Brooklyn’s Double-Bun Half Up Hairstyle & HAIR HACK | Cute Girls Hairstyles Tutorial

Brooklyn’s Double-Bun Half Up Hairstyle & HAIR HACK | Cute Girls Hairstyles Tutorial

(upbeat techno music) Hey guys, it’s Brooklyn,
and today I’m gonna be showing you the
Double Bun Half Up style, which is what I have in my hair right now. I love this because it’s super
easy to do in the morning. Your hair can be a wreck,
and you can just throw it up and people think that you
tried so hard on your hair. In reality, you just did
the easiest style possible, which I love, because I do that a lot. (laughing) Guys, don’t forget to
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so click that bell button. Now, let’s get on to the video. So to start, I’ve just
curled my hair a little bit because, since I’m only doing half up, I want the bottom half
to look nice and done. So I added a little bit
of curl, and this is just after I washed and blow-dried my hair. I added curl. And then I’m going to
part my hair, obviously. I’ve got it parted. And you guys are gonna want
to part it straight down the middle because you’re
gonna have two buns on either side, so it needs to look even. So I’ve just parted it with
a comb right down the middle. And then, to start, I’m
gonna start on this side. You’re going to take a
section of your hair, and I’m going to leave about an inch from the top of my ear up. I’m gonna leave that alone. I’m gonna put the part right there. And then, I always do this. I trace my part line
until I can feel my head. This is kinda weird. I can feel my head slope down. I’m gonna drag it until
right about the middle center of my head, and then I’m gonna part down. That’s just how I find it. If you guys have a different preference, you can do that too. (laughs) So now I’ve got a nice little
section of my hair here, and I just finger-comb it
back until it looks nice, ’cause it’s supposed to
be a little bit messy. It’s not supposed to be
completely nice, combed back. So I’m not gonna use a comb
to comb back my section. I’m just gonna use my fingers. And you’re gonna wanna comb it back so it’s sitting pretty high
like on the top of your head. ‘Cause you don’t want the bun to be like falling out or back here. Comb it up until all the hair is in. It’s pretty well done now. And then I just, I put
two fingers like this. So I pull my hair up, I
put two fingers in the top, and then I bring the hair
around and then I just twist. That’s the way I do it. There are plenty of ways
you can twist a bun up. Everybody has a different preference. I like doing it this
way because it gives it a little bit of a messier look. It’s not completely like, a perfect top knot. And then just pin wherever
your bun needs to be secured. (upbeat music) Okay, and there you have one of your buns. So now I just have to repeat the steps on the other side of my hair. And the hardest part I think for me is getting them to look the same. Because oftentimes what
happens is you’ll do one really well, and then the other
one will just keep flopping. And then you’re just, I get frustrated ’cause they have to
look pretty symmetrical. Okay, so I’ve got this
section of my hair done. I’m just gonna, again,
finger comb all the hair into my little section
’til I’m ready to twist. Pull up, place my two
fingers, twist around, and then twist it. And then pin when you’re ready to pin. And I actually really love this style, because it takes about five seconds to do once you’ve mastered it, and when I’m done with my drill team in the morning and my hair’s kinda crazy
and I’ll just have braids in. I’ll take my braids out
and then I’ll just do the Hap Uf, Hap Uf, oh
my gosh, I can’t talk. Half Up Buns (laughing) then it looks like I really tried on my hair. In reality, it’s like super super simple. (upbeat music) My hair is super thick, so I always have to use
like 10,000 bobby pins. If you have thinner hair,
you probably don’t have to use as many bobby pins
as I’m putting in right now. Now, to add a little volume
on the sides right here, because sometimes it can kinda get flat because you don’t really necessarily curl that area of your hair, I’m
just gonna add some dry shampoo, and that just gives me
a little bit of volume. Move around, fluff a little bit. And this, dry shampoo is
good for also greasy hair. But it’s good for volume as
well, because it gives it a kind of grit in your hair
like a little bit of texture, which then allows for volume. Spray, lift it up. Always wanna do it in layers. And then fluff some more. Ooh, this side looks real good. And there ya go. Okay, now the final spin. There ya go, that’s the hairstyle. Now, don’t forget, you guys
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Daxton, I don’t know. Comment below and we’ll
see you guys next week. Bye!

100 Replies to “Brooklyn’s Double-Bun Half Up Hairstyle & HAIR HACK | Cute Girls Hairstyles Tutorial”

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  3. Never thought of twirling a bun like that! I've always wanted to know how to do this because I saw a girl at school rocking this hair style. Still doesn't work that well on my hair; it's too thin and short 🙁 Can't wait til my hair is long enough for this style!

  4. My method of buns is this:

    Step 1) Put your hair in a pony tail where you want the bun to be.

    Step 2) Twist your hair clockwise until it's pretty tight.

    Step 3) Gently slip a hair tie on and double it (Make a figure 8 and fold it over)

    BOOM you're done

  5. Omg this is the first video I watched on this channel and I did it AND IT TURNED OUT AMAZING!!! ❤️ it!!

  6. I have done every single hairstyle on this channel!! Love you guys (+Brooklyn your my favorite but I still love everyone of you!!)

  7. my mom would make two buns with all my hair when I was a baby/toddler and I even remember calling them bear ears😂😅😋😅😂

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  11. she makes the twirling look so easy! lol I. CANT. DO. IT. help. I love it tho just cant make the buns xD I am bad at hair

  12. Remember when the twins looked the same with bangs and braces and barely talked, just sat still and smiled, and Kamri was just a doll that was like frozen just with the cutest smile!

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