Countryballs Compilation – #11

Thank for coming to our meeting today Ireland yeah well okay let’s begin what do you see here? It’s just a circle okay good What’s this? It’s a… It’s a potato Good.. What’s this No Potatoes Hmmm What is this? It’s a cultural ignorance okay, okay and what is this?>one This war is not going good for me To win this war I will need more powerful allies but who? ahh perfect when mexico will join me America and Britain will not know what hit them nein sheisse What is this? Why this is outrageous America old chap take a peak at this What in the f Germany come back here I know this looks bad but trust me it’s not me France set me up, it’s not me I swear No one steals my tacos got it! Damn right! Oh dang He must have been a desperate Hey what you doing Meditating, staying neutral, blending in with mountains yeah yeah hahhah If you are so neutral why does your flag has a positive sign on it shut up Polen There is very simple reason We both act as German’s conciseness I’m just here to cancel him out Yeah that is true Plus and minus forms perfect balance think about jew dental gold Remember the nazi times Save all refuges get more chocolate So umm which one of you is evil then Ahh finally some rest this one is so good good one These memes are so great Did you just say MEMES ? What? no no no I didn’t say memes I said beans yeah I said beans These beans are so great yeah these beans yeah reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hey hey soviet What the fak are you doing here? This is the food for my people. Be gone from this place Hey get out of here You know what that’s it I’m leaving this dumb union oo Dumb little Ukraine No one can leave Soviet Russia Only Soviet Russia can leave you Careful Careful Careful Ahh perfect Good, Good Now go scrub my toilets you lazy shhh God dammit I’m coming yeah? Trick or treat? yeah yeah Trick or Treat yeah What do you, What do you mean it’s not Halloween We don’t do trick or treats on Christmas Is this Poland? yeah I’ll need some cleaning services okay yeah Mmmm that’s some good turkey, now remember kids If you want some oil just use some I got fresh one from the shop this morning So use it on salad or turkey it goes, it goes good with everything okay yeah Here, here let me help you with the, with the oil yeah tasty

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