Cyst check and treatment

This is Harry and Saskia and Harry’s got a little lump right under his chin, so I didn’t take a really good look at it yet because I want to shave it. And really take a peek, but I want to share with you what it looks like and what we can possibly do about it So he’s a little fidgety guy. We’re gonna rip them up a little bit. I’m your little man So what’s going on with him he’s got a lump right on his chin feels like there’s a like a Scab Okay, baby, I know this is tough because guinea pigs those little eggs will always find their way out They will find a way, but it’s right here as you can see it’s Here oh, okay, yep, yeah, we could see that no we need to shave it okay and So we can really take a good look. Okay, let’s do that. All right you want to pause while we shave it Okay Well I didn’t want to miss this It looks like Assist that’s kind of bursary Assists are like pimple material, so it’s it’s very common pigs are just kind of lumpy guinea pigs They can get these little lumps and bumps every will be yeah Somewhere I’m more lumpier than others. Yeah, you’re gonna try to pop this thing Yeah, hold on. Let me get in there okay for all those popping people Little scab here already so I Guess we’ve done this so many times I shouldn’t be squeamish How we have Scottie I’ve been down this road before Yeah, it’s a very interesting. Yeah. I’m sorry little baby. It’s some really hard But I know it’s assist underneath Maybe so good. Yeah, maybe I’m just trying to find a little scab on the top yeah That’s a little piece Look at this camera okay, baby. I know I know you’re a good boy a good boy You’re a good boy Very good very calm A in your face, so we’re soaking in a little bit. Yeah, but it’s definitely all very dry. It’s just you know it’s like It’s like a pimple. Yep and When it gets when it bursts, and it’s done it gets exposed to the air It kind of gets really super dry so this what’s happening here. Yeah, and they get this a lot and these aren’t these are Benign, they’re not bad This is literally just a giant pimple And could it turn into something if you ignored it well I can definitely become like a neglected cyst and those can be a problem because those have to be surgically removed when they get really big But at this point you should be able to just help them like this Okay, okay, I know I know so let’s give you a minute break. Let’s give you a little break I’m gonna try we’re back after a short break, so now you can naturally really see the white stuff here, and that’s the cyst material This is odor. We soaked it a little bit. Yep, and I shaved it a little bit more so Yeah, you want to really try and keep his little legs in so let me wrap them again, so you can see The best way to do it. It’s kind of just can you pick burrito time? And those legs they are masters at getting them out, so I kind of do this Right now kind of heaven, but you watch those little legs come on cuz they’re so good at it Trying to get in there Oh wow Wow, that was at the scab. This is the scab we see that weird your hand oh wow focus And then there’s some goop underneath there still yeah, okay? Person super hard Okay Not happy Difference being very patient Is little party mouth Cause again Always find a way to fight their way out alright. We’re back okay so what’s really interesting is is that I think I got most of it actually off so this is just like it’s clean skin and Then you hear that resuming to 400k I kinda wanna So woody does he need like a blink mint or antibiotic ointment or something? It’s the most amazing about one guinea pigs have like open skin like this It takes less than 24 hours for it to scab over Which is it’s astonishing that always amazes me how fast they heal. They have that Logan superpower. guinea pig wounds heal so Okay, he was in the trance for a second He’s awesome is there anything that you should watch that she should watch out for No just watch it. I mean, it’s it’s highly unlikely that it will get infected in fact I’ve actually never had that happen when you work in on those sis’s it’s one of the easiest things and it heals so well so What does name again? Harry. Very sweet boy. All right, thanks, Saskia

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