Bobby Pin Tips and Tricks – KayleyMelissa

Bobby Pin Tips and Tricks – KayleyMelissa

– Everyone, Kayley here and today I wanna go over
some bobby pin basics. A lot of you guys have
been asking for a video on just how to use bobby pins. So, I thought I’d show
you guys some basic tips and tricks, but if you’re
interested in learning more, tell me in the comments because I’m thinking about
making this a series. I’d love to give you guys, like, really in depth videos on this, so if you want it let me know. But today let’s go over
some of the basic things that you need to know to use
your bobby pins the right way. Tip number one is to start
with a good bobby pin. Now, you can get all the right techniques and everything going, but if you’re working
with a flimsy bobby pin, it still might not stay in place. So, you have to pick a good one. So, here’s what to look
for when you’re looking for a good bobby pin. Spooler alert, I love the
MetaGrip Premium Bob Pins from Sally’s Beauty, these
are some of the best. And what I like about them, first of all, is that they have a very tight grip. It’s actually a little bit
difficult to pull them apart. Which is good, ’cause that
means these two guys are holding on really tight, so they’re gonna be holding
your hair together really tight once they’re in there. Next, I think it’s good to look for, like, beveled edges around the
sides of the bobby pin because that just means
that there’s a little bit more quality and thought put into it. And third, you wanna
make sure that these tips are well coated and a little
coating I not coming off because it hurts like crazy
if there’s not anything covering the sharp corners
on these bobby pins. So, if you have those three components, you are well on your way to
bobby pinning really well. Alright, tip number two is
that you can’t put a ton of hair into one bobby pin. This is not Superman or
Wonder Woman or anything, it can’t lift crazy heavy stuff. Actually, the opening of a
bobby pin is the amount of hair you’re supposed to put in, you’re not supposed to actually
open it up to put it in. You’re just supposed to
put in this little bit. And that can seem very counter intuitive, but when you actually just use that much, it becomes a lot more effective. That being said, I will
often open up my bobby pins about half an inch and use that, but I won’t use any more than that because at that point you’re compromising what the bobby pin can do for you. Tip number three, if you have thick hair, use a jumbo bobby pin or a roller pin. Same thing different name. They are much bigger than
their bobby pin counterparts and they can hold so much more. If you guys watched my 100
layers of hair extensions challenge, I put five
pounds of hair into a bun using only seven of these,
which I think is a big deal. And it actually held really
secure at the time, too. So, if it can do that, it
can hold dup your half updo, you’ll be fine. I really recommend these
if you have trouble with bobby pinning, if you have
thick hair, they’re a must. Okay, we’re gettin’ serious. I’ve got a braid and I’m
actually gonna show you guys in the next three tips
how to put bobby pins in. So, tip number four is
that you want to make sure you’re not just grazing the surface. I see that a lot with
people where they kinda just go across the very
top layer of the hair and they don’t ever actually
get all the way down. Alright, so right now I have
it just over the surface and you can tell it’s
just over the surface ’cause I can pick it up like this. And then if I shake my head really hard it’s gonna come out super easily. See, it’s all gone. Instead, you want to
actually feel that bobby pin straight against your head as you go. So, I’m gonna do that little
half inch opening thing and then I’m gonna take
the bumpy side down and I’m going to scrape that
against my head as the top goes over the piece that I’m pinning and I’m gonna keep pushing, I’m gonna keep feeling that
bobby pin against my head, and now it’s in place. And now if I try to lift that section, it’s not coming up because it’s literally
attached to my roots. And there you go, that
is, even with shaking it, it all stays in place because
you get all the way down and you get all the layers
instead of just a couple working for you. Tip number five is to pin the
bobby pin in the direction you want it to go. Now, that sounds kind of like, yeah, duh, but let me show you what I mean. If you pin with the bobby pin
directly parallel to your head it’s gonna go in and sit just like so. This way is really good for
securing sections in place. I call it, like, structure work, like you’re actually making
the structure of the hairstyle. And that’s a really great
common way to do it. But then, something that I see people do, especially when they
pin behind their head, is that they pin out at an
angle away from their head. So, they’ll go out like this and the bobby pin is
actually only attached in the front part and the
back is sticking out and it’s not doing anything. That’s really easy to do behind your head because the angle is already
working in that direction. So, you wanna fight that natural urge. But the other way that
you could position it is going in towards your head, which is a great way to hide bobby pins. So, you go in at this 45 degree angle and then you push and it’s
gonna actually bury itself like it’s diving under
the surface of your hair. And then you have it nicely pinned back and you’re not necessarily
gonna see all of the bobby pin. So, basically pinning in the
direction that you want it to go means either pinned
parallel to your hair, in in diagonally towards
your hair whether you want the bobby pin to be visible or invisible. Alright, and then tip number
six is to lock it down. Now, this is a way of putting
in the bobby pin that will really hold things in place. First, you’re gonna make
a little circle right next to where you wanna pin it. And this kinda anchors the
bobby pin into the hair. So, I’m gonna make three little circles, one, two, three, and then
you’re gonna put the bobby pin into the hair that you’re trying to pin. In this case it’s the twist. And then step number three
of this little scenario is to totally flip the bobby
pin the other direction. So, you rotate it 180 degrees and then push it into the hair. And once you do that,
this thing is locked down. This thing feels so secure right now, it’s not going anywhere and I actually did this on bun
for a workout class recently. I only had to use two bobby pins and the bun didn’t move the entire class. So, this definitely works, If you have thick hair
you have to try it out. If you have to hold your hair
in place for a long time, try it out, it really works. And there you go. There are some basic tips and tricks on how to work
bobby pins in your favor. I hope you guys learned something new. If you wanna see more bobby pin videos, let me know in the comments below, we can get super detailed
with this if you want to. That’s it for today’s video guys. Make sure to hit that
subscribe button if you haven’t already or even hit that
little bell notification icon so you get a notification the second that I post a new video. I’ll be back on Saturday
with another hair tutorial and I’ll see you then. Bye.

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  1. Now that we have the very basics covered, let me know what things you want to learn how to do with bobby pins!

  2. I am 68 and I try to put my hair in a modern bun you have taught me alot from depth so it's not to flat to the ponytail and French pleats thank you just need to practice more

  3. Why Bobby pin called as Bobby pin? Did Bobby uses pins before ??? Is she a drag queen or just long haired guy
    Is Bobby is girl or a boy?

  4. My hair is just barely past my shoulders, and I wanted to do something different with it, like doing a 2-strand braid and pinning it against my head, but I've never used bobby pins myself before, and this was very helpful.

  5. Tight buns for long/medium length THICK hair please. Pins either loosen or pop out or not stay and it's annoying, especially when you need everything clean and kept for shows. And just in general, how to securly tie it and/or pin it.

  6. My number one enemy in life besides eyeliner is Bobby pins. I am so close to breaking every single Bobby pin I have.

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