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A lot of times,
People don’t even notice their hair loss. In fact,
When their hair loss becomes extreme, When they start to see bald spots on their
scalp Is when they realise they are facing hair
loss. It is at this stage most people opt for hair
loss treatments. However, it becomes very difficult to treat
hair loss With effective results. In such cases, hair transplant remains the
only viable option to treat hair loss. However,
What if you are facing complete baldness? Can you, in this case, go for a hair transplant? Is hair transplant a viable option for you? We are going to discuss this in our video
today. Hello,
I am Dr Sachin Pawar, Hair Transplant Surgeon,
Pune. When you consider totally bald cases,
there could be three possibilities here. The first possibility is
full androgenic baldness with almost
zero donor area. The second possibility is
alopecia universalis. The third possibility है
alopecia totalis. So let’s take a look at each possibility
one by one. In case of full androgenic baldness with almost zero donor area,
hair transplant may be performed in some cases. However, the number of grafts that can be
used Depends on the
Availability of the existing donor area. If there no donor area at all,
Meaning, there is area on the scalp That in unaffected by DHT,
What we also call, The permanent hair zone,
Then the beard area And body hair can be used as a donor area. However,
If you don’t have any donor area, then you cannot undergo a hair
transplant. The second case is alopecia universalis. In this case,
All the hair of the body shed. This is an autoimmune condition
wherein the immune system believes that the hair follicles
Are a foreign body. In such a case, there is no stable donor area
available. Therefore, a hair transplant can’t be used. The third case is alopecia totalis. In this case,
scalp hair, eyebrow and facial hairs shed. Even if we extract hair from
Chest and so on, The chance of graft rejection is very high. Remember, it is very important to have a donor
area, for a successful hair transplant. If the hair from the donor area is not extracted
properly, Then even your transplanted hair can shed. This is because those hair
Are either affected due to an autoimmune condition or,
They are affected by DHT. Eventually, the transplanted hair will fail
and the hair transplant will also fail. Therefore,
Before even considering you for surgery, Your hair transplant surgeon
Will first assess whether you have a sufficient donor area
Or not. And accordingly, decide,
Whether you are the right candidate for a hair transplant or not. So basically,
Your hair transplant, Depends on donor area availability. In fact, the more the baldness,
The more limited the donor area. Therefore, it is imperative that you discuss
With your hair transplant surgeon Whether or not
You are the right candidate for a hair transplant or not,
Whether you have sufficient grafts or not, And whether you suffer from androgenetic alopecia,
Or some other kind of baldness, In order to get the best result of your surgery. Baldness
And donor area availability, Will both decide the course of your
Transplant. I hope you got the necessary information from
this video on Hair transplant in case of Complete baldness. If you have any more questions,
You can visit our website and ask them there. You need to consult with a Hair transplant
surgeon Before you get a
Hair transplant. Your surgeon will assess your donor area,
Grade of baldness, And advice accordingly. Your grade of baldness, as well as, your donor
area availability, will determine whether or not you can get a hair
transplant. Always remember this. All the best, Thank you.

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