CHEAP Natural Hair Extensions►Outre Annie Half Wig under $20

CHEAP Natural Hair Extensions►Outre Annie Half Wig under $20

Hey curlfriends and welcome back. Today’s video is a natural hair extensions
try on for the Outre Annie Half Wig. This wig has been super popping amongst the
natural hair community and I just got my hands on it ya’ll. I’m unboxing it for you guys. This is a really quick weave; no more than
5-10 minutes to pop on. If I’m not mistaken, this is one of my very
first ever half wigs so it’s my first time trying one on. It comes with 2 really large combs to attach
to your head as well as the bra looking straps in the back. Let’s go ahead and get these bad boy on! I’m starting off with a pretty simple braid
pattern. I just went ahead and braided my hair down
to create these anchor braids. The product that I used to create these braids
is coming soon ya’ll. I’m launch my very own natural hair product
line. Stay tuned for that. I’m tucking away all of my braids behind my
head with my wig cap. I’m leaving out the two front braids as my
leave-out to cover up the tracks on the wig. Pretty simple right? I’m popping this wig on and those front two
braids are going to be my leave out. I braided my hair going towards my ears going
down instead of going back because I wanted the combs to have something to grip to. I could pretty much just stick those combs
into the braids underneath the wig cap and call it a day. As you guys can see, this hair looks so natural. I thought ya’ll were over-rating this wig
by talking about it so much on social media but I can definitely tell that this is going
to be a bomb wig just from popping it on. I’m letting my braids down, as you guys can
see, my wig came in a 1B so it’s a little bit darker than my own natural hair but it
still blended very well. I’m just using this paddle brush to blend
my hair in. I’m just brushing it in, covering up that
wig and voila. That’s it! It’s literally just that quick and simple. It wouldn’t be a wig that I wear too often
just because of the leave-out situation. I wouldn’t want my hair left out too much. But, I loved this as a natural hair option
or protective styling option when I want extra length or so. I got super excited. I started playing in some hairstyles ya’ll. I sprayed down my hair a little bit just to
allow it to blend a little bit better. I wanted to see if I could get it into some
ponytails. Could I stick it up? This hair looks so natural guys. Let me know, would you guys like to see a
styling tutorial for the Annie Wig? or nah? I will have a wig review coming very soon
so stay tuned for that as well. I love you guys and I’ll see you guys in the
next video. I’ll have a link to a wig sale that I have
going on right now. All of the wigs are $19.99 at the lowest and
up. I love you guys and I’ll see you guys in the
next one!

🦋Escucha a tu corazón, no te rindas, ese dolor que hoy sientes en tu interior, se irá

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12 Replies to “CHEAP Natural Hair Extensions►Outre Annie Half Wig under $20”

  1. I purchase this half wig months ago and i haven't even touched it! i would love to see a styling video!! what's the link to your wig sale? Great video btw 🙂

  2. I can't wait for the release of the product line!! I'll make sure to do a review for you!! I will for sure support!!

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