CysterWigs Wig Review: Gisele by Jon Renau, Color: 24BT18S8 (Shaded Mocha)

CysterWigs Wig Review: Gisele by Jon Renau, Color: 24BT18S8 (Shaded Mocha)

18 Replies to “CysterWigs Wig Review: Gisele by Jon Renau, Color: 24BT18S8 (Shaded Mocha)”

  1. I love this one! But wish I could picture it on a Grandma, me! I always wanted long hair but never had the biohair to do it. Now that I'm wearing wigs, I'm branching out but a little afraid to try something like this without trying it on first.Maybe someday I'll find it in a brick and mortar store. Once again, thanks Heather!

  2. This looks terrific on you!  I love it and I want one… but am not sure of the color, this is probably the color I'd want to order but it might be just a little too light for me.  My problem with purchasing on line is I can't tell by a color swatch or even from your terrific videos how the color will look on me.  I end up paying a lot more at a "brick and mortar" store because of that.  Thank you for reviewing this.

  3. You are gorgeous in this wig–style and color.  Keep it and wear it often, and you will  get lots of compliments.

  4. I had this wig in shaded praline. I hated how the lace was nearly black. Very infuriating. Word to the wise.

  5. Great review! I know I'm going to go with a Job Renau – either Heidi or Gisele – but I'm not sure about color. I'm not so terribly impressed with the darker options (I have darker hair) & am open to a lighter blonder color. This color is perfect because of the shaded root! Question for you – which wig do you prefer between Gisele & Heidi (I have seen your Heidi review, too). Also, if you had to choose a brunette, which would be the best highlighted option without being too gold or red? Thanks Heather!

  6. lindíssima quero comprar me indique um site de compra dessa lace que entregue no Brasil.como é tão fácil ficar linda em segundos mostre sua coleção obrigada

  7. It would be nice if you had brighter lighting either above you or shining directly on your wig to get a better idea of the color

  8. Do you find this wig poofy at the top and in the bangs? I just bought a Gisele and cannot get the poofiness to go away, looks terrible when I have it on. 🙁

  9. Heather, would you say the overall impression of the Shaded Mocha color is a warm tone or a cooler one? (or neutral?)

  10. Thank you for your reviews. You share lots of helpful input. In this video, I like the Jon Renau Shaded Mocha color. Is there a similar color in Gabor wigs? What might be closest?

  11. Hi…thanks a lot for the wonderful review. you look great in this wig… It would be great if you could explain the use downy to wash the wig. Can that be used instead of a shampoo to extend the life of a synthetic wig? Also please let me know the pros and cons of machine wefted vs hand tied wigs..which one will be better… Thanks you so much 🙂

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