Capítulo: Cabellos Milagrosos | Caso Cerrado | Telemundo

Capítulo: Cabellos Milagrosos | Caso Cerrado | Telemundo

ORK He told me
he’d had a vision and that he’d been chosen
to solve people’s problems. His treatment has got me
looking like this. I’m a happy,
healthy woman now. Are you seeing this? Is the sleeping woman
naked? -He’s a liar and a killer.
-Lies. Lies? Wait, what do you mean
he killed your mother? My husband
gets turned on when spoken to
in a foreign language. He has
an Asian fetish. This woman runs
an escort agency. So you two
were having sex in the room and she was there
speaking Korean? She told me they were trying
to force her to participate, to join them
in their sexual activities. No, it’s a lie. What did she say? According to Indian spiritual
yogi master, Yogi Bhajan, “If we look deeply into hair,
we may find that it is one of the most
valuable sources of energy for human vitality.” Hello and welcome
to “Case Closed.” Wow, and with all the people
who dye it and cut if off… Look at what
this yogi says. What will today’s
first case be about? Let’s find out. Please bring out
the litigants. My husband abandoned me!
I’m living with a madman.
00:02:23,577 –>00:02:27,079
I’ve finally found my calling.
I won’t give it up. Good afternoon
and welcome. -Good afternoon.
-Good afternoon. Luisa, you’re suing
your husband Ricardo. Yes? Yes. Tell me what
your suit is about and what you demand
to settle this case. I’m suing this madman… Calm down. …my husband, for $8,000. I want him to give
me back that money because he spent it on a crazy
impulse without my knowledge. Now I need money for my
surgery and I don’t have any. Allow me to explain. Five years ago, I met a
great man, a normal man. A normal man, not this madman
I’m married to right now. We got married
five years ago. Five years? Yes. I married a great,
normal guy. We decided to open
a joint bank account so we could save a bit of money that would only be used
in an emergency. When I met him,
he was losing his hair, but I didn’t care. I married him. I fell in love with his
kindness, with our connection, so we got married. After two years of marriage, he
told me he’d found a treatment that would help him
regain his hair growth. He told me
it was $4,000. He asked
if he could take it from the money
we’d saved for emergencies. I told him he could. That if it made him feel more
confident, then fine by me. I stood by him
as his wife. But then,
it turned out that… the treatment
didn’t work! It didn’t. What do you mean?
Look at his head of hair. It didn’t work!
The treatment didn’t work! He became depressed. He was so depressed that
he’d skip work for any reason. He was sad. We
didn’t talk to each other. We didn’t have sex!
None at all! Nothing was going
on at home. Good.
I was losing my energy. I eventually find out he’s becoming
interested in spirituality. At one point, he
was getting better. He was in better spirits. He was
seeing things positively. I thought this spirituality
was helping him accept his problem. I thought he was
coping with the fact that he had a problem
and had to live with it. Okay. Last year, his physical
appearance changed completely. His hair started growing
really fast He started
to wear white. Every time I talked to him
about problems at work or at home,
he’d just stay really relaxed as if he didn’t care,
as if everything were alright. “Oh yeah, everything’s fine.” I went to him and asked
what was going on, and why he was
behaving that way. He told me
he’d had a vision… and that he’d been chosen
to solve people’s problems. Then, right then and there, he told
he was quitting his job! When he told me that, I was…
I was appalled! Who lives with a husband
who doesn’t work? I’m not a millionaire. Since I saw him
so sure of himself, I thought he was going
to get a job helping people. Turns out, he’s been out
of a job for eight months! I’m the one paying rent,
the car, the food and everything else
that might come up. Me! I’m paying
for everything! He’s even made me sick!
I’ve lived… What do you have? Ever since I was a girl, I’ve
had a problem with my spine. I have scoliosis. But I lived with it. Because of the stress
I have to deal with at home with this wacko… You’re too stressed.
Calm down. Shut up! – VIVES ESTRESADA. CÁLMATE.
CÁLMATE… VIVES ESTRESADA. That’s your problem. If you’d calm down,
you’d feel better. I can heal you. Breathe. With all of this going on,
I started overeating. The stress… Something happened and
my metabolism just froze. I started gaining weight. I developed
unbearable back pain. It’s all
because I’m overweight. I went to the doctor…
This is the order. I went to the doctor and he told me that getting
breast reduction surgery would sort of help
with my problem. It would
alleviate my back pain. That’s the surgery you need?
Show me the document. You need breast
reduction surgery? Is that what you need
the money for? Yes, but there’s more. He used the little money
we had left in the account, the money we’d saved, to do something
to the van. He made a few modifications
so he could cure the world! I brought you the evidence
of the van. This is the medical report
that says that you need
breast reduction surgery in order to deal with
your scoliosis. Yes. Here’s the van, which reads,
“Miracle Tresses.” He used the money for that
and to make a webpage. For people to find him
on the Internet and set up
appointments with him. He goes to their homes
