Cat Health Care Tips : How to Treat a Cat for Matted Fur

Cat Health Care Tips : How to Treat a Cat for Matted Fur

Let’s talk about treating a cat with matted
fur. Long haired cats very easily mat their fur, especially around the rear legs, under
the tail, on the belly. A lot of these cats cannot get to their hair fully, and groom
themselves, and prevent mats, and so you may have to help your long haired cat prevent
or treat those mats, as in getting rid of them. Prevention is the key, so work with
a groomer, or your veterinary clinic, to keep these cats trimmed and brushed out. They can
help you with that. Some cats with mats actually have to be sedated, because it hurts, and
you never want to attempt getting mats out, with scissors at home. That always turns into
problems, because mats are very close to the skin. Their skin is very thin, and cutting
that skin is very, very easily done, and so there are some commercial products such as
mat strippers, that you can use to grab these mats, and gently pull them out. That usually
doesn’t damage the skin, so talk to your veterinary clinic or your groomer about that. These can
work quite well.

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  1. i just cut it with siccors, but i cut it out layer by layer, it takes like about 5 mins to cut out 1 patch of matted fur haha

  2. I don't understand why people buy long-haired cats, if they don't brush them everyday or even once in two days. I think it's really cruel of them. I have a persian cat and I brush her everyday, because I know she needs this from me and I'm responsible for her. It's simple: I don't brush her – she suffers from mats and it really is painful for a cat to have them! I realized this when I saw my friend's persian, with its fur all covered in mats. I couldn't believe my eyes..

  3. I read elsewhere that using mineral, baby or olive oil applied to the mats causes them to fall out after two days or so.

  4. My cat got quite a lot of knots and I just used scissors but was very wary of keeping his skin safe. He looked like he'd just been blown up by the time I'd finished with him.

    He still gets them but nowhere near as much these days.

  5. Stubborn mats can safely be cut away simply by putting a comb between the skin and the mat. Cut on top of the scissors and you'll never cut their skin.

  6. does the cat feel pain with it? my mother has a stray cat which she feeds and looks after and she stays at our house at night time..but her furr on her back is really hard like all stuck together like glue…taking the cat to vet may be problem as she is very scared all the time

  7. ???

    How would this work?? If your own hair is matted or pelted, applying conditioner–or oil–would not cause the mats to fall out. It might make them easier to comb or trim, though. More likely, the oily mats would collect debris, making them even worse.

  8. I suspect what happens is the cats will lick the oily mass and pull out the mats. I would not use mineral oil as it is not digestible and causes loose stools. I tried it but it and I think that is what happened but I did not see the cat working at the mat. In the end I had to shave her. Brush them every day or else.

  9. I've used sissors it's easy and takes 2 people. 1. never cut from below the matt. insert sissors inside the matt and cut in half then comb out. cutting the matt in half also helps.

  10. sir , my cat (persian) sheds fur , and my parents hate it .. so i need a solution for this … do combing hair makes better ?!

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