Blefaritis: Causas, Síntomas Y Tratamiento

Blefaritis: Causas, Síntomas Y Tratamiento

welcome to a new video of our channel today we will be talking about Blepharitis causes symptoms and treatment Blepharitis is defined as the inflammation of the edge of the eyelid is important to remember that on the edge of eyelid there are several glands responsible for secreting substances some of these glands produce fat this guy are known as maywood glands whose dysfunction is the most frequent cause of blepharitis what are the most frequent symptoms of blepharitis usually the patients with this disorder develop a series of characteristic signals by example among the most common symptoms We can highlight photo sensitivity or sensitivity to light red eyes and constant tearing likewise the individual can show dry eyes due to the alterations to keep the balloon ocular hydrated swelling in the eyelids also usually acquire a reddish hue and a greasy texture frequent blinking accompanied by a stinging or discomfort the patient describes this feeling as if it had sand in the eyes what are the possible causes of blepharitis currently the medical team has not been able to identify the exact cause of this disorder however the specialists claim that there is a series of factors or triggers of Blepharitis in this way causes more frequent are obstruction of sebaceous glands of the eyelids this alteration is usually due to an infection bacterial it is also possible that its operation is not adequate for unknown causes dermatitis seborrheic or other skin disorders as for example the rosacea presence of mites lice or other living beings in the eyelashes that can damage this region allergic reactions to compounds for the eyes like makeup medications etc. what is the most treatment suitable against blepharitis in the first place the diagnosis of the blepharitis the medical team will use a series of medical tests for it to next the specialists will study treatment options most suitable for each patient between the most used therapeutic methods are treatment of the underlying alteration is the case of the Rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis antibiotic medicines to treat the bacterial infection in the glands sebaceous are normally applied in a Local by drops or creams also they can administer drugs orally anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce swelling in the eyes are found in form of drops or ointments use of artificial tears in the case of eyes dry if you found this useful information share it with your family and your friends do not forget to subscribe to my channel to many natural remedies Blessings

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