and heals them. Who’s going to heal me?
Who’ll heal his wife? ¡¿QUIÉN SANA A SU ESPOSA?! I’ll heal you. Heal what? You’re making me sick! You’re a lunatic! So he has no money? I also have a video that I found
on the computer, because he keeps
them in the house. It shows how he
supposedly heals people. I want you to see it. YO QUIERO QUE USTED LO VEA. Let’s… While you see… Let’s see the video that
the plaintiff is talking about. Are you seeing this? This is…
Lunatics behave like that! He looks like
a madman! He has it
in his computer. He has
hundreds of those videos of him supposedly
“healing” people! I have nothing to hide
from my wife. He took the $4,000
remaining in the account to make those modifications
to the van so he could
do that craziness! Is the sleeping woman
naked? There needs to be
direct contact. Look I… I want him to give me back
the $8,000 that I lent him! That’s all you want? I want a divorce too
if he keeps this up! If he keeps up this craziness and this spiritual fanaticism… Oh, okay, because
asking for the money and not a divorce… I was confused. No, I don’t want
to live with this wacko! Who would? Alright, Ricardo. Good afternoon. I don’t agree with having
to pay her back the $8,000. You will pay me! It was our money.
We both saved it. I spent the first half
with her consent. I wanted to help you
with your problem. I spent the first $4,000
with her permission. Yes, I invested
the other $4,000 in the van. She’s right.
I will pay her back. I need that money
for my surgery! I’ll pay you back
in due time. When the world pays me
for everything I’ve done. When the world
pays you back, I’ll already be crooked because
of all my back problems! I’ll explain where all of this
is coming from. I’ve suffered from an illness
since I was a child. Again
with the same thing! It’s called
alopecia areata. It’s the sporadic or total loss
of hair in patches. I even lost my eyebrows. Here’s evidence of how
I used to look. Show me the evidence. He was normal!
He wasn’t crazy. He looks like
a crazy person. I’m ashamed to say
you’re my husband. Oh, I can see it now.
Your hair fell… That’s the man
I fell in love with. He was a sane,
hard-working man. I was relatively fine
at that point because all of a sudden
my hair started falling out. I even
lost my eyebrows. It’s happened since I was
an 8-year-old kid. You lost your eyebrows
but not your sanity! Hey!
I need you to be quiet. Please, breathe.
Calm down. Calm down. At one point, after I met her,
we found a specialist. It was my last shot.
Nothing had worked. It was very expensive.
Nobody has $4,000 lying around. This specialist assured us
it would work, but no. I stopped
believing in science. It didn’t work. It didn’t. After that,
I got depressed. I locked myself in my room
for three, five days. I was in the dark.
I wasn’t eating. I didn’t sleep.
I wasn’t even drinking water. At one point, I was so tired
that I eventually fell asleep. When I was in that sort of lucid
sleep, I heard a voice. It was a warm
and harmonious voice. It was peaceful. It calmed me down. The voice told me
that it would heal me, but that I would
have a mission in life. It told me that it wanted me
to spread all my cosmic energy to sick people, to anyone
who came looking for me. Did it tell you
to quit your job? You heard a voice… I could heal them
spiritually or physically. I found the path. It was my last resort
so what’d I do? I listened
to this voice. The day after
I heard the voice, I didn’t have the
bald patches on my head. Nothing. My hair kept growing
really fast. You’re a fanatic.
You’re crazy. The voice didn’t tell you
to leave your job or to abandon
your marital obligations. Please could you… Hey, Luisa…
Please. Look at him.
He’s crazy! We’ll take a short break
while we all meditate a little. When we come back,
you’ll finish. Do you have any witnesses? -Yes.
-Yes. Great, we’ll see the witnesses,
the experts and see how
we solve this case. Stay tuned. I’m this man’s victim. Two months later,
my mother died. -This man killed her.

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  1. Lo que más me a gustado de este caso es la demandante, estatura normal, cabello ni muy largo ni corto, bonita y con un buen físico. <3

  2. Bandoleros ya dejen de subir estos vídeos a medias, ya que bien saben que por más que pongan el link para accesar a la página de telemundo, los latinos estamos bloqueados y no nos permiten ver dichos vídeos. No sean fraudulentos ni llamen a descargar aplicaciones, olvídense de hacer negocios con nosotros, ya estamos hartos de tanta publicidad que nos retacan por la televisión. Así que absténganse a colocar estos ganchos para llevar agua a su molino, pero encima sin dar absolutamente nada. Por qué discriminan a los latinos. Vayan y metanse sus clips por donde les quepan. Una recomendación, hay que darles a estos videos manita abajo (no me gusta)

  3. Oh por Dios, me acabo de enamorar del chico que está atrás del demandado, _, me encanta su forma de ser cuando se ríe y sonríe, jeje .

  4. como se puede ver el caso completo x favor esta muy bueno caso cerrado pero quedamos con intriga de como temina todos los casos

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  6. ese programa es mentira
    el tal Ricardo es un amigo y el no tiene ese pelo , asi que es pura mentira
    le apodamos EL GATO…

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