Hello guys, how are you? Today is
Sunday and we go to the market to buy some little things for lunch … market day!
it’s not really a market! And we will say one little bit for you about Dermatitis.
My husband has neither will he be able explain to you why I continue
following this video until the end of video so he’s 30
make sure I have this information that will help you a lot our control
control of the debate I’ve used several medications I already passed several layers I
already used eurozone cortisone cathedral decatron and then taken like the sun and
so at first it works improves a lot
it looked like it took over with the anp is not only more than with time
it will be a week ten days around and motorcycle worse than the lion rebound effect but in
words we reach market and realize that the
face is much better you can see that it’s not that red. decreased consumption a lot actually
not even getting colder and realizing that there is helped me a lot because it has a lot
preservative many products that make bad health these products
here too to be really bad for me is pasta tomato also the products is
processed usually do harm to those who have
dermatitis so you need to avoid this type of food
this is also quite a bad start of the debate
avoid by taking natural juices and avoid this type of juice is bad.
also replace the bread with this type of brown bread and even as
I said I’m losing weight I was weighing 86 kilos and now weight 81 also now
I’m using is a sweetener to avoid taking supplements because totally the
subject although the teacher is not the ideal but for now is what all
using until you find another subject let it be the least worst that doesn’t
against evil how much sugar does he used to take refined milk sugar
is also using skimmed milk has given a good difference for me too
who can’t stop drinking milk important proleite not for health though
we can’t drink so much milk when as we usually take more
importance of drinking milk and preference legitimate skimmed milk right
fat fruits vegetables is also important in feeding
the fruits are excellent for this way to keep the business healthy and
vitamins also located the body I only used several types of medication
I’ve used cortisone corticosteroids that each one so much that it is expensive
of the calls is so expensive right to the past as a metrologist for you
buying medicine is absurd of cargo and I already spent with him spoke
traffic from that region which is top sound and face the smile is the rest too
invited to wash their face with the rex that is a very skeptical type come in already tried
of all truth is that having been to me because I even walk a hematologist
who takes care of blood she realized that my blood actually
my blood not acting with excess weight and my son’s job right
Christmas with a fat fan and if even sympathetic and fatty liver and I’m
doing taking growing up that had even now all 86 kilos I’m
now thinking 81 and academy and mostly feed I cut is
we all hear processed, right and smoke semi-automatic automatic when
we ate tomatoes ps and whoever food that doesn’t has a chance tomato sauce on Sunday yes and always when economics I realized
that was to include immediate will be the nude when it wins above all in it all
world tired right then that’s how it is you if scratching and it gets worse when we
likes our scale are here the deal is
thing to thing and how i cut from wall and count on me and food like that
with more tomatoes uk subs the talent of touch a run run and make the
mixing anger I also stopped because I realized it does
a darn business processed foods a current nor
dyes are eating these days more here
the other thing that the attendance of make the mistake of using sugar too
we just stop using sugar in already managed to lose five
kilos as I said the soda too it’s a poison too, right?
if it was ours, I miss the south the ant is our goldfish and I
I realized that my face much better after that I stopped doing these things right
it is difficult although it is difficult to do everything that’s not cut sugar cut that anymore
and more greasy fried foods also spend money the formal structure is also
logical you have to be taken is what I’m the driver’s passed but also
you need to investigate whether you are with overweight if I’m a son of
work right your kidney work right because you are you need
maybe do a food reeducation start eating richer foods
not so much greasy fiber is logical totally cut the building endures
excellent you kind of change your food because I’m sure it will
improve how has mine improved I will
show you a picture here from before and now a good thing also to guinea
I walk now with a liter of water like this it’s transparent and I can’t seem to know
how much water you take and the ideal is to take two liters of water and
thing i know and i’m sure i I take four cash and take two liters
of water a day at least enough water beauty create the habit of taking up nor is it
do not forget to leave your comment down here about this video
about your sister tite how do you have treated her if you are overweight
weight or not how is your health because it all influences the debate today I
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🦋Escucha a tu corazón, no te rindas, ese dolor que hoy sientes en tu interior, se irá

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  1. Gostei! Eu usei vários medicamentos também e percebi que alimentação muda tudo.
    O rosto reflete o que está dentro de nós. Física e psicologicamente. 👊

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