fasts where I’ve fasted for
up to four days six days and during that period of time. I have not taken the
blackstrap molasses. So I don’t know if that has had any sort of an
impact but I’m back to taking it every day again. So I don’t know. We’ll see I
guess. We’ll see. I’m gonna come back in two months as promised and I will let
you guys know at the one-year mark. You know what my thoughts are on it. So don’t
worry guys. I’m going to continue. I’m going to
continue with this journey. I am not going to let you guys down. I’m going to
let you know…if these does work… doesn’t work. I will be here to
give you my honest assessment of it. So I’m gonna come up close right now. So
you guys can see what the front of my hair looks like and then some of you
can actually go back to my older videos and just see and I would like for you to
tell me if you see a difference. I don’t know. Okay, so here’s the front of my hair.
So there we go and other side and they’re just going to come there. So
that’s it really. I guess from this distance you can’t
really see the gray but I guess have you come a little bit closer than you you
know I do it is visible but again that’s it like I said I’m going to continue on
if you’re doing this journey or your or you are if you’re doing this journey.. let me know how it’s going for you in the comments or you can email me and also if
you’re deciding to go on this journey please guide please please please check
with your doctor first because I don’t know what your health concerns are. I
know what mine are. Check with your doctor first. This is the brand that I
use. I use Wholesome. There it is here but I can’t recommend another… one another
brand to you because I don’t use the other brand. One other quick thing I
mentioned. At the beginning of the journey that.. this the molasses has
helped me with my anemia. It has continued to help me with my anemia. I’m
no longer taking iron pills and I’m not. I don’t have the symptoms of anemia
anymore. So forth.. so definitely the blackstrap molasses has helped for that
and I do and I really feel that after I’m done the journey. I’m actually gonna
continue taking it, if just for the health benefits in and of itself.
Alright guys I don’t want a ramble. So thank you so much for watching. Please
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but I usually just post what I’m eating. So again thank you guys so much for your
support and your love and stay happy and stay healthy.
Bye for now!

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