Crossing the Border for His Son’s Prescription

Crossing the Border for His Son’s Prescription

We’re gonna be driving from Berwyn, Pennsylvania, which is about a half hour out west of Philadelphia, into Canada to buy some medicine for my son who suffers from alopecia areata. When he was in about seventh grade, he lost all of his hair, and has worn hairpieces all throughout middle school and high school. Psychologically it was really tough. Usually get up about five in the morning, brush my teeth, put my clothes on and get on the road. On an annual basis the drug costs me about $15,000 in Canada, in the United States, where it’s priced right now, it’s about $47,000 a year. It’s about a 6 1/2 hour to 7 hour drive to save almost $3,000 a month, it’s certainly worth the trip. All right, see ya later, me too, bye bye. My son Jonathan, who we’re going to get the medicine from, he’s a sophomore at Penn State. He started the medicine in March of 2016. By Christmas time, he had a full head of hair and the difference in him was just fantastic from a psychological standpoint, absolutely he’s in a much better place. From what I understand, it is technically illegal to get the medicine in Canada. As long as you’re not purchasing it in bulk supply, they are fine with Americans going over and purchasing medicine. Are you bringing anything in with you today? Ah, no. Okay, you’re all set. Thank you. I need to get a prescription from a Canadian doctor. You’ve arrived at your destination. So I actually found a doctor through the Walmart where I buy the medicine for $75 for three months. We’re on our way to Walmart which is only about a half a mile away. Assuming Bank of America cooperates and they don’t reject the charge, I should be in here in 3-4 minutes and out. But this is the fifth time I’ve done it and they’ve rejected the charge every time, even though I’ve told them when I’m coming, how much I’m spending and where I’m coming to, so wish me luck. (voice on loudspeaker) See the client.
Okay. I’ll be back. No problem. I’ve asked for the number of the fraud department, I called that and I got the wrong number. Now I’m talking to somebody that says she can’t do it, but she’s trying to figure out how she can help me and so she put me on hold rather than transfer me. Well, finally success. This is the contraband. $1,266 in Canada. $3,808 in the United States, at this per time. Duty free, Peace Bridge, just say Canada. Six hour drive, 5 hours and 55 minutes according to Waze. We’re on our way home. Mission accomplished.

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