I’m sick. Approximately 2 years ago I made a huge mistake dying my hair green – well, so i just paintded my hair with a green marker CALVO JAJA SALU2 that’s fine, not like yesterday. And then I made a bigger mistake And is that to remove the dyeing, I snuffed to zero. I don’t wanna hear any joke about this, ok?. Not even one, not even one. If I hear you laughing I’ll go to your house and I will kill you. You hear me?. That moment was exactly. In that very moment. The moment when the meme WISMICHU PUTO CALVO (Wismichu fucking bald) born I thought it was a temporally joke but it became a fucking nightmare. Everyday in my life since that, someone called me BALD. Everyday and not only that, but that in all my videos the main comments talk about my hair Every time I prepare a video that requires some participation from my audience. Whether it is a “Try not to laugh challenge”, a “Question and Answer” Or whatever, 90% of that participation. are comments where you call me BALD. Without going any further, let’s go to #SiTeRiesPierdes (Try not to laugh challenge) and add the word “bald”to the search. Mom, they call me “bald” at the school. Why, son? (Calvo) So, the other day… There are 2 people and Wismichu falls. Why? Because the rest used anti-fall shampoo. -Wismichu -What? -You make me hungry -Why? -For bald tuna. You still tell me: It’s ok if it’s funny so, so I accept it, I accept it, dude but what is this bullshit?!. What is this bullshit?! I’m already shouting… I didn’t wanna shout on this video but I am doing it I wanted to do a serious video, man and… Wismichu do you know how to speak english? Yes of course. Translate “JUGUETE”. That’s toy. Use it in a sentene. TOY CALVO (EsTOY calvo=I’m bald) What does a bald guy to another bald guy? “Hello Wismichu” Which is Wismichu’s favourite videogame ? It’s Calvo of duty… “Calvo of…” Okay… That joke was great I have had to disable the option that my subscribers can subtitle my own videos because the only thing they wrote was bald, bald, bald, bald, bald and yet, I am not free of that. Because they do same thing on videos from the rest. For instance, the last of Auron. or The Fine Bros when not even is not a Spanish channel In my instagram and in my social medias I’ve had to block the words Bald, Vald, hair inserts hair, alopecia, airport, forehead, (egghead, pool ball, light bulb, fool who is reading) Sometimes, when I go out I find some assholes that scream me WISMICHU FUCKING BALD . They always do it away from me, because if they do it close to me They don’t survive! Dro-ga-té (“Take drugs”: he says it in refer to a certain video of him) The real reason I stopped doing shows in theaters was not because I wanted to dedicate myself to other projects. It was because people only gave me fucking wigs and I haven’t a place at home where I could keep them. But it finish today. Today it’s going to finish. Today I’m gonna end this fucking shit that I have had to endure during these past 2 years Today I’m going to shut up you, motherfuckers Ingrid! Ingrid! W: Ingrid, Ingrid Let’s go. I: Where do we go? W: please, be a cameraman. Let’s go! I: Where?. W: Let’s go. Where?, where? To recover the pride of this, our family (Ingrid laughs) I: what the fuck you say? What have you done? I have broken the lens. I have broken the lens. I: Well, but do not focus on me. I: You have broken it but it’s super broken, uh? W: no, no, no. Stop, stop, stop. It’s is full of glasses. I: but stop recording, right? I: you still recording, uh And also this is your fucking fault!. You have broken my camera with your fucking insults, fuck! Let’s go! I: where do we go? We are going to a hair clinic I: Seriously, where do we go?. W: Yes, we are going to a hair clinic to check my hair. I: For what? W: to shut up these asshole, fuck! Do you know what I am going to do? Do you know what I am going to do if they tell me that I am not going to be bald? I: mmm I am going to take to those fucking assholes Who were fucking me all this time. And I’ll sew the mouth to the anus to swallow all the fucking shit I’ve ever had to swallow during these 2 years. I: Well, it’s not so much. How is that not so much?.I: if they tell you that yes They are not going to say yes! Fuck! I hope so… I: bald… Please, Ingrid. (Ingrid laughs). (laughs) Hair treatments It’s here… Let’s go there D: Isma, take a sit over here Ok… D: well, let’s go see. D: Talk to me why you are here I am so worried, ok? because my subscribers call me bald. and other tell me: you are going to be bald. But most call me just bald. D: just bald?. Ok, let me see, down your head. D: Have you noticed that your hair falls out? I: hum, well… D: more than usually. W: no, more than usual, no. All my life my hair has fallen like this, Especially when I shower I notice 3 or 4 hairs on the soap. D: ok, as usual D: besides you are 23 years old. We will move to the Exploration Room and we will look at the quality of follicles W: Well, let’s get to it. I sit down, I lie down? D: yes, sit down And I look at you with the magnifying glass Ok, Isma?. I: Ok… D: let’s see Very well… I am going to touch your hair… wait a second… Fine. You have the populated area and you have abundant follicles The only thing you have the pronounced entries But you have incipient hair, with which is an area that is constantly regenerating. The hair is falling and growing with which, today you’re not going to go bald. W: Does that mean I’m not going to go bald, right? D: Not today. Besides you have told me that you have a little hair, 2 or 3 hairs daily Fuck!!! D: Isma, not yet! I am not to going to go bald!! Fuck you, motherfuckeeeeeeers !!! calvo


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  1. Wismichu : ya te e demostrado que no soy calvo científicamente, con pruebas 100% aun crees que soy calvo?

    Yo : Calvoooooo :v

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