Coloring provides a positive path through chemotherapy

Coloring provides a positive path through chemotherapy

HAT COMES OF THAT MEETING. NOW TO HEALTH LIVING – IF YOU’VE HEARD THE WORDS, YOU KNOW. WHEN A DOCTOR SAYS “YOU HAVE CANCER,” IT’S EASY TO GO DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE OF WORRY. ONE REASON U-C HEALTH IS HELPING SOME PATIENTS CHANNEL THEIR INNER CHILD. Rachel Dunaway/Cervical Cancer SurvivorBridie Orr/UC Health Clinical Operations Manager Manager 1:11:37 chemo dripping through vialTHAT SOUND MIGHT SEEM INNOCENT ENOUGH.çSHOW PHOTO OF RACHEL WITH HER PORT BANDAGEÑ BUT TO A CANCER FIGHTER — THE DRIP DRIP 1:11:42 IS AN IN-YOUR-FACE REMINDER OF THE BATTLE AT HAND. 52:41 ohhh. It’s kind of nervewracking cause you have the hospital smell — all the beeps and boops going on when everybody’s in here. here. 58:13 This is the room you came to how many times a week? I was here three times a week. And you had coloring books? Three times a week (laugh) 10 ç46:57 paging through coloring booksÑYOU HEARD RIGHT…COLORING BOOKS.. BOOKS.. 59:20 pull pencils out of box PUTTING PENCILS TO THAT PAPER WAS RACHEL DUNAWAY’S WAY OF WARDING OFF THE WORRY — — 1:11:46 drip drip 01:02:59 coloring natsAND DROWNING OUT THE DRIPS DURING HER MANY CHEMO TREATMENTS FOR CERVICAL CANCER. AT U-C HEALTH IT’S BECOMING A POPULAR PRACTICE. PRACTICE. 1:10:18 So we have a coloring book and colored pencils. Medicine? yes. yes. cheap medicine…BRIDIE ORR FIRST HAD THE IDEA ABOUT FOUR YEARS AGO. THAT’S WHEN SHE PLACED WHAT YOU MIGHT CONSIDER A KID CENTRIC ORDER FOR COLORING SUPPLIES — FOR HER ADULT PATIENTS.1:06:34 So it took off? it did. we have grown men coloring-former police officers coloring.AND NOW VOLUNTEERS EVEN PUT COLORING BOOKS IN CARE PACKAGES.THE MAJOR PATIENT PLUS: PLUS: 1:07:58 they’re less anxious. RACHEL AGREES. SHE COLORED HER WAY THROUGH CHEMO. AND SHE SAYS THE MORE ZEN STATE OF MIND SHE FOUND REALLY HELPED HER KICK CANCER.. CANCER.. 53:17 It’s nice to focus on just the coloring book and the rest of the world can disappear. And you don’t think of thatgnawing feeling is this gonna work inthe long run? so it got you through? yes. RACHEL FINISHED HER CHEMOTHERAPY AT U-C HEALTH IN MARCH. BUT THE COLORING CONTINUES. CALL IT ONE OF THE

🦋Escucha a tu corazón, no te rindas, ese dolor que hoy sientes en tu interior, se irá

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