CysterWigs Wig Re-Review: Cameron by Rene of Paris, Color: Raspberry Ice-R

CysterWigs Wig Re-Review: Cameron by Rene of Paris, Color: Raspberry Ice-R

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20 Replies to “CysterWigs Wig Re-Review: Cameron by Rene of Paris, Color: Raspberry Ice-R”

  1.  Thanks for this and all your videos Heather, and you really rock the Cameron! I have one in Marble Brown and it does NOTHING for me. My face shape is kind of like yours so I can't figure it out.  Perhaps it needs trimming a bit, or maybe the color just isn't me. I pull it out and give it a chance every so often and then say, nah. I love the style on YOU just not on me…
     You give excellent advice to wig wearers both newbies and veterans. Keep the vids coming!!

  2. I received my Cameron in Maple sugar R and I love it! The color is not new for me, it's one I keep coming back to. But the style is new for me. I had bangs cut into it which fits my face well. I love the permatease as it gives me height on top. The cap is generous and comfortable as well. I use a Wigrip instead of a mesh cap. The wig stays put without any clips, pins or combs. I have a feeling this is one wig I will wear until… as Heather puts it: "the wheels fall off". Never even considered Cameron until I saw Heather's second review of it. Thanks Heather!

  3. I like these styles, but I always feel like a news reporter in them. I tend to balk at permatease because those curly hairs tend to pop up. Love your honesty in your reviews.

  4. I just wanted to thank you for your very sincere honest reviews. You are one of the most articulate wig reviewers on you tube. I actually am a newer wig buyer so your assessment's are very informative and helpful especially to people like myself. I just ordered the Cameron and will take your advice about parting on the side. I also happen to like the perma-tease on wigs and have teased some of my wigs to achieve volume once the perma tease "eases" up . Thanks again for all of your expert opinions! Lisa H. 

  5. As usual, you're the best! I'm wearing my new Kellie by Envy in Chocolate Cherry today for the first time and love her! I can hardly wait to see your review of her.

  6. I have two Cameron wigs and had to thin both of them. I love both of them. Had no issues with the part or the permeate axe. I love the highlights.

  7. A hot basket on your head lol this is cute in you I've been wearing wigs for ten years and I'm still looking for the right one😣I've tried mono,lace,human,regular. Maybe I will try this I've always tried longer styles. Thanks for your honest info

  8. I like permatease too. I wish my biohair would tease like that.  I don't like when things look too too perfect anyway…

  9. I've been wanting to try a mono wig, but I love Cameron.  Is there is similar wig in a mono? I have several other wigs, but Cameron is my favorite. Should I even bother paying more for a mono?

  10. I have Cameron in blond (sugar cane) and now want it in Raspberry Ice because I have the same light, cool skin tone as you do and that wig looks awesome with your skin!

  11. I own a Cameron and love mine. I have worn it more than my May wig. Permatese doesn't scare me one bit or turn me off from it. I went to my Doctor one day and was wearing my Cameron and when she started examining my ears I told her I was wearing a wig and she told me Oh, I didn't know! She said it was very pretty. So some times the idea we are wearing a wig is all on us because we know we are. People really don't look and examine your hair up close.

  12. This has been my go-to wig for over three years. I do own lace front and monof. wigs but this one is so easy to wear. I constantly get people asking who my hairdresser is…sometimes I will tell them its a wig and they just don't believe it. I have even had men on dates compliment me on having such a sharp looking hair style and amazing hairdresser. They can't tell its a wig. Only wish Rene of Paris would make this
    in a lace front though…I live in So. Cal and summers r pretty brutal with the heat…my only complaint is the wig cap then. I have not found anyone who makes this sharp looking style. Adrian

  13. That is a real nice color and style on you! I am buying a razberry wig . So I am glad you covered this very color. I find many people who review wigs don’t seem to show off the red wigs and variations in color

  14. I appreciate your honesty so much ❤️ and I appreciate your advice on combing the hair to the side.Looks very cute on you, thanks hon.

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